Granite requires a special kind of cleaning, doesn’t it? So, it should hardly be surprising that many granite cleaners are not up to the mark as far as the cleanliness and maintenance of these surfaces goes. Just as a simple guideline, a good granite cleaner should feature a certain blend of features, including strong cleaning power, ease of use, and so forth.

Incidental conveniences such as having a pleasant scent also come into play when you want nothing but the best granite cleaners. And so do factors like how far they can go before a refill becomes necessary and whether or not they will discolor or damage the granite surfaces. So, to help you along in this search, here is a list of the best granite cleaners in the market at the moment.

Best Granite Cleaner Products

10StoneTech Oil Stain Remover, Cleaner for Natural Stone

This StoneTech cleaner is very easy to use. As an added bonus, it is also very effective at getting rid of all sorts of stains; and not just on granite surfaces, but on marble, slate, sandstone, grout, ceramic, concrete, and porcelain surfaces as well.

Like any good granite cleaning agent, this product will not discolor the surfaces you use it on like poor quality alternatives often do.

9Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner

Although described as being strong enough for commercial cleaning purposes, this granite cleaner is acid-free and  also capable of preserving the aesthetic integrity of any granite surface it is used to clean.

The cleaner is also very easy to use, and it should hold up well against people looking for a quick cleaning experience because it is made of fast-acting compounds that loosen the dirt as soon as the cleaner is applied on the dirty granite surfaces. If you have lots of cleaning area to cover, the cleaner’s fast action should also help you reduce your workload.

8StoneTech Oil Stain Remover Cleaner

If you think your granite surfaces need a serious cleaner that is truly up to the task, there are not many options that will deliver results that are as convincing as those provided by this cleaner. This product is capable of removing deep stains; and it does so without doing any damage to the granite surface.

The cleaner is also really easy to use, and it will not leave behind any residue after use. Another plus to having this granite cleaner is that it will also work on limestone, slate, sandstone, ceramic, concrete and other stone surfaces.

7Supreme Surface Granite and Quartz Cleaner, Polish and Sealer

This Supreme Surface granite cleaner can take on a number of roles. For instance, it can seal all natural stones, make the colors really pop, smoothen the surface, and even give it a lovely scent.

And when you use it to clean off the dirt on the granite surfaces, you can expect that no dirt will be left behind, not even residue from the cleaner itself. After each clean, the product will also give your granite surfaces a shine.

6Granite Plus! 2 Cleaner and Sealer for Granite

If you want a cleaner that will help you have a streak-free cleaning experience, then Granite Plus! 2 is a good place to start. This cleaner is very powerful against stains, despite having a perfect pH balance and a hypoallergenic formula that will not irritate the user. It also has a sealer that makes it protect the granite surfaces from stains.

5Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish

This product will serve two roles when you decide to have it as your next granite top cleaner because it will also take on the role of making your granite countertops look polished. In fact, the Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish will go as far as enhancing the natural color of your stone surface and encourage the natural veining that makes these surfaces look so good. But all in all, this cleaner will rid your granite tops of dirt and any form of grime. It is non-acidic and pH balanced to make sure it is harmless against these surfaces.

4Granite Gold Daily Cleaner

For those keen to ensure that the granite cleaner that makes it to their homes is safe for kitchen surfaces, which often come into contact with food, there are very few options better than Granite Gold Daily cleaner.

This product is biodegradable, has no ammonia or phosphates, non-acidic, non-toxic, and pH balanced to ensure that it leaves food-preparation surfaces uncontaminated. The product will also not leave any streaks on the cleaned surfaces, which actually makes it a little safer in kitchen environments.

3Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Counter Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning performance, this cleaner has few equals. In fact, the manufacturer of this granite cleaner provides a 100% money back guarantee to those who buy this American-made cleaner. This definitely has something to do with the fact that the cleaner is capable of dealing with all kinds of dirt, including food, grease, oil, and other messes that come with a kitchen environment.

Other perks to using this cleaner include the fact that it does not leave behind any streaks. It also has a neutral pH and is also hypoallergenic. This should explain why it is also one of the best-rated granite cleaners in the market today.

2Method Naturally Derived Daily Granite Cleaner Spray

With this granite cleaner, you should have clean granite countertops all the time. In consideration of the fact that most of these products are used in places that come into contact with things intended for human consumption, the manufacturer has made the cleaner using non-toxic, naturally-derived and biodegradable formulas. And if you want a cleaner that also makes you feel good about caring for the environment, then this cleaner is an ideal choice because the bottles it comes in are 100% recycled.

