When it comes to car jacks, consumers have plenty of options available to them. There are floor jacks, bottle jacks, scissor jacks, trolley jacks, and service jacks. And this can leave the consumer wondering which one suits them best. It also prompted us to do a little bit of research on the matter, and what we discovered is that floor jacks are some of the best ones for anyone to have in their garage.

These jacks work so well because they fit under vehicles with low clearance better than bottle jacks, are more durable than scissor jacks, and are more versatile than trolley jacks. And that’s why we’ve decided to take a look at them and find the best ones available. What have we discovered? We’ve discovered the ten best floor jacks currently available, so our readers can choose one that suits them best.

Best Floor Jacks – Reviews

10JPEGS 3-Ton Low-Profile Aluminum Jack

Even though the price tag on this floor jack isn’t as reasonable as it could be, it’s a great aluminum jack that holds up to abuse. This product has a lightweight aluminum construction that allows it to lift to 6,000-pounds, and do it while only weighing 58-pounds. This product has a minimum saddle height of 3.5-inches and can rotate a full 360-degrees. This product has a chassis length of 26.5-inches and a width of 12-inches. It also meets the ASME PALD 2014 standard for jacks, has dual-side handles, and has a 50-inch two-piece handle with a sleeve. It’s definitely a professional jack for heavy-duty work.

9Performance Tool Steel Frame Trolley Jack

Technically speaking, this product is a trolley jack and not a floor one, but it’s still close enough to one that it would prove useful to any home or professional garage. This product has a 5,000-pound lift capacity, and it has a lift range that goes from 5-inches on the low-side up to 15.5-inches on the high-end. It’s made with a flanged steel frame that’s designed to hold up to heavy-duty work, and it’s designed to lift cars and most light-duty trucks. Another great feature found on this jack is an over-load protection bypass-valve that makes it extremely safe to use.

8Torin Big-Red Hydraulic SUV Jack

This floor jack is specifically designed for trucks and SUVs. It’s manufactured with a 3-ton capacity, has 360-degree swivel casters that make it easy to move around the garage, and it has an extra-long neck that makes it easier to lift higher vehicles. This product has a lifting range of 5-7/8-inches to 17.25-inches. This product also has a bright red color that makes it easy to spot in a crowded garage. It is also equipped with a safety bypass feature that prevents it from being overloaded. All of these things come together to make this SUV service jack a great one to keep around the home.

7Powerzone 2-Ton Steel Floor Jack

This steel floor jack is designed to be easy enough for amateur mechanics to use but to have the features that are most useful to professional mechanics. This product has a 2-ton rated capacity, a 5.25 to 13-inch lifting range, and has rear-wheels that allow it to be easily positioned for use. This product is extremely portable but is also extremely durable as well because it’s made from steel. Another great feature found on this product is a safety valve that helps to prevent it from being overloaded so that it’s as safe as possible to use around the garage.

6Blackhawk Fast-Lift Service Jack

With a lifting range from 5.5-inches to 22-inches, a 3.5-ton lifting capacity, and a built-in safety-valve and bypass system, this high-quality floor jack is ready for some serious lifting. This product is made using heavy-duty steel construction and is equipped with a swivel saddle for convenience. It’s also equipped with fast-lifting technology that allows it to lift high clearance vehicles quicker than conventional jacks. And it’s also backed by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer that ensures the consumer that it’s a quality jack. Overall, it’s one tool that many people are going to want to have in their garage.

5Liftmaster 3-Ton Aluminum & Steel High-Lift Jack

Although we understand that how a floor jack looks is probably the last thing anyone is going to consider when shopping for a new jack for their car, we do have to say that this is one nice looking tool. It’s manufactured using a combination of steel and aluminum, and it has a beautiful gold color that sets it apart from other tools. However, this tool is more than just a pretty face. It also has many of the features that people look for out of a floor jack. This includes a 3-ton capacity, an ultra-low 2.95-inch entry-point for lifting low-clearance vehicles, and a lofty lift range of 19.68-inches for lifting high-clearance trucks.

4Liftmaster 3-Ton Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Jack

Anyone who has been searching far and wide to find a quick-lift jack that’s quiet and effortless lifts most vehicles is going to want to check this floor jack out. This product has a 3-inch low profile that allows it to fit under the chassis of even low-clearance vehicles, and it has a 20-inch lifting height that allows it to lift vehicles with elevated chassis. Another great feature found on this product is dual hydraulic pumps that allow it to effortless lift up just about any vehicle. And because it has a 3-ton lifting capacity, most people won’t have to worry too much about what this jack will and won’t lift.

