Generally speaking, running is a highly advantageous physical activity with numerous health benefits. Unfortunately, it also has a few downsides such as knee injury. Therefore, when there is a chance that the intensity your running exercises might take a toll on your knees, you should use knee braces.

Good knee braces provide additional support to the knees and reduce the chances that they will get injured even when you are engaging in bruising running workouts. Such workout accessories should also be comfortable. Good knee braces should also not restrict movement or interfere with your runnning. That said, here is a list of the 10 best knee braces for running today.

Best Knee Braces for Running – Reviews

10Crescendo Athletics Knee Protection, Sleeve Brace

Knee problems have been known to ruin most people’s acvtve lifestyles. Fortunately, with knee braces such as this Crescendo Athletics product, your knee problems should not keep you from enjoying regular running workouts. In addition to providing support as you run, this brace will also ensure that you remain comfortable during your workouts.

And if you need the brace to help you run even as you recover from an injury, you should be happy to know that this sleeve brace can help you achieve that. The brace can even improve the recovery process since it promotes blood flow, which can alleviate issues like inflammation. The brace is also quite versatile because it can also be used for activities such as crossfit training, basketball, and even martial arts.

9Exous Knee Brace Support Protector

If your knee is experiencing a health condition that is getting in the way of your running workouts, this knee brace might give you a way out. The brace can help users suffering from tendonitis, jumper’s knee, ligament strains and other issues run comfortably and without making their conditions worse.

This knee support accessory is made using high quality velcro that can handle weights of up to 35 pounds. The brace is also incredibly comfortable and reliable becauase it has a four-way strap system and a non-slip design. As a potential buyer, you should also know that using this brace will enhance your mobility as you run.

8IPOW 2 Pack Knee Pain Relief and Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap Brace

In spite of its simple design, this knee brace has impressed many users with its incredible knee support capabilities. This brace can be used when running, playing basketball, tennis, and even volleyball. The brace is also a good form of knee support for people dealing with issues like tendonitis, jumper’s knee, and so forth.

But, in spite of all these great features, this brace has attained its status in this market niche by being breathable and comfortable. The brace relies on a segmented design that lets the user make adjustments as per the knee curves. Therefore, the patella, and the knee as a whole, is given all the protection it needs during physical activities such as running.

7Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter with Bilateral Hinges

One of the concerns many buyers have when paying for a knee brace is whether or not it wil be a good fit. Sure, there are highly adjustable knee braces out there which practically guarantee a comfortable fit for all users. However, for a truly custom and premium experience, a brace that is specifically constructed to fit your knee is more ideal.

This is one of the benefits of owning this Shock Doctor brace. And so, as you run or workout, even when dealing with issues like sprains and and ligament injuries, you can expect this particular brace to provide you with all the knee support you need. The brace is also very comfortable.

6Abco Tech Patella Knee Strap for Knee Pain Relief

Knee problems should not keep you from living your life to the fullest. This is possible when using this particular knee support strap from Abco Tech. In addition to helping you get the support you need as you engage in various physical activities, this knee support accessory should provide relief from pain as you run as well.

The strap can even help treat a problem such as a misalignment of the patella, wich can promote its healing. More importantly, this knee support product is able to provide all these benefits without restricting movement.

5Mueller Jumper’s Knee Srap Brace

Tendons below the knees usually face the blunt of intensive physical workouts such as running. This tubular form of knee support can provide relief from such issues or prevent their occurence.

The brace puts mild pressure on the tendon, and this provides the required knee support. The product is made using polyester, and it provides a very comfortable fit.

4Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve

Runners, basketballers, and even people suffering from arthritis have plenty to gain from buying this particular knee brace. The brace is made of neoporene, and it features an open patella design which provides better comfort during workouts. However the knee brace stands out for the fact that it ensures a snug and supportive fit, something few other alteratives could ever give you.

Durability is also one of the many benefits of owning this particulalr brace. Nevertheless, the greatest advantage of using this particular knee brace is that it will provide optimal support without restricting mobility.

3Bracoo Knee Support, Open-Patella Stabilizer with Adjustable Strapping & Extra-Thick Breathable Neoprene Sleeve

Some knee braces tend to put too much strain on the knee joint. This particular knee brace solves this problem by having an open-patella design. Therefore, the running knee brace can provide as much support as the knee requires without introducing any mobility issues of its own. It is for the same reason that the product can even be used by people who are dealing with health issues such as arthritis, strains, and sprains.

