A heating pad is an indispensable tool for anyone who suffers from muscle pain. It doesn’t matter if your back, neck, thighs or feet hurt, these pads will help soothe away the day’s aches and pains. And the ones that are made nowadays are not only good for pain relief, but they can also be used for relaxation. Of course, before a person can reap the benefits of these pads, they first have to find one that suits their needs. As always, we’ve come to address that issue by listing ten of the best heating pads currently available. Whether they’re used for pain or for relaxation, the following pads are sure to bring relief and comfort to the people using them.

Best Heating Pads – Reviews

10Pure Enrichment XL Pad

One of the main things to like about this heating pad is that it’s manufactured in an extra-large size. It’s approximately 12-inches by 24-inches in size, so it can be used to bring relief to large portions of the body including the shoulders, the legs, abdomen or back. It also has an extra soft micro plush outer covering that doesn’t feel rough like the covers on older model heating pads do. This pad is capable of heating up quite quickly as well, so the user doesn’t have to wait around to be able to use it. And since it has 6-heat settings, it can be used for a variety of different therapies.

9My Heating Pad Microwavable Pack

A number of different benefits are provided by this hot therapy pack. First of all, it’s a microwavable pad that can be used for either hot or cold therapies. Two, it can easily be warmed up in the microwave and three, it’s quite inexpensive. And since it only weighs 2.5-pounds, it’s ideal to be carried around the home or to the gym. It’s rectangular in size, has one side that’s cotton and one side that’s fleece, so the user can decide how best to use it for best results. This product is made from quality components in the United States, is safe for use on pets and is also eco-friendly.

8Sacksy Thyme Herbal Microwavable Pad

This heating pad is unlike many of the other ones being currently sold. It’s made with a 100% cotton outer covering and is filled with organically grown flaxseed, cherry pits, and organic herbs. When microwaved for an appropriate amount of time, the filling not only retains heat but also provides aromatherapy benefits. Because of how it made, this pad can also be placed into a freezer and used for cold therapies. Its large 13-inch by 7.5-inch size is large enough to fit over areas of the body easily and its constructed in such a way that it molds to fit the body’s shape.

7UTK Infrared Natural Jade & Tourmaline Pad

This 23.5-inch by 16-inch heating pad uses far infrared technology with natural jade and tourmaline so that it heats penetrates further into the user’s body to relax away stress and soothe sore muscles. It has precision heat settings that allow it to be adjusted from 103-degrees up to 159-degrees in 1-degree increments. It also has several precise time settings which allow it to be adjusted with a shutoff time up to 240-minutes in 15-minute increments. And since this unit comes with a 10-foot long power cord, it can be plugged in and used just about anywhere. All of which makes it a powerful and versatile pad.

6Insider Blue Flexible Electric Pad

Not only is this electric heating pad very flexible but it’s also very versatile. It has an extra-large 12-inch by 24-inch size that allows it to be placed over any number of different body parts include sore knees, the lower back, legs or the abdomen to deal with menstrual cramps. It has a soft plush cover that feels good on the skin, and it is easy to wrap around legs or feet. Another innovation found on this pad is that it has nine different temperature setting which allows the user to set the heat level that’s most comfortable to them. And for safety, it has an auto shut-off that turns off after a predetermined amount of time.

5Nature Creation Microwavable Neck & Shoulder Pad

Although this heating pad is specifically designed to be used on the neck and shoulders, it can be placed on other body parts as well. When microwaved, this pad can be used to treat tendonitis achy joints, sore muscles, tension, and even arthritis pain. It can also be used easily as a cold treatment pad by chilling it for a while in the freezer. This 100% natural pad is made with a filler of wheat and flax seed, so it’s not the only natural but is also pet safe and eco-friendly. This pad is proudly manufactured in the U.S and is made from high-quality materials.

4Beady Heat Microwavable Heat Pad

Manufactured with a micro-fiber fleece that’s soft on the skin, this 10-inch by 5-inch by 2-inch heating pad is just the right size for targeting the area that hurts. Unlike some naturally-filled pads that contain rice which can spoil, this pad contains little balls that hold heat well but don’t mold or spoil. It will provide the user with a moist heat that penetrates down into the muscles to relax and soothe them. It also works exceptionally well when placed on sore or stiff joints and is an ideal solution for dealing with several different types of arthritis pain, tendinitis or other conditions.

3Charmed Fir Mats Mini Heating Mat

This heat pad is 31-inches by 20-inches, so it’s probably better described as more of a heating mat than a pad. It’s manufactured with 17 different layers, so consumers can rest assured that it’s designed to last, and it’s made with 6.5-pounds of amethyst and tourmaline crystals. This construction helps it to concentrate and focus this pad’s heat to radiate deeply into the user’s body. It’s designed to provide a radiant infrared heat that can penetrate up to 6-inches into the body to provide much-needed relief for joints and muscles. This mat also has a timer control, comes with a waterproof carrying case and a manual.

