Although many women consider leggings to be something they wear back and forth to the gym or while they’re working out at home, the fact of the matter is that this piece of apparel can be worn for just about any occasion. They can be easily worn for lounging around the house, or for wearing on that quick drive to the grocery store. They’re comfortable, waist-slimming, and flex exactly where they need to flex. Since they’re such a versatile piece of apparel, we decided to go ahead and review the ten best leggings, so no woman has to go without a pair of them longer than they have to.

Best Leggings – Reviews

10Conceited Premium Ultra-Soft Leggings

It doesn’t matter how many colors a pair of leggings come in or how well it fits if it isn’t comfortable as well. Fortunately, these leggings not only come in 25 different colors and fit very well, but they’re so buttery-soft that many women simply can’t seem to take them off. These high-waisted yoga pants come in colors that include stone, purple, green, fuschia, burgundy, and others, and come in sizes from small through 3XL. They’re made using a special fabric blend that has a soft feel to it and stretches with the wearer’s movement. And this means that once these leggings are put on, it’s unlikely a person is going to want to take them off again.

9Satina High-Waisted Opaque Leggings

These full-length leggings are high-waisted, available in two different sizes and are available in a wide assortment of different colors. These leggings come in sizes that include a one-size-fits-all size and a plus size. They’re available in one of 25 different colors, too, and these colors include white, red, coral, navy, and black. These high-waisted yoga pants are not only good for wearing to spin class or the gym but since it’s opaque it can be worn virtually anywhere. And its peach-skin fabric not only stretches when necessary, but it feels very comfortable as it’s being worn. They’re the kind of leggings a person is going to want to keep on wearing all-day long.

8Syrinx High-Waisted Athletic Leggings

Available in more than ten different colors and made from ultra-soft fabric, these athletic leggings are sure to become a favorite of many women. These athletic pants can be worn winter, spring, summer or fall, and can be worn to the gym or while running errands. Sizing is extremely easy for these yoga pants as well. For women U.S size 2 through 12, all they have to do is select their “One-Size” size. For women U.S size 12 through 24, all they have to do is select their “Plus Size.” Regardless of which size is chosen, however, one thing is for certain: These pants are comfortable, fit well and have a slimming effect on a woman’s waist.

7Core 10 Women’s Full-Length Yoga Pants

Made with a Studiotec fabric that’s a combination of polyester and spandex, these pants not only fit well but they’re also extremely comfortable. However, what sets them apart from other leggings isn’t the fact that they’re comfortable, but it’s the fact that the wearer can customize them as they see fit. Women can choose from different waistbands, different lengths and two different colors. They can choose from among cross-waist, medium-waist or high-waist varieties, and can choose from lengths such as regular, short or tall. And the colors they can choose from include heather or black. Now any woman can customize their leggings to their body and their style, so they can stand apart from the crowd.

6QYQ High-Waist Soft Slim Women’s Pants

Manufactured using a fabric that’s a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, these pair of leggings might seem similar to all of the rest of them that are available. However, that’s not the case. That’s because these pants are made with higher density spandex than most of the leggings out there, and this not only makes them more flexible but it makes them more durable as well. It also makes these leggings buttery soft. So soft that once a woman has put them on they probably aren’t going to want to take them off anytime soon. And since these leggings are available in over ten different colors, there’s probably one for just about any occasion.

5Dibaolong Women’s Ripped Leggings

Probably the first thing any woman will notice about these ripped leggings are that they’re extremely stylish. Stylish enough that they can be worn to workouts, going to the grocery store or for running errands throughout the day. As stylish as they are, however, there’s a lot more to these yoga pants than meets the eye. They’re also extremely comfortable, fit exceptionally well and they let oxygen through to the skin. They’re made from 92%/8% polyester-spandex blend, come in sizes from small through extra-large and come in an assortment of vibrant colors that include navy, black, dark grey, rose red, red, turquoise, violet and purple.

4Ewedoos Ultra-Soft Athletic Pants

These all-purpose athletic pants have several different features that many women are going to appreciate. They’re made with an ultra-soft fabric that stretches in four different ways for maximum comfort during even the hardest of workouts. It also breathes, which allow sweat to wick away and keeps the wearer from feeling excessively hot. Another key feature is that it has a high tummy-control waist that highlights the wearer’s figure very well. And since it’s available in several exciting colors, there’s a pair that goes with just about any woman’s style. And finally, they’re equipped with a two side pocket design that gives the woman options as to where to place her smartphone during workouts.