1TriNova Granite Cleaner and Polish for Daily Use

It is not just the stains on your granite countertops, marble, stone, and other tiles this cleaner can handle – it will also provide a shine to these surfaces. This is a granite cleaner truly worthy of the name because it was made with chemicals that cannot do any damage to granite surfaces like some other cleaners usually do.

And to wrap up the great work of removing stains and making your granite surfaces pop, the cleaner will leave behind a pleasant scent, which should be a welcome relief if your previous granite cleaner left behind a bad chemical smell.

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A Simple Guide To Granite Cleaners

Granite cleaners are great products that help consumers keep their beautiful granite countertops in tip-top condition. These products are easy to use and often produce fantastic results. All of which are good reasons for us to write a guide on these products. A guide that will help our readers not only find the best granite cleaners on the market but also allow them to use these products safely and effectively. So let’s not waste any time and just jump right into the action.

Choosing Between Granite Care Products

Even though we’ve provided ten of the best granite cleaners up above, some people like to take a more proactive choice to buy their cleaners, so we created this section on how to buy granite care products. Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult to decide on a granite care product, once a person thinks about what they need that cleaner to do. After all, these products only come in four different iterations and those include Day-To-Day Cleaners, Polishes, Sealers, and All-In-One Cleaners. Let’s examine each of these cleaner subcategories and find out what they’re good for and what they’re not so good for.

Day-To-Day Cleaners

These cleaners, as their name suggests, are for daily cleaners. Since these products are designed to be used every day, or nearly every day, they often have a neutral pH formula to avoid causing damage to the countertop. Cleaners that are too acidic can eat away at the granite, which no homeowner wants.


These aren’t designed for cleaning at all but are designed to polish the countertop after it has already been cleaned. Why does this product have a category in an article on cleaners? We decided to put it in this article because some people think they can get away with using a regular household cleaning product for their countertops and then using a polish afterward. However, that’s not the case. Consumers should either use a polish with a good daily cleanser or buy an all-in-one product to get the job done.


Sealers are designed to be used after the countertop has been cleaned with a quality day-to-day cleaner. If granite isn’t sealed after it has been cleaned, then it tends to absorb stains and oils, which can ruin the appearance of the countertop. Of course, these products should be used cautiously because not all of them are suitable for all countertops.

All-In-One Granite Care

The last category of granite care products we would like to talk about is all-in-one products. They’re designed to clean, polish and seal the granite all at once. When buying these products, consumers should be careful because some of them can cause the granite to take on a cloudy film.

How To Use Granite Cleaners

Now that we understand our granite care products and have bought the best cleaner available, it’s time to use that cleaner to keep the countertop looking good. It isn’t that complicated to take care of a granite countertop—if the consumer does their due diligence and keeps the following tips in mind.

Tools Needed:

  • A quality granite cleaner
  • A spray bottle (if the product doesn’t come with one)
  • A cleaning cloth
  • A microfiber cloth

The Cleaning Process:

  • Make sure crumbs are removed from the countertop.
  • Wet the cleaning cloth with warm water.
  • If the cleaner doesn’t come in a spray bottle, then put it in one.
  • Spray the counter thoroughly with the granite cleaner.
  • Using the wet cleaning cloth, wipe down the entire surface of the counter.
  • Give the cleaner a few seconds to work, then use the microfiber towel to dry off.
  • Follow the cleaner with a polishing product and a sealant for the best results.

Granite Cleaning Precautions

Before we leave this article, we’d like to give our readers some additional precautions when they’re cleaning their granite counter. Although consumers who use a proper granite cleaner is going to have fewer things that can go wrong, we’d still like to go over the following precautions so no one accidentally ruins their countertop.

  • Always read the granite cleaner’s instructions thoroughly
  • Avoid using acidic cleaners. These include products that contain lemon, ammonia, or vinegar.
  • When using a disinfecting granite cleaner, use only one that’s designed to be used on granite counters.
  • Always test an inconspicuous spot on the counter with the cleaner before using it on the entire counter.
  • Only use cleaners that list granite as one of the materials it can clean.
  • Never use steel wool or other abrasive materials to clean the counter.