Not all K Cups are made equal, actually, far from, it. With so much variety now there are far too many cheap imitators and even the bigger brands have been known to shift some low-quality cups aren’t up to scratch. Whether you are into a morning brew, or a sweet, hot chocolate fix, our list of the top ten K cups will help you find the perfect product.

They are a cheap and convenient way of getting your caffeine fix so you don’t want it spoilt by a bland roast. You need a perfect mix of flavor, value, and at times, variety. Some of the world’s biggest coffee brands are represented in our list below and each of them has their plus points. To clear this up once and for all, here is our guide to the very best K cups you can buy.

Best K Cups – Reviews

10The Original Decaf, Single Serve Coffee K-Cup Pod

It’s best to start with decaf because everyone needs to keep them around, just incase. Despite the lack of caffeine, these popular k cups still provide a well-bodied flavor, with a fruity aroma. You get the official Keurig quality and this medium roast is great for all tastes. It shares the same quality control as their caffeinated blends and it’s near impossible to tell the difference in terms of flavor. Sometimes, you only want a cup of coffee but have already had your fill of caffeine for the day. Also, when you are hosting, and everyone wants a hot drink after hours, these decaf k cups make a handy replacement and won’t keep you up when the party is over.

9Barista Prima Coffeehouse Italian Roast Coffee K-Cup

This Italian Roast has all the hallmarks of what many people consider to be the home of coffee. It has a typical robust flavor that has berry notes which will go down well with anyone who enjoys a strong cup during the day. Considering the reputable brand name, it comes at an affordable price and with 24 k cups included, it is good value. Only the finest arabica beans are used so quality is not compromised and it serves as a perfect companion to early risers and those who aren’t as familiar with dark roasts. A favorite in many households and offices.

8Cinnnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll

This is the sort of flavored K cup that has to be tasted to be believed. Anyone who is a fan of the Cinnabon brand should put it high on their list of K cups. It is made with their classic blend of frosting brown sugar and cinnamon. The coffee is smooth as you would expect from a light roast but tastes like a desert – a lot of people make a cup as a mid-morning treat. They are kosher and made from Arabica coffee and go down and easy as a Cinnabon roll, without the need to leave the house and get to your local store.

7Starbucks Starter Kit K-Cup Variety Pack for Keurig Brewers

When it comes to K cup variety packs, Starbucks is hard to better. Their famous brand name on this package is reassuring, and it features 10 of their most popular blends with everything from blonde roasts to dark, there are even some flavored k cups included. You get 4 of each variety which makes it ideal for entertaining or keeping in an office space as it caters to all tastes and times of the day. You might want to start off with the breakfast blend or French roast, then later in the day try caramel or cinnamon dolce. They are compatible with Keurig brewing systems including the 2.0.

6Martinson Single Serve Coffee Capsules

Breakfast blends are popular, and if you don’t understand why, when you take a sip of these K cup capsules you’ll get it. You get a decent amount of value in the 24-pack that consists of recyclable eco cup capsules. The mild flavor is smooth for a gentle pick me up before the intensity of the day sets in. These are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a bitter taste but those who prefer a bit of a kick with their coffee should look for a different blend. The pods come with the reputable Martinson brand name so you know they are reliable and compatible with all types of Keurig brewers.

5The Original Donut Shop Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

This coffee comes with a tongue in cheek warning as it contains more coffee than most pods because it’s extra bold – it’s not for the faint hearted. Still, it is a medium roast and strikes the right balance between sweet and bitter. You also get the popular brand of The Original Donut Shop behind it and has been made with the Keurig brewers in mind to add to the quality of the brew. One tastes and you’ll taste the full-bodied flavour and smell the strong aroma that will fill the room in a good way. The only thing missing is a donut.

4Solimo- 100 Ct. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods, French Roast

These may be from Amazon, but for anyone who wants an authentic coffee-shop style brew at home will be pleased to find a product that comes at such a low price. Keep in mind that they are compatible with certain K-cup brewers – Keurig 1.0 & 2.0. Made from 100% Arabica, this French Roast is exactly how you would expect it, at the higher end of the intensity scale, bold with a hint of smokiness that is a real pick-me-up first thing in the morning. You get 100 in this neatly packaged box, for a lot of people, this will go pretty fast.

3SF Bay Coffee French Vanilla 80 Ct

Quite possibly the worlds favorite K cup but we’ve placed it at number 3 because not everyone wants a flavored coffee. Still, even if it’s not your preferred brew in the morning, they are still the best treat you can get for your coffee machine. The French Vanilla flavor is the right balance between sweet and smooth and has hints of hazelnuts. The pods themselves are compostable which is a step in the right direction and are compatible with most Keurig style brewers, even the 2.0 version. Even the paper lidding is environmentally friendly but what’s inside is so satisfying, this 80 count package might not be enough for everyone.