3Fengbay High-Waisted 4-Way Yoga Pants

Even though the main benefit of wearing these leggings is that they slim the wearer’s figure, that’s not the only reason to wear them. They have several different features that women are going to love. For instance, they’re made using a 4-way stretch material that gives when it needs to give, but never stretches to the point that it allows light to pass through it. It has has a hidden waistband pocket that’s perfect for carrying keys, as well as a hidden outside pocket that’s perfect for carrying identification or a smartphone. And since these leggings are made from a moisture-wicking fabric, the wearer will also remain comfortable during all of their workouts.

2Phisockat High-Waist Spandex Pants

These opaque leggings are perfect for spin class, for the gym or for wearing around the home as the wearer sees fit. They’re made with a high-quality spandex material that stretches well but doesn’t become sheer while it’s stretching. It’s also equipped with an inner waistband and deep-side pockets, so the wearer has plenty of options for how they want to carry their ID, keys or phone. Since these leggings are made with a material that breathes, they also tend to wick away moisture and keep the wearer feeling comfortable all day long. And they’re high-waist allows them to also have a slimming effect on a woman’s figure.

1Healthy Yoga Extra-Soft Leggings

These leggings might be designed as yoga pants, but it’s in our opinion that they can be worn for virtually any activity. They’re made out of a blend of 75% polyester and 25% spandex, so they’re not only durable and opaque, but they also stretch very well and are comfortable, too. They have a secure outside pocket that can be used to hold keys, cash or phone, and they’re designed with interlocked seams that reduce skin irritation. And since they also have a gusseted crotch, they also won’t cause chaffing like so many yoga pants tend to do. And it’s for those reasons that these are the best leggings for women to purchase hands-down.

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The Ultimate Guide To Leggings

All of us realize that leggings make pretty good workout pants. It doesn’t matter if a woman wears them for spin class, yoga class, or while working out at the gym because these pants are soft, comfortable, and provide the flexibility they need. Most of them are even good for jogging or other aerobic activities, as they tend to wick away moisture, preventing the sweat from building up the way it can with some other types of athletic pants. And if the leggings are going to be used for those purposes, then just about any pair will probably work out well.

However, if a woman wants to wear a pair of leggings outside of the gym, then they’re probably going to want to take a few moments to think about some of the additional features they might need their leggings to have to qualify as a good pair of day-to-day pants. That’s why we’ve developed the following recommendations every woman should think about before buying a new pair of leggings. Although not every woman will want to follow every single one of the following points, it is a good place to start for most women to help them buy the best leggings for daily wear.

Don’t Size Up

One of the most important things to consider before buying a pair of leggings is to try to stay true to size as much as possible. Yes, we know that leggings can look small when they’re first purchased, but believe us when we tell you that they will stretch out over time. And it’s for that reason that women should try to stay true to size when ordering a new pair of leggings. And if you’re extremely active, then you might even want to size down, because if you don’t, then they may tend to become too loose over time.

Material Matters

A common misconception among some consumers is that all leggings are the same, so they don’t need to pay attention to the material it’s made from. However, we’re here to say that is patently false. Although all leggings are made from a mix of polyester and spandex, the polyester/spandex blend that drugstore leggings use is usually an inferior material. The best leggings are made from a stronger nylon material such as Econyl. This material not only stretches well, but it’s extremely durable, so it won’t wear out in only a couple of months.

Consider A Ribbed Waistband

Another feature that can turn an ordinary pair of leggings into the best leggings a person can purchase is a ribbed waistband. This is especially true if the wearer does a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging or cycling. Leggings that have a ribbed waistband are more likely to stay up during physical activities so that the woman doesn’t have to spend all of their time tugging them back up or readjusting them.

Decide Between Full-Length & Capri Leggings

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you want a pair of Capri or full-length leggings, or whether you need one of each. As a general rule, Capri leggings are good for women working out during warm summer weather or if they wear heavy gym tights underneath their leggings during the winter. Full-length leggings, on the other hand, are more suitable for colder weather and cover more of the leg. However, these are general guidelines and you may want to keep a pair of each around to handle different workout situations as they arise. Remember, the best leggings for you are comfortable.

Consider Pocket Options

The next thing to think about is the pocket options that a pair of leggings will offer you. Some leggings contain no pockets, some only contain an inner waistband pocket, and others contain several different pockets. Generally speaking, a hidden waistband pocket is usually suitable for carrying keys or a driver’s license while you’re working out to prevent them from getting lost. Outside pockets are designed to hold smartphones, to keep it handy while you’re at the gym.

If a person wants to keep their options open when it comes to which side of the body they carry their smartphone, then they’re probably going to want to get one of the two-pocket styles currently available. If that’s not important, then consider getting a pair of leggings that have both an inner waistband pocket and an outer pocket, so that you have plenty of space to carry keys, ID, and your smartphone.