Although inexperienced golf players wouldn’t give a second thought to wearing a casual pair of shoes when they’re out on the court, seasoned veterans definitely know better. They wouldn’t be caught dead in shoes that weren’t designed for golfing, as they can heavily influence the way you play. From how accurate your swing is to the level of stability you experience when setting yourself up for a shot, good golf shoes are sure to affect your overall performance on the court.

In order to reach your full potential as a golf player, you must first ensure that you employ the right gear. This involves not only the drivers but the shoes and gloves as well. A good pair of golf shoes, for instance, can make all the difference in the world whenever you play on a court you know well. With the right shoes, you can not only improve your swing but the way you approach each strike.

With that in mind, let us point out that there are many different types of golf shoes to choose from, each with their own particularities. While some of these shoes focus on traction and adherence, others are aimed at comfort and flexibility. It is for that reason that you must do your homework thoroughly before making a purchase. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best golf shoes money can buy.

Best Golf Shoes – Reviews

10ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax is pretty much perfect if you are the type to look for a good comfortable shoe. Among its highlights is a soft, breathable but also strong leather-made upper that is further treated for excellent protection against stains and weather elements. Its outsole is made of wear-resistant materials and features molded traction bars for the best grip on the ground, offering stable swings and a decent standard of adherence. Its inside is also optimized for maximum foot support and comfort.

9PUMA Men’s Grip Sport

PUMA Golf Grip Sport is a high-quality men’s golf shoe with a lightweight performance breathable upper and easy lace-up closure. It also integrates innovative design EVA midsole for comfort and fast response, and unique outsole technology for greater ground contact and stability. From its wearing fit to enduring comfort and performance, you simply cannot go wrong with this particular shoe, one designed with comfort and adherence in mind.

8Woodworm Golf Surge V3

Designed for men, the Woodworm Golf Surge V3 is a modern, stylish golf shoe with advanced waterproofing features. It is a highly supportive model that also boasts a super-grip sole, giving you the confidence to swing your best even when the course is wet. For its sneaker-style, it is a popular shoe because of its great look and high wearing comfort. The upper is mainly PU leather, and it further features a comfortable mesh inner and quality fiber insole, not forgetting the durable, high traction rubber outsole.

7FootJoy Men’s GreenJoys

If you want to enjoy both golfing comfort and style, you can do that by choosing the GreenJoys golf shoe from FootJoy. It is a men’s model designed with an ultra-durable outsole for superior traction, a water-resistant quality synthetic upper for both wet and dry protection, and a comfortable lightweight padded footbed for good measure. Combine this with a quality footbed and you begin to understand why it enjoys the popularity it currently has.

6Callaway Balboa TRX

A little if any can be said against the Callaway’s Men’s Balboa TRX in regards to its quality features as a golf shoe. First, its upper is made of waterproof microfiber leather that is supportive, comfortable, and above all, durable. Other features that make the shoe stand out involve an Opti-Soft EVA foam midsole and EVA sock liner, both adding to foot comfort and support, and a 7 spike durable rubber outsole for reliable traction no matter the state of the ground.

5FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex

The FootJoy’s Men’s Hyperflex has men golfers doing their rounds more confidently. It is a reliable golfing shoe whose upper conforms to your foot contours and flexes with your movements to ensure a perfect fit, ultimate convenience. It also features a heel optimized performance stabilizer for maximum foot safety and stability. Moreover, the shoe has a fine-tuned foam lining for extra foot cushioning, while an innovative synthetic outsole design with fast twist tornado cleats delivers ultimate support, stability, and durability.

4New Balance Men’s NBG2004

New Balance is a renowned brand in sports gear and it’s easy to see why that is. Their Men’s NBG2004 golf shoe, for instance, combines comfort, style, and durability with premium golf-oriented technologies for an improved and more enthralling golfing experience. To ensure a foolproof traction, this shoe has low-profile, lightweight champ slim-look cleat patterns for helping you maintain a greater ground contact. At the same time, an innovative midsole keeps your foot comfortable whether walking or concentrating on the swing.

3Skechers Golf Go Golf Fairway

Made by Skechers, the Go Golf Fairway blends athletic, lightweight materials and advanced cushioning technologies, including a proprietary Goga max insole and the high-response 5gen performance mid-sole padding. This is a well-thought design that will certainly deliver long-lasting support and comfort as you play through your next 18-hole golf round. Furthermore, a breathable mesh upper keeps your foot cool and dry while the outsole design is optimized for greater support and stability.

2adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0

The Adidas Tech Response 4.0 is another top popular high-performance golf shoe for men, one that stands out not just for its design but also due to its ingenious construction. It boasts a lightweight synthetic mesh upper for greater comfort and breathability, a soft EVA insole for lightweight support and comfort, and a cushioning 6-spike pattern integrating Thintech low-profile innovation for advanced traction and stability. This is the ideal golf shoe for men who go with sizes 7 through 15, mostly due to its Thintech cleat design which offers a superior grip regardless of the weather.

1Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2

A leader in the pack, the Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2 is a high-performance golf shoe, the type that is popular among professionals and amateurs alike. This is because it enjoys a comfortable smooth and ventilated synthetic leather upper with a padded tongue and collar for extra support and lace-up closure for an ideal fit. A moisture-wicking textile lining keeps your feet dry as a Goga mat foam insole provides incredible cushioning. Thanks to the shoe’s low-profile design, your foot stays low-to-the-ground at all times for extra grip. For added support, the shoe features a modern Resalyte midsole, while GOimpulse outsole sensors offer reliable traction and a high-response feedback.

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Golf Shoes Guide

When buying golf shoes, you need to know you are going to be able to trust them. The problem with low-quality options or buying the wrong type for the conditions is they can become uncomfortable, let you down at the crucial moment, and hinder your handicap. To make sure this never happens, you need to know what to look for.

There are so many high-quality brands making great golf shoes that it is easy to find the right one for you with a little know-how. To help make the process easier, we have compiled this golf shoe guide so you can concentrate on your swing.

What To Look For In Golf Shoes


For most golfers, traction is the most important trait to look for in a golf shoe. This is because the grip is what keeps everything stable so your swing is true and your shoes do not make you nervous about going big on your swing.

See our section on spiked vs non-spiked golf shoes below for a little more on this.


Because 18-holes can take up a lot of your day, you should expect to wear your golf shoes for hours on end. Even when the sun is shining, you need to make sure they are breathable so that your feet remain dry and comfortable.

Many golf shoes feature meshing material or breathable holes to keep things dry inside. Most should have moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry when the weather takes a turn for the worse so when it all clears, your golf shoes still perform to the same high level.

Water Proofing

This leads on nicely and is one of the more important features for most golfers, professionals and enthusiasts. Synthetic leather is a popular material for this because it has enough give to make it comfortable and stretchy whilst giving you excellent protection from the elements.

The better brands will give long-lasting waterproofing whilst others might fade over time.


This might not seem like the most important aspect of buying golf shoes but it is something to consider. Some people prefer to stick with black as they hide the dirt and mud on a wet day, are easier to clean, and go with just about everything.

For the more flamboyant player, there is something to suit all tastes and most brands make the same shoe in different colors and designs. Canvas style golf shoes are better suited to summer and will spoil easily if you get them wet and muddy too often although you can protect them with a waterproof spray. This depends on the brand and materials used so be sure to check before you ruin a new pair by accident.


This links to style in that they can make a golf shoe look more casual. A velcro option might be easier and more reliable but you can still find most golf shoes with a regular lacing system if you prefer. Modern golf shoes can feature lacing technology that prevents the lacing from loosening as you play but of course, you pay for the privilege.


A lot of the comfort of golf shoes comes down to the midsole. This should feature extra padding from a regular shoe to support your swing and the different impact areas. The ankle should feature additional foam padding inside to make walking more comfortable, especially since you will be wearing your golf shoes for hours at a time.

Golf Shoes: Spikes vs Non-Spikes

This will be down to conditions more than preference as soft ground and wet conditions will require a certain level of grip from the spikes. These stop your feet from slipping as you twist so if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, spiked golf shoes are something you should consider.

In the summer months, non-spiked golf shoes are ideal and more comfortable allowing you to walk on harder ground with the right amount of traction to enhance your swing. They generally look a bit more like a casual shoe or trainer and are lighter to wear. More often than not, they can still be worn in the clubhouse so when you’re taking your time on the 19th, they will still be comfortable.

An honorable mention also goes to the golf boot that is bigger, heavier and built for adverse weather conditions. It gives your foot and ankles more protection from the rain but doesn’t have as much give for your swing.

Golf Shoe Materials

There are a few to choose from but some of the most common golf shoe materials are as follows:


It should come as no surprise that leather is the most popular material when it comes to golf shoes and its mix of performance and affordability is hard to beat. They are waterproof, fit well, and keep everything stable.

Because they are still pretty breathable, they make a good option for all weather conditions which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to have to buy multiple pairs of golf shoes.


This covers a lot of different materials but generally speaking, if it is man-made, it is synthetic. This offers an option for many golfers who are looking for a certain design with a protective coating to make it waterproof. They aren’t always as reliable or durable but are often lighter.


A popular option and one that is pretty durable thanks to its thickness. This makes it less breathable so they might not be as suitable for the hotter months and can come in different forms depending on the brand. With a good amount of protection from the rain, they are better suited to wetter months and cold days.