Jordans are widely considered to be some of the best sports shoes ever made and it is easy to see why. These shoes have a long history of providing the utmost in regards to adherence, traction, and flexibility. No other brand of sportswear even comes close to the sheer popularity that Jordans enjoy, a brand that many consider synonymous with basketball itself. Then again, not many sports shoes can rival Jordans when it comes to comfort and reliability so it kind of makes sense.

Given their world-renowned popularity, you expect Jordans to command a certain price tag, a seemingly expensive one that reflects the exact standard of quality you can expect. We say this thinking about Jordans in the context of their widespread use and proven quality, one that recommends them not just for high-performing basketball players but for amateurs alike. As so, you can expect these shoes to meet certain structural and functional standards.

All things considered, Jordans stand out as some of the best if not THE best basketball shoes the market has to offer right now. In fact, Jordans have stood atop the list for best sports shoes for many years now, a testament to their performance, comfort, and durability. Over the next few minutes, we will take a look at the ten best Jordans the market has to offer because even among Jordans, some stand out as being slightly better than others.

Best Jordans – Reviews

9Jordan Air 9 Retro Men’s Basketball Shoes

Crafted from full grain high-quality leather, the Jordan Air 9 Retro features a versatile patent leather detailing to add that extra shine on the outer covering of the shoe. Thanks to the bold red details on this pair of basketballs shoes, it certainly helps to optimize the visuals in a purely aesthetic fashion without interfering with their underlying quality. Extremely comfortable, highly functional, well designed, and made from premium grade materials, these shoes are perfect for on and off court activities.

8Jordan Air XIII (13) Retro

The Jordan Air XIII (13) Retro are heavy duty basketball shoes designed and crafted with a modern style with a suede outer covering. Thanks to their high-quality outsole pods, these shoes offer optimum flexibility on the court. Made from full grain premium grade leather, they feature a durable rubber outsole that offers high levels of traction, the type that is required when playing the game.

7Jordan Spizike Mens Basketball Shoes

Crafted with synthetic and leather materials, the Jordan Spizike Mens Basketball Shoes are similar to the other legendary Jordans including III, IV, V, VI, and XX. Featuring roughly the same elements and including an optimum comfort along with a sleek design, these shoes come with a durable upper covering with a stylish elephant print on the side overlays. Featuring a versatile lace-up mechanism, the laces can be adjusted according to your liking. The shoe also includes a mid-foot strap belt which helps in providing support and a proper fit.

6Jordan Air VI (6) Retro Alternate

Made from premium grade synthetic materials with a suede sole, the Jordan Nike Men’s Air 6 Retro Basketball Shoe offers optimal support with a snug fit and support. Thanks to the two holes present on the tongue, taking off and putting on the shoe is relatively easy, even when you do it in a rush. Featuring an attractive sports design and outlook, these shoes come with a high ankle construction for optimum support.

5Air Jordan 4 Retro LS Legend Blue

Widely considered to be some of the best Jordans today, the Jordan 4 Retro LS is a classic that comes with a unique modern sleek look with the popular swoosh on the side. Providing users with a strong support at the ankle, it also comes with a special perforated toe section for added breathability. Made with high-quality synthetic material and fabric, these shoes feature a rubber sole with cups for added support and stability. They also come equipped with an air sole unit in the heel for increased traction and adherence.

4Jordan Men’s Jumpman Pro Quick

The NIKE Jordan Men’s Jumpman Pro Quick Basketball Shoe is a high-quality, durable pair of sports shoes, the type of shoes that are close to being perfect for on-court activities of any kind. Made from premium grade rubber materials with a robust rubber sole, the shoe features a leather and synthetic upper cover with a mesh design for added breathability. With a solid rubber outsole, it offers optimum grip and support and also comes with a special air-sole unit located in the heel of the shoe.

3Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared

Featuring a sleek, black modern look, the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low comes uniquely designed with a grey panel with speckles with tiny hints of infrared on the outsole of the shoe. Unlike any other of its kind, these Jordan’s have the most versatile color blocking pattern and outlook. Designed to fit perfectly, these shoes come in a wide range of colors and include a simple lace closure for added comfort. With a patent leather upper covering and soft comfortable padding on the tongue and the collar of the shoe, these shoes can be utilized on and off the court.