Actually, even people who are recovering from injury affecting their knee joints can use the brace so as to enjoy healthy running workouts. Finally, the brace is very comfortable as it is breathable and fully customizable through its velcro straps.

2CopperJoint Copper Knee Sleeve

This knee brace’s target is people who are in recovery and still want to enjoy a decent running workout. That means it has lots of benefits to offer those who need any form of knee support as they run. The sleeve provides an incredible amount of support and comfort to the user.

Additionally, the workout accessory is very light in weight, and if fits snugly so that it can relief pain and enhance mobility for runners who are dealing with one knee condition or another. The product is also designed with highly durable materials for increased longevity. Wearing this brace for extended periods of time will also not be an issue as it is breathable and capable of promoting improved blood circulation.

1UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support for Running, Jogging, Sports, Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis and Injury Recovery

This knee brace is available to men, women and even children. And because it relies on the latest design technology, it can provide a use experience that is well beyond what many other market alternatives can currently offer.

In addition to ensuring knee support during running and other intense workouts, the compression sleeve can also help runners dealing with health issues such as arthitis, swelling, jumper’s knee, and tendonitis among others. Those who like to dabble in sports such as basketball, cycling, and other high intensity workouts that tend to take a toll on the knees can also benefit immensely from this knee brace.

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Knee Brace For Running Guide

When you are recovering from an injury or just need to make exercise a bit more comfortable, a knee brace for running can be the difference between struggling around to getting your pulse going again.

To protect yourself from the risk of further injuries or just to gain the confidence to get on the tarmac again, they can help you get the wheels in motion. Many of them can be used during sports and when you make a sensible decision, they will last a long time. To help you to save money on repeat purchasing and get it right the first time, the following should help.

What Yo Look For In A Knee Brace For Running


You need to have the confidence in your protection to know it won’t let you down. A lot of the time this involves keeping everything in place so the muscles around the knee aren’t aggravated. Some people need the stability to stop runners’ knee from affecting their mobility and the right materials will be strong enough to cope with the demands.

There are lots of knee braces that offering dual hinged support in this area to make sure you can still move what you need to, but without risking injury.


Anyone who has purchased a quality pair of running shoes will know how important breathability can be. When it comes to a knee brace for running, it will ensure your comfort. The more you sweat, the more it can be a problem if you have not made a quality purchase. Making sure the product has breathable meshing or other material will stop it from rubbing.

Also, moisture-wicking will protect it when the rain starts to fall and ensures it can work to a high standard no matter what the weather does.

Quality Materials

A lot of the time you will find a knee brace for running will be made form the likes of nylon, spandex, and polyester. These are all decent materials when in the right ratio but avoid the likes of latex which can be an annoyance for anyone with sensitive skin.

Nylon. in particular. is often a sign of a durable product.


Because a lot of people rely on their knee brace, you need to make sure it will stay in place. This is more likely to happen when you have straps that keep it from slipping. The better products will have velcro straps above and below the knee for added security. The better it feels, the more confident you will be.


The amount of support that a knee brace provides will depend vary and this is because they can be used to treat different injuries or levels of recovery. The more serious the problem, the more support you are likely to need. There are knee braces for arthritis that will lessen the force that travels through the knee and give a lot of protection.

ACL knee braces offer the most support and are best when recovering from knee ligament tears.


This will enhance the comfort of your running as find a knee brace that is too big and you won’t get adequate support. Also, you will find that the brace moves around too much which can be off-putting when you are in full flow.

Without the right sized knee brace, you risk further injury as you will step as though you have the right level of protection when you do not. With a knee brace that is too small, it might restrict blood flow rather than enhance it which can lead to its own problems.

Easy To Maintain

Most knee braces will be machine washable but check before you throw it in with your running gear. If it is not maschine washable, you might negatively impact its performance and it won’t last as long.

Different Types of Knee Braces

Pull Up

These offer a basic level of protection and might not be as comfortable but will help to keep everything in place and best for niggles or light complaints. Often good for sports.

Wrap Around

These use velcro straps to add security and keep everything in place. One of the most comfortable options and good for anyone who suffers from swollen knees when running.


As the name suggests, the stability comes from a series of hinges and is good for those who suffer a lot of pain in the area.


This material encourages the area to retain heat to help with healing and even reduces swelling from the area.