It may seem like a casual piece of clothing, but the history of the hoddie is rich and interesting. Originally designed for athletic use, hoddies have since evolved quite a lot over the years, both in aesthetics and practicality. You can nowadays find people from all social classes and origins wearing hoodies on a regular basis, and not just as sportswear. As a matter of fact, hoodies are so versatile in their design that they fit almost any fashion trend.

Having said that, let us point out that hoodies can differ in practical use, textile construction, and overall design. It is for this reason that you want to take the time and learn as much as you possibly can about what constitutes a good hoodie and what particularities to look for when buying one. To give you a better idea of what’s out there, we put together a list of the ten best hoodies the market has to offer right now for you to look at.

Best Hoodies – Reviews

10Nike Boy’s NSW Pull-Over Hoodie

Crafted with a unique design and classic style, the Nike Boy’s NSW Pull-Over Hoodie is the perfect activewear for working out, running and other outdoor activities. Designed to offer you a customized fit, it comes in a single standard size and features the popular Nike logo on the left chest. Made from high-quality fleece, its body includes 80% cotton and 20% polyester, while its rib features a blend of 97% cotton and 3% polyester. The hood is lined with 100% cotton and provides optimum warmth and coverage while the hoodie also comes with a stylish kangaroo pocket that helps in keeping your fingers warm and cozy.

9PUMA Men’s Essential Hoodie

Known for its quality, durability, and style, the PUMA Men’s Essential Hoodie is one of the most popular sweatshirts of its kind. Crafted with a special blend of 66% cotton and 34% polyester, this hoodie includes a pull-over closure and does not feature any zippers. Available in a striking black color, it can be safely washed in the machine without causing damage to the fabric. The hood includes a drawcord that offers a comfortable fit, while the kangaroo pockets in the front ensure your hands stay warm and cozy.

8Adidas Men’s Essentials 3-stripes French Terry Pull-over

Known for its high-end clothing line, shoes, and accessories, Adidas has introduced a new set of activewear products and one among them is the Adidas Men’s Essentials 3-stripes French Terry Pull-over. Made from 100% rec polyester, this hooded sweatshirt is crafted to provide you with comfort and feels soft and luxurious. Providing a regular fit, it features a loose yet customized fit and includes a kangaroo pocket in the front. The ribbed cuffs and ribbed hem ensure the hoodie stays in place, while its drawstring cord allows you to adjust your fit accordingly around your neck.

7Rich Cotton Men’s Hoodie

Crafted from high-grade fabric, the Rich Cotton Men’s Hoodie includes a special blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Resistant to pilling, this hoodie features high-density stitching and offers optimum durability. Ideal for any weather conditions, it can be worn while exercising, relaxing at home or just for casual outings. Featuring a stylish kangaroo pocket with a ribbed hem, it comes with ribbed cuffs to ensure you stay warm and cozy. Soft, reliable and budget-friendly, this hoodie can be worn by both men and women.

6Amazon Brand – Peak Velocity Men’s Quantum Loose-Fit Hoodie

The Amazon Brand – Peak Velocity Men’s Quantum Fleece Full-Zip Loose-Fit Hoodie is a premium-grade sweatshirt that is designed for all kinds of weather, working out and more. Made from 100% polyester, it features a loose, comfortable fit that allows ease of movement. Quick-drying and resistant to moisture, it features a brushed-back fleece that is stretchy and offers optimum warmth and comfort. The hoodie also includes a full front zip closure, a mesh-lined hood and 2 zipper pockets on each side for easy storage of small items.

5The North Face Men’s Half Dome Pullover Hoodie

Crafted with a unique blend of cotton, jersey fabric, and polyester, The North Face Men’s Half Dome Pullover Hoodie comes in a wide range of different colors and patterns. The fabric is soft and mid-weight which makes it perfect for everyday use. Featuring an adjustable drawstring cord around the hood, it allows you to stay snug during cold weather. The ribbed hem and cuffs lock in warmth and also add to the durability and reliability of the hoodie. Thanks to its stylish kangaroo pocket, you can store small items as well as keep your hands cozy and warm.

4Amazon Essentials Men’s Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

Available in an assortment of vibrant colors and designs, the Amazon Essentials Men’s Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt features a blend of 52% cotton and 48% polyester. As it is made for everyday use, it includes a kangaroo pocket and features a class pull-over design. At the same time, the arm cuffs and hem at the bottom are ribbed to lock in warmth, while the hood features a convenient draw-string that boosts comfort and prevents neck irritation when worn for long periods of time.

3Champion Men’s Powerblend Fleece Pullover Hoodie

The Champion Men’s Powerblend Fleece Pullover Hoodie is a super-soft sweatshirt that features a 2-ply hood and a pouch pocket. Crafted with a special blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, it includes a certain percentage of fibers that are recycled. The hoodie comes equipped with a soft brushed inner lining that prevents skin irritation and features side seams that offer a good fit. Including a wide ribbed cuff with a hem at the bottom, this hooded sweatshirt comes with a half-moon neckline that offers comfort. Resistant to pilling and shrinking, the color does not fade even after multiple washes.

