People will often clean glass surfaces with regular cleaning solutions, which isn’t exactly recommended if you want to avoid smudges, scratches, and hazing. What you want instead is to employ nothing but the very best glass cleaners, products that for the most part, serve as versatile cleaning agents for pretty much any type of glass surface. Unlike standard cleaners, glass cleaners have virtually no side effects or disadvantages when using them regularly.

That said, you should perhaps take the time to learn as much as you can about the specifics of decent glass cleaners and what exactly to look for when buying such a cleaner yourself. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best glass cleaners the market has to offer for you to look at.

Best Glass Cleaners – Reviews

10Cleaning Wiz Glass Cleaner

Known for its premium quality and excellent results, this high-end glass cleaner from Cleaning Wiz features a drip-free, heavy-duty foaming formula that is both efficient and easy to use. Providing you with a no-haze, streak-free shine with every wipe, it can easily clean all kinds of glass surfaces including windows, mirrors and more. Free from ammonia and other harsh chemicals and toxins, it is safe to use and leaves a pleasant, fresh fragrance behind. Effective, reliable, and convenient, this glass cleaning agent is affordable and perfect for household use.

9Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner

The Repel Glass & Surface Cleaner is a reliable cleaning product designed to remove all traces of soil, dirt, and grime while preventing future buildup. It also helps in the reduction of adhesion and protects the glass surface with its special soil and stain repellent that is present in its unique formula. Leaving you with a streak-free, no haze shine, and cleanliness, it does not leave any residue or stain behind. Easy to use, it comes in a convenient spray bottle that allows for a quick application. Great for removing stains, fingerprints, soil, and grime, it helps in removing the toughest stains from all kinds of glass surfaces.

8Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent

Crafted with quality ingredients, Stoner’s Invisible Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent features a unique formula that includes no harsh chemicals, ammonia or harmful toxins. Ideal for cleaning all kinds of glass surfaces, it can be used on mirrors, windows and more. Leaving you with a clean, sparkling surface with a refreshing, pleasant scent, this product comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle with an angled tube and a comfortable grip. Delivering a streak-free shine, it does not leave behind any haze or sticky residue whatsoever, which is definitely something to consider when buying a glass cleaner.

7Diversey Glance Powerized Professional Glass & Surface Cleaner

Uniquely put together and combined with heavy-duty surfactants and ammonia, the Diversey Glance Powerized Professional Glass & Surface Cleaner provides exceptional cleaning results with a streak-free sparkle. Fast drying and easy to use, this professional grade formula cuts through the toughest layers of dirt and grime and also removes all traces of fingerprints, haze, and smoke film, leaving you with a brilliant shine. Available in a convenient spray bottle that allows quick and easy application, it can be used to clean glass as well as other types of surfaces.

6Grab Green Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Formulated with all natural plant-based ingredients, the Grab Green, Natural All Purpose Cleaner removes the toughest grease and dirt from any kind of surface in your household. Safe for your family and pets, this cleaner is biodegradable and does not leave any harmful odor or sticky residue behind. Free from ammonia, phosphates, chlorine, toxins, masking agents, solvents, formaldehyde, and dyes, it features a pleasant scent from a unique blend of essential oils, thyme, and sage. Easy to use and cruelty-free, this product works best when sprayed on the surface, allowing it to sit for a minute before wiping clean.

5Mothers re|vision Glass + Surface Cleaner

This particular cleaner can remove all traces of grime, dirt, oily residue and fingerprints from any kind of surface. Thanks to its unique formula, it cleans plastic glass, tinted windows, mobile phones, TV screens, touchscreens, chrome, mirrors and other such surfaces with relative ease. Free from harsh chemicals and ammonia, it effortlessly cleans any surface without leaving any streaks or stains behind. Ideal for utilizing on appliances, TV’s, windows, glass surfaces, countertops, and monitors, it comes in an easy to use, trigger spray bottle that makes application easy.

4Invisible Glass 92164-2PK Premium Glass Cleaner

Featuring a heavy-duty, residue-free formula, the Invisible Glass 92164-2PK Premium Glass Cleaner cleans all kinds of glass surfaces without leaving any streaks or sticky residue behind. Ideal for glass windows and mirrors, this cleaning agent can also be used on tinted windows, windshields and more. Free from dyes, soaps, additives, fragrances, and harsh chemicals, it is safe and convenient to use, thanks to its specially designed spray-on bottle. Great for removing fingerprints, grime, dirt, and dust, smoke haze, smudges and grease, this cleaning product can also be utilized on chrome surfaces.

3Windex Outdoor Glass & Patio Cleaner

The Windex, Outdoor Glass & Patio Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaning agent that comes in a convenient spray bottle that can be attached directly to your garden hose. Ideal for outdoor use, this product can be utilized for cleaning patio furniture, windows, doors, playsets, plastic items and more. Free from harmful toxins and chemicals, it does not leave any residue, streaks or haze behind. Easy to use, blended with high-quality ingredients and tough on all kinds of grime, grease, and outdoor dirt, this product features a concentrated formula that is safe for your family and pets.

2Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Thanks to a highly effective, professional grade formula, the Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner from Meguiar’s offers an exceptional cleaning ability. Easy to use, it spreads on and wipes off quickly while removing all traces of dirt, grime, and grease from the dirtiest glass surfaces. Thanks to its special anti-haze formula, it provides long-lasting visibility and sparkle. Ideal for cleaning vinyl fog, grime, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap and more, this product is streak-free and safe for use on all kinds of windows, including tinted ones. At the same time, it stands out as being one of the most versatile cleaning agents out there.

1SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner

Few glass cleaners can match the SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner, a cleaner that features a heavy-duty formula which foams up and clings to all kinds of vertical glass surfaces including windshields, mirrors, windows and more. Thanks to the special perfume-grade alcohol present in its formula, it provides exceptional cleaning results and leaves no film or residue behind. Free from ammonia and other harsh toxins and chemicals, this product is easy to spray on and can be wiped clean quickly. Not only does this glass cleaner clean your glass surfaces but it also polishes it, leaving it shiny, sparkling and clean with a pleasant scent that’s bound to last for hours afterward.

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What To Look For In A Glass Cleaner

There are indeed many reasons for using glass cleaners and considering how diverse the offer is, it would be a real shame not to. Considering how many great glass cleaners the market has to offer, you should perhaps take the time to first understand the attributes that all decent glass cleaners share and what to look for when buying one. These formulas shouldn’t just clean whatever glass surface you want to clean but they should do so without scratching the surface or leaving any smidges behind. If possible, they should also benefit from a versatile formula that enables them to be efficient regardless of the glass type. With that in mind, here is what you need to consider when buying a glass cleaner:


The first thing you want to pay attention to is the actual potency of whatever cleaning agent you’re considering. This cleaning agent should be able to deal with stubborn dirt and grime without causing any side-effects and without affecting the glass surface in any visible way. We say this because the more you wipe with low-end cleaners the greater the risks of causing the surface to develop nasty streaks and smudges. Not just that but a decent cleaner should also prevent the surface from attracting new grime and dirt for a considerable amount of time afterward.


You also want to make sure that the glass cleaner you choose can clean more than one type of surface. While some people use glass cleaners for the windshield of their cars, others prefer them for household cleaning purposes. Whatever the reason, you should focus on getting one that you can use for more than one surface, preferably with similar results. At the very least, you should opt for a glass cleaner that will handle most cleaning tasks in a reasonable fashion and without causing any streaks. You might also want to get one that you can combine with other cleaning products.

Stain Removal Capabilities

One should always look into getting a glass cleaner that can not only remove thin surface dirt but deeply ingrained grime as well. We say this because most glass surfaces can get stained over time, no matter how well you take care of them. When that happens, you want to use a glass cleaner that you can rely on to remove even the thickest stains. At the same time, the cleaning agent should also deal with surface contaminants in an efficient fashion, especially if it’s the multi-purpose type. As you may already know, most household glass surfaces are prone to developing one or two stains over time, so having a glass cleaner on hand that can help you tidy up in a timely fashion is bound to prove useful long-term.

Streak-Free Action

With glass cleaning agents, you also want to make sure that you’re not leaving any nasty streaks behind during or after the cleaning process. The reason we say this is because low-end, barely adequate glass cleaners can sometimes leave a waxy or oily residue behind that has the purpose of giving the surface a little shine. The main downside with this is that it also invites dirt and grime to settle on the surface easier, thus making your work harder the next time you clean it. So be wary of any glass cleaners that promise to offer long-lasting shine because they usually involve naturally oily or greasy substances.

Ease Of Use

A decent glass cleaner has to be easy to use, no matter what the cleaning job implies or how odd the glass surface is shaped. With a good glass cleaner, you should be able to use pretty much any cleaning tool as efficiently as possible, even a standard washcloth. It also makes sense for the cleaner to be flexible in its usage, in the sense that you can pair it with other cleaning agents without the risk of causing any harm to the surface you are cleaning. In this respect, you want a cleaner that you can use in any dosage depending on the task at hand, preferably one that you can dilute in water if you’re only performing a surface cleaning.

What To Remember

  • Always wear protective gear – Even if the glass cleaner is advertised as 100% safe, your best bet is to still employ some sort of protective gear. Although some glass cleaning agents are safe to handle with your bare hands, some people are definitely sensitive to the ingredients that a big number of these cleaners employ. Because most people do not handle these chemicals on a regular basis, they might not be aware that they are sensitive or allergic to begin with.
  • Use a decent rag – A cleaning rag should be soft enough to clean glass surfaces without causing any scratches, smudges, or streaks. With the right rag, you can spread the cleaning agent evenly and reach all the areas that need cleaning without the risk of damaging the glass surface. In technical terms, you want a rag that has a 300 GSm rating or better. This is, of course, the measurement of how smooth a rag’s microfibers are, a rating that tells you exactly how smooth the rag is.
  • Employ surface-specific cleaners – If possible, try to use glass cleaners that are specially designed for the surface you need to clean. Not many people know this but there are specialty glass cleaners out there, cleaners that you can use for different yet specific glass surfaces. You shouldn’t, for example, use the same glass cleaner you use on your car every time you clean the windows inside the house or your bathroom mirror.