All people experience sooner or later that sudden moment of sheer panic when they cannot locate their keys upon leaving the house. Let’s be honest, keys are surprisingly easy to misplace given their importance, and it always results in a few minutes of confusion and potential terror, especially if we’re in a hurry. By employing a reliable key finder, however, losing your keys becomes a thing of the past.

These devices are not only small and inconspicuous but also light in weight and very practical in nature. Even so, not all of them can be expected to meet the same functional standards as some are definitely better than others. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you should take the time and learn as much as you can about what exactly makes a decent key finder in the first place. That said, let us take a look at the ten best key finders the market has to offer right now.

Best Key Finders – Reviews

10EZtrack Key Finder

The EZtrack Key Finder is a high-end key finder that is well known for its quality, durability, and efficiency. Equipped with a wireless tracking system, it can quickly and easily locate your missing items like keys, wallets, remotes, and even your pet dog or cat at a distance range of up to 100 feet. For those who tend to misplace their phone often, this device will track your cell phone and make it ring even if on silent mode. Featuring 4 wireless key finder receivers that are individually marked with numbers, just hit the corresponding number to get to the item linked to that number.

9Vodeson Portable RF Key Finder

Equipped with 2 premium quality receivers, the Vodeson Portable RF Key Finder can be easily attached to any type of objects. Compact in size, light in weight, and ultra-durable, it is easy to carry around and does not require any tracking apps. Easy to operate, the device beeps loudly at 75-90 Db and flashes a light when your lost item is found in a distance range of up to 130 feet. Thanks to its unique color-coded fobs, it can be used for more than one object that can be located with just the click of a single button.

8Cube Pro Key Finder

Equipped with double the range and double the volume, this device can search for any lost item with the help of its easy to use Cube Tracker App. This device can easily locate your phone by making it ring, flash or vibrate, even if the app is not open. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, it informs you whether you are near or far from the object and shows you your exact location via a map. It also comes with a handy alarm mechanism that rings if you have left anything behind.

7KeyRinger Key Finder

The KeyRinger Key Finder is a premium quality device designed with an ultra-loud alert, a durable body and a heavy-duty battery that lasts up to 18 months. Equipped with a distance range of up to 300 feet, this key finding device comes with 2 KeyRingers that are ready to use without any setup or installation needed. Made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, its outer case is sturdy and well designed. Easy to use, this device is great for location misplaced items like your keys, wallets, remotes, purses and more. It also comes equipped with a flashlight that lights up making it easy to find the device, if in a dark area.

6Click ‘n Dig Model D2 Key Finder

Including 2 key ring receivers with rings, the Click ‘n Dig Model D2 Key Finder is designed with a louder alert sound and a new antenna for enhanced reception. Made from heavy-duty, durable components and materials, it is crafted with a sturdy bell-shaped design that is both stylish and trendy. Equipped with a powerful radio frequency, it penetrates through thick walls, cushions and pillows and leather. Great for locating keys, wallets, remote controls, and cell phones, it comes with a distance range of 60 to 80 feet.

5Esky Key Finder

Easy to use, the Esky Key Finder comes equipped with a set of 4 Key Finders that can be attached to any 4 items that you normally misplace. Featuring a loud beeping sound and a bright flashing light, this convenient device leads you to the lost object quickly and easily. The remote is crafted with a backlight that works great at night, providing you with optimum visibility. Equipped with a power-packed frequency that goes up to 30 meters, it can easily penetrate through thick walls, pillows, sofa cushions, floors, leather and more to help you locate your lost item.

4JTD Wireless RF Item Locator/Key Finder

Uniquely crafted to locate all kinds of objects including keys, purses, glasses, remotes, canes and more, the JTD Wireless RF Item Locator/Key Finder is comes equipped with a locating range of up to 130 feet. Thanks to no less than 4 receivers, a transmitter, and key rings, this device produces a loud sound and features a flashlight that makes it easy to find your lost objects quickly. Due to a vert potent wireless technology, it can search through thick walls and doors with just a single push of a button.

3Tile Sport – Key Finder

With a locating range of up to 200 feet, the Tile Sport – Key Finder features an extra loud ringer that makes locating lost object easy. This device can be used to locate your phone by simply tapping the device to make your phone ring, even on silent mode. Made from high-quality components, this device is durable, light in weight and resistant to water for up to 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes. Weighing just 6.1 grams, this portable device features Bluetooth technology and produces up to 88 dB of sound.

2Cube Key Finder

The Cube Key Finder is a Bluetooth, water-resistant smart tracking device that is used to locate luggage, keys, pets, wallets and more. Attach this device to any object and pair it with the Cube tracking app to help locate your lost item quickly. This device can also be utilized to find your phone via a ringtone, flash or vibration, even if the app is not being used. Easy to use, the tracker app provides you with the exact last location of your lost item on a map and uses the inbuilt Bluetooth to make sure you know you are getting closer. It also features a convenient alarm system that notifies you if you have left something behind.