2Nature Creation Basic Herb Heat Pad

This basic herbal rectangular pad can be used as either a hot or cold pack and can be used to treat a variety of pain conditions. It can be used to treat arthritis pain, tendinitis, sore muscles or menstrual cramps and is quite easy to use. It’s manufactured in the USA and is made from materials that are not only eco-friendly and natural, but also safe for use around pets as well. It’s filled with a mixture of flax seed and wheat that allows this pad to retain heat when it’s been microwaved. And it’s small enough to be packed into a handbag or gym bag so it can be used on the road.

1Nestco Fast-Heating Pad

This electric king-sized heating pad is a size that makes it suitable for treating just about any area of the body. It’s 12-inches by 24-inches, so it can be easily placed over the shoulders, knees or lower back to provide heat and comfort. This unit has a 5.9-foot power adapter and has 3 easy-to-use heat settings: 104-degrees, 122-degrees, and 140-degrees. For safety, this unit is also equipped with an automatic shutoff timer that shuts it off after 2-hours. And it’s soft microfiber covering is nice and cozy, making it feel nice on the skin when it’s being used for minor aches and pains.

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A Guide To Heating Pads

Because they produce heat that dilates blood vessels and allows blood to flow more easily, heating pads are good for all kinds of muscle pains and aches. They’re also pretty handy to have around on cold winter mornings when you need just a little bit of supplemental heat. And since they’re heat is also extremely comforting, these pads are highly useful for relaxation or helping a person fall asleep on cold nights.

Before these benefits can be utilized, however, the consumer first has to find the best heating pad for their situation. They have to determine how the heating pad is heated, its size and the features they need the most. To help our readers choose one that’s suitable for their use we’ve selected some things they should consider before buying their next heating pad.

Type of Heating Pads

Heating pads come in a number of three different types, but the three main types of heating pads available are Electric, Microwavable, and Infrared. Most of the pads currently sold fall into one of these three main categories, so it’s important to take a closer look at the pros and cons of each type.

  • Electric Heating Pads: Electric models are extremely effective that’s great for soothing sore muscles. However, these pads also produce a dry heat, so they may dry out skin if used frequently. They can also present a fire risk if not used properly.
  • Microwavable Heating Pads: Microwavable models produce a moist heat that does a great job at penetrating deep into muscle tissues. Some of them even allow herbs to be placed in close vicinity to the pad, so the user can get the benefits out of both. Unfortunately, they’re lasting power isn’t that great and they often have to be thrown back into the microwave.
  • Infrared Heating Pads: A big disadvantage to these pads are that they can be quite heavy to carry around. And since they’re powered by electricity, they can also dry out the skin. On the other hand, they do produce a heat that penetrates very well and is supposed to increase blood oxygenation, although that hasn’t been scientifically proven.

Necessary Heating Pad Features

Once you’ve selected the type of heating pad you want, the next thing that you need to do is to choose the features that you need. Although there are usually standard safety features found on most models, there are other features that one pad may have that another doesn’t.

  • Auto Shutoff: An auto shut-off isn’t just a nice feature to have but it’s an important safety feature that can prevent fires started by infrared or electric models. Most pads have an auto shut-off that engages anywhere from 2 to 10-hours.
  • Washable Cover: A washable cover is an extremely important feature. After all, heating pad covers can get pretty funky. So, being able to take the cover off and toss it into a washing machine is a life-saver.
  • Durable Cover: The heating pad’s cover shouldn’t just be washable but it should also be durable. You’ll want a cover that will last at least a few years, if not longer.
  • Heat Settings: It’s important to choose a heating pad with at least 2-heat settings—although 3 or more heat settings would be even better. That prevents you from having to deal with heat settings that are either too low for your ailment or too high to be comfortable.
  • Power Cord Length: Obviously, if you are using a microwavable heating pad, then you don’t have to worry about a power cord. However, if you’re using an electric one, then you are going to want to be sure to get one that’s the right length for your needs.
  • Controller Type: It’s also important to look at the heating pad’s controller, especially if you have arthritis. You’ll want to use a controller that’s easy to use. Nowadays, many heating pads are equipped with digital controls, which makes them extremely easy to use.
  • Fast Heat-Up Time: The last feature you are going to want to consider is the heat-up time of the heating pad. You want to make sure that the pad has a quick startup time so that you aren’t waiting around for it to heat up when you could be enjoying its therapeutic benefits instead.

Heating Pad Safety Tips

Below are some important safety tips to consider before using your new heating pad.

  • Always read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always inspect the pad before using it.
  • Check the power cord for frays or cracks.
  • Do not place anything on the pad when it’s in use.
  • Heating pads shouldn’t be left unattended.
  • Heating pads shouldn’t be used while sleeping.