Although the higher the price margin the more likely you are to get a hold of sheer quality when buying electronics of any kind, you really shouldn’t spend more than $50 for a good pair of headphones. Given how far technology has come over the years, you are sure to get a good pair of headphones for a lot less than that if you go looking.

That is, of course, if you know what to look for and where. To give you a helping hand on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best headphones under 50 dollars the market has to offer at this point in time.

 Best Headphones Under 50 Dollars – Reviews

10Esonstyle Over-ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Ensonstyle Over-ear is worthy headphone choice by most standards. It is a Bluetooth headset at its core, one that features an A2DP stereo technology for providing a Hi-Fi class stereo music, ultra-clear sound anywhere you need it — at home, at the office, playing sports, or working out.

It is a multi-function headphone that you can also use to receive calls, listen to FM radio, or even insert SD card on it and listen to your favorite playlist. Furthermore, its adjustable design is comfortable to wear and simple to use as the earpads are cushioned and pressure-relieving for added comfort and convenience.

9Jarv Joggerz PRO Sports Headphones

The Jarv Joggerz PRO is another reliable sports Bluetooth headphones model you can acquire for less than 50 USD. Its high-quality, robust drivers and great Bluetooth technology ensure you get superbly clear and rich sound. It has universal street-style and sporty behind-the-neck design for a seamless, lightweight, and comfortable fit for extended use.

It is also easily fordable for easy portability. Thanks to separate control buttons for call answering, track skipping, and volume tweaking functions, this is an ultra-easy-to-use headset, one with a battery that offers up to 20 hours of constant playtime.

8Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

Made by Mpow, these Flame Bluetooth headphones have a waterproof nano-coating for protecting it from sweat and water damage, making it one of the best sports and exercise headphones today. Thanks to its tuned driver and Bluetooth 4.1 CRS chip, this headset provides clear sound and superb bass, while pairing easily with any Bluetooth-enabled playback devices you might own.

Not only that but its design has innovative versatile ear tips and includes a cord clip for improved comfort and wearing convenience. It also boasts a quick-recharge Lithium-polymer battery that offers between 7 to 9 hours of continuous music listening.

7Bluedio T2s Bluetooth Headphones

Utilizing the latest Bluetooth 4.1 chip, the Bluedio T2s headphones ensure a high-speed sound transmission for a smooth music listening. It provides incredible energy efficiency, with its battery supporting up to a whopping 40-hour consistent playback time. The headband top and ear cup feature soft leather and quality foam padding for added comfort.

Moreover, this is not only a functional Bluetooth headphone set, but it is also wired — an included cable further allows you to listen to favorite tracks if the battery runs low.

6Beyution Royalblue-513 Stereo Headphones

This is yet another excellent example of affordable headphones to be used with virtually any Bluetooth-enable device. Their robust Bluetooth 4.1 technology ensures you enjoy the best audio stereo experience, streaming from devices up to 33-ft away.

With a comfortable over-the-head design, it also boasts an integrated mic for allowing seamless phone-calling. Its built-in battery delivers 5 to 6 hours of audio playback or talk time and also has a passive noise suppression feature for extra sound clarity.

5Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones

This is a very convenient, up to date Bluetooth headphone that delivers in every sense of the word. Its designed to ensure secure and comfortable earbud wearing and also integrates functional noise canceling feature that adds to a high-definition sound quality and clear phone calling. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology offers dynamic sound performance, pairing excellently with devices up to 10 meters away. It is also lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable.

4Otium 3110011BR Bluetooth Headphones

Ranking among the best workout Bluetooth headphones, this Otium’s headphone headset features a cutting-edge neckband design that is comfortable and easy to use as well as to store and carry. It delivers superb bass and stereo sound quality thanks to an integrated strong Bluetooth V4.1+EDR technology.

A built-in mic has voice alert for incoming calls, which is a great feature to have. On a full charge, its quick-to-recharge battery offers up to 8 hours of playtime. With easy-to-use buttons, this is a simple, convenient, and versatile headphone model that pairs easily with virtually any devices you might own.

3TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

This particular, high-performance TaoTronics Bluetooth headset features 2 high-power audio drivers on each side for a well balanced and crystal-clear audio experience. Furthermore, these headphones enjoy a design that perfectly fits your ears even when you are running, jogging, etc.

For greater convenience and a superior audio quality, it features innovative Bluetooth 4.1 and also noise-suppressing technologies, delivering a high standard, crisp-clear, and consistent audio listening.

2Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones

Phaiser BHS-730 is another high-rated headset and it’s easy to see why. Among others, this headset has sweat-proof earbuds and utilizes modern, effective Bluetooth and high-definition sound technologies.

At the same time, its magnetic design easily stows the earbuds by wearing them around the neck. For their ergonomic, secure fit, these headphones are great for jogging, running, or for any physically intense activity.

1SENSO ActivBuds Bluetooth Headphones

Enjoying a fully waterproof design, SENSO’s ActivBuds headphones are seen as among the most popular headphones in this price range. They owe their tremendous popularity to ergonomic, flexible ear hooks integrating gel flex silicone buds that ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

The headphones also run on a high-quality Li-polymer battery that delivers up to 8 hours of continuous music listening, not to mention how fast-charging they are. Last but not least, an integrated Bluetooth v4.1 technology connects to any Bluetooth-enabled devices seamlessly to even 30-ft away, while a noise-canceling technology ensures that you will experience a clear sound at all times.

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