2Jordan 12 Retro Wool Mens

Made from high-quality fabrics, the Jordan 12 Retro Wool feature a heavy-duty synthetic sole with a rubber outsole for added traction and durability. Designed with a strong flexible covering that is woven with an asymmetrical lacing pattern for the best fit, comfort, and support, these shoes are available in a variety of colors to choose from. The midsole of these robust shoes is injected with Phylon providing a lightweight, soft cushioning for that extra comfort many people look for.

1Jordan Men Eclipse

Available in a variety of vibrant colors and designs, the Jordan Men Eclipse shoes are the perfect addition to your wardrobe whether worn on or off the court. Featuring a mesh design with a high quality rubber sole, these shoes come with a shaft that lies 3.3 inches from the arch of the shoe. Thanks to the air sole unit that is encapsulated into the heel of the shoe, it helps by providing a comfortable cushioning of the highest standard. Not only that but the shoe also comes with a unique Herringbone pattern on the outsole that enables flexibility on the court as well as an increased traction.

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Jordans Guide

Because they are so popular, the right pair of Jordans can end up being a great investment, or a statement when wearing them out. The problem is, some of them are better than others and depending on what you are buying them for, they might not be worth looking at.

To help you make a worthwhile purchase, our Jordans guide details everything you need to know. whether you want a certain style, comfort, or street appeal, we have it covered.

What To Look For When Buying Jordans

The Right Fit

Of course, this is vital if you are going to enjoy your purchase. Your Jordans need to support your feet in the right way so you avoid injury, especially if you are using them on the court. The fit is everything, get this wrong and you’ll be sending them back.

Jordans are known to run a little high so consider this before you purchase.


Some shoes are designed for different uses so if you are looking for a more athletic pair of Jordans, find one that has adequate breathability in the right places. This will stop your feet from sweating too much, and will ensure they remain comfortable for a long time.


For most people, this is the deciding important factor when looking for the best Jordans. It is also a matter of opinion. Take a particular color or style to match a certain look. Some Jordans such as the Air 13 retro have a blend of old school style with a modern appeal that has become popular.

Alternatively, the Nike Air XXXIII basketball shoes seem to never go out of style and will serve any serious player well.

The Logo

For some people, a more understated style that features the iconic Jordan symbol more discreetly is what they are after but this isn’t for everyone. You can find some Jordans where the logo is unmissable, a little more in your face but ideal for anyone who likes to stand out.

There are also those that feature it in more than one place.


Because the price can set you back anything into the thousands, finding a pair of Jordans that are actually good value can feel like a challenge. There is no need to worry though, you can find great options for under $100 such as the 312 Legacy range.


Depending on what you intend to use your Jordans for, the level of grip is going to be important. Most pairs feature a rubber sole but it is the pattern on the sole that can increase the durability and make it better for indoor or outdoor use. As with many Jordans, choose the right pair that matches your intended use.

Rare Jordans

Some Jordans are harder to get your hands on than others. Some have limited runs where only a few are made whereas others are just a must-have but harder to get. It might take a decade or two to get any real return on some of the rarer Jordans out there but when you’re checking your balance it could all be worth it.

How To Choose The Right Jordans

Because they can be worn during a variety of activities and sports, Jordans are a popular choice for style and performance. This is something you should consider before you buy a pair. The additional support often makes them a good choice for playing Tennis and even Football so find something that will work with what you are intending to put it through.

How To Clean Jordans

Depending on what color and style you have opted for, you might find your Jordans getting a little dirty from time to time and need to make sure they look almost new. This is easy if done regularly, the longer you let dirt sink in the harder it can be to remove.

The easier way is using a clean rag and soapy water with a little oxygen bleach although you should check that the materials will react well to such ingredients before applying. Whatever you do, try to keep them away from excessive dirt to prolong their fresh look.

Tips For Collecting Jordans

Because you never know how desireable a certain pair of Jordans will be in the future, they are a popular product to invest in. For most people, the temptation to wear them can be too strong but if you are looking for a pair to invest in the first thing you need to do is research.

This will help you find the pairs that are a little rarer, or popular with collectors.

After this, you will probably want to store them in the same way the experts do. This will involve keeping them in a dark, dry place to protect the colors as exposing them to light can lead to fading over time.

Also, it can never be a bad thing if you keep them in the original box.