The main point of wearing knee sleeves is to reduce overall damage to your knees and boost your performance levels long-term by virtue of helping relieve joint pain as much as possible. It needs to be said right from the start that knee sleeves should ideally be used only when you’re working out or performing physically demanding feats of any kind. At the same time, knee sleeves can also be used to help with the recovery process when dealing with an injury of sorts.

Designed to provide both compression and warmth, good knee sleeves can make your workout sessions a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling. The key element here is to always employ a good one, the type of sleeve that you can depend on to keep your knees safe by providing an anatomical fit. To do that, you must first figure out what exactly to look for when buying one, and what way to best make use of such a sleeve. To help you in that regard, we put together a list of the ten best knee sleeves the market has to offer.

Best Knee Sleeves – Reviews

10Sling Shot Strong Knee Sleeves

Noted as one of the best sleeves available, the Sling Shot Strong Knee Sleeves deliver a performance like no other. Thanks to the 7mm thick neoprene, you get maximum support no matter what you do. With a “slingshot” effect at the bottom, you can add pounds to your squats and other workout routines. It is best used when using heavy sets and provides incredible support. The brace is stiff and has an anti-slip feature that keeps it in place while the fact that it features no seams whatsoever makes it even more comfortable to wear.

9Incrediwear Incredibrace Knee Sleeve

Sporting a unique design that is meant to ergonomically fit your knee, the Incrediwear Incredibrace Knee Sleeve is a remarkable product that offers maximum support and pain relief. The materials used in this sleeve include a blend of germanium, spandex, and bamboo charcoal. These fibers release negative ions which vibrate on the cellular walls and stimulate the muscles. Furthermore, this knee sleeve is perfect for those people who suffer from arthritis, sports injuries, swelling, and tendonitis.

8Athledict Knee Brace Compression Sleeve with Strap

The Athledict Knee Brace Compression Sleeve with Strap comes with Anatomical Shape features which offer better support, pain relief, and stability without weakening your muscles. It helps target the exact spots that are weak and provides maximum support to the area. Forget about knee sleeves that keep slipping down your leg as this particular version comes with an anti-slip silicone design and a removable strap that can adjust to your perfect fit. Not just that but it also offers instant pain relief from arthritis, tendonitis, and even post-surgery relief.

7McDavid Knee Compression Sleeves

The McDavid Knee Compression Sleeve comes with a unique hexagonal closed cell foam padding that protects the knee from injuries, bangs, and scrapes. Given its ingenious design, it enables you to stay dry and cool thanks to the advanced hDc Moisture Management Technology that wicks away sweat and moisture. It is also extremely durable thanks to the 9mm Hex technology used over the knee. What’s more, the extended sleeve protects the leg from chafing, cuts, and bruises, while also helping to keep the sleeve in place without slipping.

6ProFitness 7mm Support Knee Sleeve

Providing graduated compression, the ProFitness 7mm Knee Sleeve is one of the most professional braces available as it offers maximum support without compromising on your athletic abilities. The 7mm thick neoprene sleeves eliminate the risk of injury and help reduce the pain when dealing with sports injuries, arthritis, and tendonitis. You will be glad to know that the sleeve is perfect for all athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or amateur sports players thanks to its versatile design. With reinforced stitching, you will experience nothing but comfort when wearing it for hours at a time.

5CAMBIVO Compression Knee Brace

If you’re looking for instant and effective knee pain management, the CAMBIVO Compression Knee Brace is perhaps the best option for you. It applies pressure to the knee and reduces swelling, soreness, and inflammation through heat dispersion. It also helps your injured muscles recover better as it compresses the joints and reduces the strain on your knee and muscles. It is mostly used by athletes, arthritis patients, tendonitis patients, and post-surgery patients. What’s more, the brace does not slip off the knee thanks to the double-lined anti-slip silicone.

4Physix Gear Sport Knee Support Brace

The revolutionary Physix Gear Sport Knee Support Brace has a durable 4-way stretch Lycra that eliminates any slippage. It is also extremely lightweight and can be worn under jeans and other trousers. The sleeve provides warmth and support which prevents stiffness and pain. Offering a flexible fit that contours to your knee, you can now get all the support you need without worrying about chafing. Made Lycra and Nylon, this sleeve is breathable and soft and can be used for any sport or activity. As such it is one of the best non-pill solutions to arthritis, stiffness, swelling, inflammation, and sports injuries.

3Sable Compression Sleeve Knee Brace

Thi is definitely considered to be one of the best knee sleeves on the market right now and it’s easy to see why. For starters, this sleeve offers unmatched support and pain relief. It also fits snugly around the knee and reduces the stress on the knee and muscles. Furthermore, it benefits from an anti-slip lining which stops the sleeve from sliding down during activities. Thanks to its clever design, it offers equal pressure distribution that reduces the risk of injury during workouts or sporting activities. This way, it allows you to play basketball, football, rugby, volleyball, and other sports thanks to the extreme support it offers.

2PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve

If you’re looking to keep stiffness and pain away as you work out, then the PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve might be the thing for you. We say this because it offers stable pressure across the entire knee which lets you go about your daily activities without having to worry about injuries. No matter what the activity, this knee sleeve has got your covered. You can play basketball, football, rugby, tennis, or even go skiing when you have this brace on. At the same time, we should point out that it is made from high-quality materials that deliver a compression feel like no other while offering you maximum breathability. What’s more, the sleeve quickly absorbs sweat and leaves your knee dry and cool at all times.

1UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve

The UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve is one of the best braces for injuries and swelling because it has a heating effect that soothes the muscles and reduces inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and soreness quicker than regular braces. It is for this reason that it is used by athletes who take part in activities that add stress on the joints like basketball, volleyball, cycling, tennis, hiking, rugby, football, skiing, and more. It also works great for knee injuries, arthritis patients, and people who suffer from tendonitis. Overall, it is one of the very best knee sleeves money can buy.

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Knee Sleeves Buying Guide

If you are performing a sport where your knees are subjected to constant pressure, then perhaps you should consider investing in a reliable pair of knee sleeves. With the right sleeves, you get to minimize the risk of knee injuries while improving your overall performance via increased mobility. Not just that but the right pair of knee sleeves can also help with the recovery process following a knee injury. Having said that, let us then find out what exactly makes a good pair of knee sleeves and what characteristics to look for when buying one.

What To Look For

  • Material – The first thing you need to consider when buying knee sleeves is whether the material construction makes them sufficiently practical. We say this because neoprene knee sleeves are bound to be more breathable and stretchy overall, which explains why all the popular ones are made this way. If, however, you do not follow a workout routine that requires you to move around a lot, then perhaps you should opt for a more comfortable material without disregarding the support issue in any way.
  • Comfort – You shouldn’t disregard the comfort issue when dealing with knee sleeves, no matter how rarely you plan on wearing them. If, for instance, the sleeve is too tight or itchy, then you’re definitely not going to enjoy working out in them. You also won’t be too keen on wearing knee sleeves that slip down every time you make a sudden move or jump around. By being forced to constantly pay attention to your apparel, you are bound to lose focus on what’s important.
  • Support – A decent knee sleeve should provide decent support for whatever workout regimen you follow. This is particularly important with weightlifting and gym exercises but it extends to playing sports as well. A good way to ensure that you’re getting the right sleeve is to make sure that it is anatomically fit. The right size affects a knee sleeve’s support levels more than people realize, almost to the point where it can prevent a wide array of injuries.
  • Durability – Depending on your workout, a knee sleeve can last anywhere from a few months to many years. With the right material construction, a decent knee sleeve will also withstand direct abuse without showing any clear signs of damage. Now, we should point out that stretchable, flexible sleeves are sure to last a lot longer for people who only work out casually, than say, people who play tennis or basketball on a regular basis.
  • Flexibility – Just as you pay attention to a knee sleeve’s design and stability, you should take the time to consider how flexible the ideal sleeve should be. While the flexibility issue doesn’t bother most of the people who only want protection and support, it is a serious issue for those who play sports on a regular basis. The last thing you want on the tennis or basketball court is for your knees to lack the required mobility and flexibility.

Types Of Knee Sleeves

  • Open Knee Sleeves – These knee sleeves are sometimes referred to as ‘open patella sleeves’ and they boast an opening in the center. This is where the kneecap is, which renders the sleeve capable of engulfing it for better support. At the same time, a sleeve such as this will provide relief from knee pressure while delivering added support for the kneecap when moving or running around for extended periods of time.
  • Closed Knee Sleeves – As the name suggests, these knee sleeves do not possess the opening that open knee sleeves have, thus they deliver a marginally different type of support. Although they appear similar to open knee sleeves, they provide roughly the same amount of compression yet a different type of support. Interestingly enough, closed knee sleeves also spread out the compression throughout their entirety, whereas open knee sleeves distribute it upward and downward.
  • Built-In Stabilizers – Some knee sleeves can also benefit from inbuilt stabilizers which possess mechanisms designed to deliver a crucial standard of support and stability. For the most part, these sleeves are worn by people who are recovering from knee surgery or by people who are trying to get over older injuries. Either way, the added stabilizer is designed to improve stability without sacrificing too much mobility, which is why these knee sleeves are generally a bit more expensive.

Why Do People Wear Knee Sleeves?

Perhaps the main reason why people wear knee sleeves is for the support they offer, the compression levels, and for the warmth they deliver. You have to understand that knee sleeves can increase blood flow before and after exercising as the compression elements in their construction are sure to facilitate the flow of blood throughout the knee. At the same time, decent knee sleeves support the joint by limiting patella movement to a reasonable standard, thus providing the required stability needed to avoid injury. Last but not least, knee sleeves warm up your joints, making them very comfortable overall.