2Death Wish Coffee Single Serve Capsules

Anyone who markets themselves as the world’s strongest coffee is going to catch the attention of coffee lover’s around the globe, but this product backs it up with a delicious dark roast, compatible with most K-cup machines. Low in acidity, it has an intense bold taste with hints of chocolate, made from organic and fair trade beans. The brewing is a lot quieter than other products thanks to the mesh design on the capsules and they are recyclable. Death Wish Coffee includes a 60-day money-back guarantee but if you are looking for a strong brew that isn’t bitter, you’re unlikely to need it.

1Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend

The gold standard when it comes to the best K cups, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has a reputation for making quality products that give you a barista-style coffee experience every time. In this breakfast blend, you get 96 K cups that makes this such good value, especially when you taste them for the first time. Made from 100% Arabica, The light roast has a medium acidity that has a crisp flavor with a balanced sweetness, without being too full. Any K cup compatible machine will work alongside this product but those who are loyal to the Keurig brand will like the fact that they are made by the company themselves. One that anybody can enjoy, and a favorite for many.

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K Cups Buying Guide

K Cups are the sort of product that is largely based on personal preference. Still, with so many varieties to choose from, it can be hard to find the right for for your unique tastes. That’s why this buying guide is so useful, it helps you to make the right choice, and know what the better K cups have in common.

Whether you are an experienced K cup drinker or have just purchased your first brewer, we’ve found the best products, now it’s time to see what you should look for in a K cup.


This will determine the type of K cups you buy as it is the biggest difference in intensity. The light blend has less coffee than a medium or dark roast and is often branded as a breakfast blend. There are also extra bold blends and some products even boast about being one of the world’s strong coffee producers. The amount of caffeine in each roast is different depending on the brand so if this is something you are keen to find out, check on the box before purchasing.

As you might expect, a light roast has less than a medium and a medium has less than a dark roast most of the time.


This is where you can have some fun. Everyone has a favorite flavor, whether that is French vanilla, caramel or something from a specialist brand, you can find something to please the sweetest of sweet teeth. A lot of the time, these are combined with a smooth blend although some can be found a little stronger.


Not all K cups are compatible with every Keurig machine so make sure the one you have or intend to buy is right for the K cups you have in mind. Most are fine for general use and you can’t go wrong with the official Keurig products although even these can vary in terms of compatibility.

Recyclable Cups

Because single-use capsules and cups have a reputation for being less kind on the environment than other methods of brewing, a lot of brands have made steps towards being recyclable. Some K cups are compostable whilst others are fully recyclable. If your conscious is telling you to be mindful of your impact on the world, there is no need for you to miss out on the excellent taste of a K cup coffee.


Buying K cups in bulk has the same benefits as purchasing anything in larger quantities. With most brands, you can lower the cost of every K cup by ordering larger quantities at a time. This means you can enjoy some of the more expensive brands for a smaller price. Great coffee doesn’t have to cost a lot, and you also avoid the inconvenience of running out.

How Much Coffee Does A K Cup Make?

When using a single K cup, you get approximately 10 grams of coffee which requires 5 – 7 oz of water depending on how strong you like it. This is something you can adjust the more you get to know your machine and what blends work best with certain amounts of water.

Why Use A Keurig Brewer Anyway?


Besides the obvious convenience of having a barista-style coffee made in a matter of seconds in your home, K cups have come a long way. There was a time where you were limited in terms of choice, but those days are long gone. Pretty much every coffee brand you love has a K cup on the market meaning you can recreate their flavor in your kitchen.

Easy To Use

Also, the machines themselves are low maintenance with minimal cleanup required and then comes the variety. A lot of people appreciate the fact that you can make a breakfast blend in the morning, then sip on a sweet flavored coffee later in the day.

Saves Waste

Another benefit is the amount of coffee that you can save with theis brewing method. Because you use a Keurig brewer to make one cup at a time, you aren’t pouring away half a French Press down the drain.

Tailors For All Coffee Types

Most coffee brewing methods are limited in what choices they can offer the user. A Keurig brewer is good because it can make an espresso, flavored coffee, or a long Americano.


Some come with timers to set your coffee to brew when you intend to wake up, whilst others come with a milk frother to make an authentic flat white or cappuccino. Basically, the possibilities are endless with a Keurig brewer, and K cups are a big part of that.