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Thirst for outdoors adventures has never been stronger. While camping was previously considered the preserve of an exclusive group of fanatics, it has now become a mainstream activity that families regularly involve themselves in; hence the need for large camping tents.

These days, large does not equal bulky. Tent design has come a long way, and lightweight, easy to set up large tents are now available. But to get them, you have to commit to buying your oversized tent from among the best the market has to offer. As of today, here are the best large tents you can buy.

Best Large Camping Tents for Families

10SEMOO Water Resistant D-Style Door

This 4-person camping family dome tent comes with a convenient carrying bag. It measures 92.5” by 96.5” by 55” and is made using polyester, polyutherene, polyehylene, fiberglass, and polyester polyamide.

The tent relies on a modern design, the benefits of which include light weight, easy access, better ventilation, and easy set up. Because of all this, the tent is well-suited to family camping fun.

9CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

This tent measures 16 by 9 feet. And it can comfortably accommodate 9 people. At the center, the tent is 72” high. When you buy this tent, you will also get tent poles, rain fly, tent stakes, as well as a carrying bag.

Other features on this tent include an electrical cord access port, which can be closed completely when the tent is not in use. On the inside is also a lantern hook and a gear loft so that these things don’t have to take up valuable floor space. The tent also has the Core Block Technology, which makes the tent water repellent.

8Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

This is a large tent that weighs 37 pounds; and that is not much considering that it features a free-standing design, thanks to the use of fiberglass poles. As an upright tent with ample height, this ten is quite convenient to use. The tent also features two large doors for easy entry. Within the tent is enough space for a whole family, or even a hunting party.

To make this boarding situation even more feasible, the tent can be divided into two rooms. This tent will also provide all the protection you need from rain, and give you an easy time setting it up. It also has great ventilation because it has six windows in addition to the two large doors.

7Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent – 5 Person

The tent can be divided into two rooms, and it can handle a family of five people. Because of its fiberglass poles, the tent is able to provide some much needed headroom and provide more space to the campers. The tent has a two doors and three windows, and these ensure that the tent is properly ventilated.

The tent is also easy to set up, and it should keep you and other campers safe from the elements. Another innovative feature on this tent is the Lite-Reflect system, which makes sure that the tent is properly lit by placing the light source at a designated strategic position in the tent.

6Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Person

The ample space in this tent makes it a comfortable living space for 10 people. This tent is made of nylon, and it features a shock-corded fiberglass frame that has a pin-and-ring system for an easy setup.

But 10 people living in the same tent can make things pretty stuffy. So, it’s a good thing the tent has large mesh vents on the roof, which in addition to the windows ensure that the tent is properly ventilated. The large D-style doors also ensure that the tent is comfortable for all the occupants.

5Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

For people who want a tent that can provide proper ventilation and at the same time provide great views of the surroundings without making them step outside, this tent is a perfect choice. The tent has six windows and three doors.

However, despite all these openings, the tent will not let any water get in as all fly seams are taped to seal off these often forgotten water entry points. The tent also comes with two room dividers so that it can be split into three different rooms if necessary. For carrying convenience, the tent is sold with a zippered carrying bag.

4Standing Room Family Cabin Tent

Not every tent you buy can let you stand up; but this particular one does. It has a height of up to 8.5 feet. More importantly, this convenience is not just provided at the center of the tent as is the case with most alternative products.

So, you can move around the tent with a lot of ease as it is supported on the corners by upright poles. With its super heavy-duty construction, the tent is also quite weatherproof with its polyester material. But regardless of its unique design, the tent is very easy to put up, and it comes with clear instructions in order to save you lots of unnecessary guesswork.

3Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

A group of eight people can fit into this tent. And in addition to having the typical tent features including a weather resistant material, full mesh roof and adequate space, the tent also has a screened area.

This basically looks like an additional room, but it lets in lots of light, making it a great sun room. This part of the tent can also serve as a second sleeping room if necessary.

2Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

A great tent by most people’s standards should also provide great views; like this Coleman tent does. It features large screened windows and doors that will ensure that you enjoy great panoramic views of the surroundings while keeping you safe from the weather and bugs.

The tent is made using high quality materials that can offer better protection from the weather. For proper ventilation, the tent comes with 2 doors and 7 windows. And in true Coleman version, this tent is also very easy to setup.

1Coleman 8-Person Canyon Tent

This is a great tent, and you can buy it for a great price as well. The 8-person tent measures 17 by 10 by 6 feet. It also comes with two room dividers so that you can create three separate rooms. Other features include an exclusive Weathertec System that offers better protection from rainy weather.

Furthermore, it has other endearing qualities like its easy setup process and an adjustable ventilation system. Setting up the tent should also take a very short time, which is part of the reason most shoppers in search of a large camping or hiking tent end up choosing it over other options in the market.

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