2Gildan Men’s Heavy Blend Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

The Gildan Men’s Heavy Blend Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt is a high-quality, imported hoodie that is perfect for any weather. Featuring a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this sweatshirt is designed with a convenient pull-closure and offers optimum comfort. Resistant to pilling, it includes air-jet yarn that provides you with a soft luxurious feel. Available in a wide variety of bright colors, this sweatshirt can be safely washed in the machine without causing damage to the fabric.

1Hanes Men’s Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Made from high-quality materials including 50% cotton and 50% polyester, the Hanes Men’s Pullover EcoSmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt features a convenient pull-on closure that allows easy putting on and taking off. For optimum durability and reliability, this hoodie features high-stitch density and is resistant to pilling and damage. The waistband and cuffs of the hoodie are ribbed to lock in warmth, while the pocket in front features a stylish kangaroo design.

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What To Look For In A Hoodie

As we already established, hoodies can come in many shapes and sizes, which is why you need to first gain a reasonable understanding of what exactly makes a decent model and what particularities to look for before making a purchase. According to fashion designers everywhere, the hoodie has become a wardrobe staple more or less, with big brands investing a lot of time and effort into developing new patterns and clever designs. Even so, you should try and learn about the different types of hoodies and the characteristics that recommend them for one reason or another. To be on the safe side, here is what you need to consider before committing to a purchase of any kind.

The Fit

Perhaps the first thing you need to think about is the fit. In other words, you have to understand that hoodies don’t usually come in a skinny fit and that if you wish to get such a hoodie, then you will probably have to wear it under a denim jacket of sorts, or any other clothing accessory that can be considered form-fitting. If not, then you should simply go for an oversized hoodie like most folks, but one that can also be fitted underneath other types of clothes.

The Fabric

You also need to pay attention to the material texture and fabric of a hoodie upon making a choice because hoodies can differ quite a lot in that regard. To be more precise, hoodies are commonly made to be comfortable, meaning that they usually involve some sort of fleece construction or loopback cotton for good measure. Although comfortable, hard-wearing, and easy to wash, these hoodies are usually heavy and quite thick. It is for this reason that some people have taken to experimenting with merino or cashmere hoodies which are rather rare and hard to come by.

The Color

It should be said that hoodies are commonly available in grey, navy, or black colors on account of their wearability. That said, you can also get a khaki or off-white hoodie if you feel that it might better fit your personal style, but bear in mind that these particular hoodies are somewhat harder to look after, especially in regards to washing. You can also go for a bold red or yellow hoodie if you want to pair it with more casual clothing, which is precisely what many fashionable individuals already do.

The Sleeve

One also needs to pay close attention to the sleeve length of a hoodie as it determines the overall utility of the hoodie in many ways. In fact, most of the popular models employ long sleeves, but the market has quite a lot to offer when it comes to fashionable hoodies. These trendy hoodies can sometimes boast 3-quarter sleeves, cap sleeves, short sleeves, and in some cases, no sleeves at all. From a practical standpoint, you should choose a sleeve length that best suits the season and time of day in which you are likely to wear the hoodie.

The Elastic Bands

Bear in mind that some hoodies come with cinched or elastic bands around the hips or wrist area. Now, we have yet to mention just how uncomfortable it can be to wear a hoodie that features tight elastic bands, be them around the wrists or hip area. You are advised in this regard to take the time and read up on reviews and personal opinions for people who have already bought whatever hoodie you plan to get. This is guaranteed to help you choose a hoodie that you can wear for extended periods of time without suffering any discomfort whatsoever.

The Design

Even though some hoodies bolster a more simplistic design, others feature graphic images and unique graphic designs. As such, some hoodies can depict band names or logos, funny text or sayings, the name of famous sports teams, and even religious messages. Needless to say, the choice in this regard usually comes down to personal preference, mainly if the graphic pattern goes well with your way of life. You also need to keep in mind that the more colorful and graphic some hoodies are, the harder they are to care for in the long run.

Types Of Hoodies

  • Zip-Up Hoodies – These hoodies entertain a zip-up closure that enables them to be used both in cold and hot weather. Whenever it is hot outside, for instance, you can wear such a hoodie without zipping up the zipper closure, which also serves as a focus mechanism for whatever shirt or top you may be wearing at the time. At the same time, you can wear these hoodies over t-shirts or long-sleeve shirts of a wide variety, doing so without compromising on warmth or insulation in any way.
  • Pullover Hoodies – Many are those who prefer pullover hoodies over zip-up models and they mostly do that because they don’t want to deal with the zipper. Now, it should be said that these hoodies are quite rigid in that they completely cover up your shirt underneath the hoodie. The greatest benefit of such a hoodie design is that it completely removes the risk of dealing with an itchy zipper, even though it also means that it can seriously mess up your hairstyle when you pull it off.
  • Smart Hoodies – Not many people realize this but there can be a perfect balance between sportswear and loungewear when it comes to hoodies, especially smart ones. In this respect, let us point out that some models bolster a more trendy outlook by virtue of their fitted design. This way, you can wear certain hoodies over tailored pants or under an overcoat without causing yourself any discomfort in the process. Not just that but smart hoodies are also rather basic in their coloring, which means that you won’t have to spend too much time and effort caring for them.