1Click ‘n Dig Model E4 Key Finder

Another high performing, durable device from Click ‘n Dig is the E4 Key Finder. Equipped with a total of 4 vibrant colored receivers, it features 2 key ring-shaped and 2 flat receivers. Packed with new and improved technologies, brighter colors, and a sturdier outer casing, it always beeps the right object every time you lose something. With a distance range of up to 60 feet, the powerful frequency goes through the thickest walls, cushions, and pillows, providing you with loud beep sounds and alerts to help you get to the lost object as quickly as possible.

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What To Look For In A Key Finder

Although most key finders are quite straightforward in their design and general purpose, some really do stand out more than others on account of their reliability and incorporated technologies. Speaking of which, many of the high-end models that the market has to offer right now are capable of connecting to Bluetooth and radio-equipped devices. Not just that but the newer versions are a lot more capable than traditional key finders, both in regards to their durability and their overall functionality. With that in mind, let us find out what exactly makes a decent key finder and what features to look for when buying one.

  • Range – Range is without a doubt, one of the most important aspects to consider when getting a key finder. This is because you do not really get a choice as to where you lose your keys, which may be a bit farther than you would like. It is, therefore, necessary for a decent key finder to boast a reasonable range to ensure that you are guaranteed to eventually find your keys wherever they might be. We should point out that the average range for Bluetooth key finders is around 100 feet whereas radio signal finders have a slightly wider range.
  • Battery Life – Another thing to consider when buying a key finder is whether it possesses the battery life to make the investment worthwhile. When you think about it, what good is a key finder if its battery runs out before it can give out a positive signal. In this respect, some key finders can last for up to a whole year on a single battery, with the device usually giving out an audio signal when the battery is close to dying.
  • Sound – You also want a key finder that gives out a loud enough sound signal for you to pick up in a noisy environment. This is because people don’t really get to pick and choose where they lose their possessions, and it may happen that it is in a noisy area. You really will not be able to narrow down your search unless you can pick up an audible sound signal when the time is right. If possible, check out the reviews and customer experiences before settling on a purchase because the advertising for these devices may sometimes be a little dishonest.
  • Light – We should point out that some key finders are also equipped with light systems that go along with the audio signal. These LED lights are usually bright enough to draw attention yet not strong enough to drain the battery too much. Needless to say, key finders equipped with both audio and visual alarms are seen as more versatile and thus more high-end than traditional sound-only devices for practical reasons.
  • Size – The size of a key finder is surely something to consider from a practical standpoint. You don’t really want a key finder that makes the keys difficult to carry or store inside wallets or pockets. It just so happens that the top-shelf models are rather light in weight and easy to carry. What you want is a device that you can attach to a keyring without making the keyring too bulky or difficult to carry. As a side note, you also don’t want a key finder that’s too small, lest you want to worry about it sliding off the keychain.

Types Of Key Finders

Even though key finders serve the same general purpose, they tend to differ ever so slightly in regards to their incorporated technologies, available features, design, and connectivity. It is also important to remember that they can operate on slightly different principles. As such, some key finders may employ Bluetooth connectivity while others might be radio-controlled. For the most part, there aren’t that many differences between the two except for the fact that radio-controlled devices have a somewhat wider range.

  • Bluetooth Key Finders – As the name suggests, these key finders use a Bluetooth signal to connect the receiver to an app that you install on any device of your choosing. Interestingly enough, some of these apps even allow you to visualize the location of your keys in real-time on an actual map. Another great advantage is the exceptional community support, which is common with most popular apps nowadays. Not just that but they are also more accessible from a technological point of view.
  • Radio Controlled Key Finders – With radio-controlled key finders, you get a slightly wider signal range. Other than that, these key finders mostly operate on the same basic principles and even behave in a similar fashion. Just like Bluetooth key finders, radio-controlled models are also placed on a key ring. The transmitter of these key finders is usually equipped with a button on top that makes the receiver give out an audio signal when pushed. Sometimes, these devices might also incorporate a combination of LED lights to go with the audio signal.

What To Remember

As great as key finders might be, you really shouldn’t rely on them alone to help with locating your keys. You really should consider having a special place that you can store your keys in, like a drawer or a tray. We say this because you never know when your key finder might run out of juice, and it’s not like you can replace the battery until you find your keys. Other times, it could happen that the keys fall into aluminum or magnetic recipient, thus preventing the signal from traveling towards the receiver. It is also important that you test a key receiver at least a couple of times during the first few days to ensure that everything works properly.