3Arcan 3-Ton Quick-Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

Manufactured using quality aircraft-grade aluminum and equipped with a reinforced lift-arm, this floor jack is as lightweight as it is tough. Another great feature found on this jack is that it has dual-pump pistons that allow the operator to lift their vehicle as quickly as possible. This jack is also equipped with some features that help to protect the exterior of the vehicle as well. It’s equipped with a foam-handle bumper and a rubber saddle. And finally, it’s equipped with a system of overload and bypass valves that prevent the hydraulic ram from being over-extended during operation

2Arcan AL2JT Aluminum Versatile Floor Jack

This floor jack might only weigh a little bit over 50-pounds, but it’s capable of lifting 2-tons of weight easily. This product has a 3.5-inch height that allows it to be placed under low-clearance vehicles, but it has a maximum height of 19.25-inches. This product is made according to PALD, ANSI and ASME standards as well, so consumers know that it’s made with their safety and needs in mind. Manufactured with thick-frame side plates, dual-pump pistons, and 2-piece handles, this product is also manufactured to be easy to use, too. Now there’s no excuse for anyone to own a professional-quality floor jack for their home garage.

1Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Steel Floor Jack

Equipped with an ultra-low profile that can reach under most vehicles and with the ability to lift almost 2-feet off of the ground, this is one of the best floor jacks available for purchase. This quality tool is manufactured with quality steel that’s been precision welded and covered with an industrial-grade finish for durability. It also has a universal joint release that provides precise load control, has extra-wide casters that promote additional stability, and uses rapid-pump technology to lift vehicles off of the ground. All of which makes this useful 3-ton jack perfect for just about any home or professional garage.

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A Comprehensive Floor Jack Guide

It doesn’t matter how much automotive knowledge you possess, if you don’t have the proper tools, then you aren’t going to have much success working on your car. That’s why we believe that every garage, whether it be a professional shop or a home garage, should have access to a floor jack. There’s no other type of jack that can do what these jacks can do, and they make working on a car easier and a whole lot safer than using just about any other type of jack.

And nowadays, consumers have no shortage of great floor jacks to choose from. They come in several different power levels and features, so consumers should be able to choose one that suits their needs quite easily. Unfortunately, the exact opposite has seemed to happen. There are now so many choices, a lot of people are having problems choosing one of them. A problem that we hope to solve with this very guide.

In this guide, we hope to be able to help consumers find the best floor jack for their personal needs. One that flawlessly lifts their vehicle, is easy to use and has the features that we need it to have. After reading this article, anyone should be able to find a jack that they can be satisfied with using regularly.

What ‘s A Floor Jack?

Although most people realize what a floor jack is and therefore can easily skip over this section, we felt that it might be helpful to some novice amateur mechanics to receive a definition of just what a floor jack is to make this guide as comprehensive as possible, so let’s get right to it. A floor jack is a type of jack that allows the consumer to lift heavy vehicles safely, and do it from a standing position. It’s a device slipped under the vehicle and contains a long pole for cranking the vehicle up.

Buying The Best Floor Jack

Okay, having properly defined the simple definition of a floor jack, it’s time to talk about what to look for when buying one of these jacks. Below are a few recommendations that will ensure that the model that you buy is the best one for your needs.

Consider Your Car’s Ground Clearance

One of the first things that you’re going to want to consider is the clearance underneath your car. The clearance of your vehicle is the distance the jack point of the vehicle is from the ground. Vehicles that have a low ground clearance are generally easier to lift using a hydraulic floor jack. However, if you’re vehicle has an exceptionally high ground clearance, then a bottle jack might suit your needs best.

Consider Your Vehicle’s Weight

Another thing to think about before buying a new jack is to consider the maximum weight capacity of the jack as compared to the weight of your car, truck or SUV. The most common types of floor jacks are 2 or 3-ton models, but there are other floor jacks available include 2.5-ton and 3.25-ton models. You should choose a jack that’s capable of lifting approximately 50% to 60% of the total weight of the vehicle. After all, no jack is designed to lift the complete weight of a vehicle. Having said that, for most compact, economy midsize or smaller vehicles, a 2-ton jack is usually acceptable. For vans, SUVs, or larger cars, then you can probably do with a 3-ton jack. However, if your vehicle is particularly large or heavy, then you may need to get a jack in the 3.5-ton or larger range.

Consider The Floor Jack’s Build Quality

The last thing to consider is the quality of the jack’s build. The jack should be manufactured using high-quality metal such as steel or aluminum, and most of its parts should also be made of metal. Beware of jacks that use plastic parts to augment their design or being sold for too low of a price. Although there are plenty of inexpensive floor jacks, there’s just no way to make a quality floor jack with a price tag under $40, so try to steer clear of those models. Another way to check to see if a floor jack is probably made with quality components is to consider its weight. A quality model should weigh at least 50-pounds. Usually, ones made out of aluminum are in the 50+ pound range, but quality ones made out of steel are usually in the 70+ pound range.