Vaginal odor is a subject that is generally considered off limits in normal conversations. Nevertheless, if this situation becomes an issue for you for any number of reasons, you have to address it for your own good. In fact, some causes of vaginal odor demand that you seek the benefits of a feminine wash specifically designed to eliminate body odor to continue leading a normal life.

A good example of this scenario is when the odor is caused by an infection. However, at most times, vaginal odor is pretty normal because it can also be caused by things like poor clothing, excessive washing, or using certain soaps and personal care products.

So, even while trying to resolve the real cause of the odor, you don’t have to put up with a foul smell that makes you self-conscious or even incapable of going about your day as you normally would. The best feminine wash for odor will help you solve this embarrassing problem and so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Best Feminine Washes of – Reviews

10Vagisil Wash

With its light and clean scent, this feminine wash is a good way to keep away vaginal odors. In fact, beside helping eliminate such odors, it is also capable of preventing them from occurring in the first place. And since it is safe enough to be used on a daily basis, Vagisil Wash is a great thing to have around if this issue keeps popping up on a regular basis.

9Healthy Hoohoo All Natural Paraben and Fragrance Free

Although described as fragrance free, this feminine wash is intended to get rid of bacterial odor in a very gentle and natural manner. That is because this wash has been made to have proper pH balance that should be a perfect match for the vaginal environment.

This is important considering that some washes are known to cause odors indirectly because they upset this delicate balance and therefore invite all sorts of odor-causing side effects to this sensitive body part. The Healthy Hoohoo feminine wash will even go a step further to moisturize and soothe the delicate vaginal region.

8Organic Glide Probiotic Natural Feminine Intimate Body Wash

The Organic Glide feminine body wash is very reliable at eliminating odor. This wash is also meant for those who have a reason to believe that the vaginal odor they are experiencing is being caused by bacteria.

So, Organic Glide Probiotic intimate body wash is not just a cosmetic solution to the problem as it is actually a probiotic that can go to the root of the problem and even rid you of the need to use a odor-removing feminine wash in the first place. The intimate body wash solution has even been shown to help reverse vaginal infections and UTIs (urinary tract infections) in women.

7Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash for Sensitive Skin

Being a formula that is safe even for people with sensitive skin, this feminine wash is also a favorite among dermatologists and gynecologists. The pH balance on this product is optimized, which makes it safe for daily use.

More importantly, the feminine wash is designed to deal with bacteria-caused odor in the vaginal area more effectively than most other options in the market at the moment

6Sliquid Organics Balance Splash Gentle Feminine Wash

The fragrance versions of this feminine wash solution, meant to help with vaginal odor issues, are made using essential oils, coconut derivatives, and sea salt. Great at preserving the delicate pH in a woman’s intimate region, this wash is also quite good for people who are extra-sensitive to skin irritants because it is hypoallergenic. The product is free from paraben, glycerin, and toxins usually found in similar products.

5Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash Island Splash

Summer’s Eve cleansing Wash, Island Splash, happens to be one of the most popular feminine washes at the moment. The product gets rid of odors by clearing the odor-causing bacteria from the vaginal area.

It also ranks pretty highly with regard to safety, which is why dermatologists and gynecologists also recommend its use. Otherwise, you can expect to use this product on a daily basis without running into any issues because it is gentle and yet very effective.

4Luvena Therapeutic Feminine Wash

Luvena feminine wash is quite gentle, and also very effective at getting rid of odor-causing bacteria. The pH of this product has also been optimized for all types of skin. That is mainly because it has bio-active enzyme protection that promotes natural skin protection.

But in addition to removing odors and ensuring an optimal vaginal pH, this therapeutic wash also soothes skin irritations, leaves the skin soft and provides skin hydration.

3The Honey Pot – pH Balanced Feminine Wash

Honey Pot has had lots of positive feedback with regard to this feminine wash. Not only is this product effective against odors caused by bacteria, it does plenty to ensure better health. For instance, it is infused with natural essences proven to restore natural pH levels. The feeling of dryness is also one of the things this product addresses as it naturally boosts moisture levels.

The product is even effective enough to help users recover from childbirth, all thanks to the presence of healing herbs and botanicals. And since this wash is made using natural products, it is also safe for people who have sensitive skin.

2Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Plus Daily Wash, White Jasmine

Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Plus Daily Wash, White Jasmine

Because of products like this feminine wash with odor blocking capabilities, Vagisil has become one of the most renowned brands in this market niche. With a lovely light and clean scent, this feminine wash has the capacity to get rid of even the most persistent odors.

Otherwise, the product has been made with safety in mind, which means it will not mess up the body’s pH and cause problems of its own. Therefore, you can use it everyday and go about your day with the confidence of knowing that you don’t have to suffer the embarrassments caused vaginal odor.

1Lemisol Plus Gentle – Original Refreshing Formula

Lemisol Plus Gentle - Original Refreshing Formula

As far as feminine wash products for eliminating vaginal odor go, this is clearly one of the best options you can own at the moment. First of all, this is a product truly intended for every day use as it is both pH-balanced and hypoallergenic.

It also leaves a cool feeling that will make you look forward to using it everyday. Other than that, it will leave you feeling and smelling fresh by getting rid of vaginal odor. Generally speaking, in comparison to many other brands, even those listed here, the quality of this feminine wash solution is beyond compare.

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Feminine Wash Guide

To keep things fresh, a feminine wash can be an important product in the bathroom of every woman. The intimate parts of our bodies need a little extra care which is why so many use a wash to leave a pleasant scent that lasts a long time. The better feminine washes are sensitive, and fine to be used during your period, the menopause, and any other time that suits you.

They are more hygienic and can help you feel confident knowing that everything is fresh so you want to find one that lasts a long time, and won’t let you down. To help you make the right decision for your needs, we have created the following guide.

What To Look For In A Feminine Wash

Gentle Ingredients

Because it is to be used in a sensitive area, you need an ingredient profile that is not going to irritate. Some products use organic ingredients to safeguard against any reactions whilst others go with a hypoallergenic formula.

No Artificial Fragrances or Fillers

This is important for the likes of makeup and general body wash, but a feminine wash in particular. The best products will include no parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial colors or fragrances and beyond.

A Pleasent Scent

You can find a feminine wash that uses natural ingredients and still give you a fresh scent. Often you will find products that contain lemon peel, eucalyptus, cucumber, grapefruit, honey, and beyond. Others are scent-free if that is your preference. A lot of brands offer their products in a variety of scents to suit different tastes.

pH Balance

One of the most important factors in finding a quality feminine wash is the pH balance. The acidity level of the area should be between 3.5 – 4.5 so no bad bacteria which can cause odor or irritation can form. This is where a feminine wash can help to mask odor and prevent it from worsening.

Long-Lasting Freshness

All feminine wash leaves the area smelling fresh when first applied, but do the results last? Look for a product that offers hours of protection to make you feel confident all day long. Some products say they last all day, even after exercise.

Easy Rinse

Because a feminine wash comes into contact with the intimate parts of your body, you need to know it is going to rinse easily. Although most with create a foam or lather, the better products will rinse easily without any irritation.

Fine For Daily Use

Because a lot of people like to leave the house with the freshness of a feminine wash every day, most products in the niche are fine to be used day in day out. There are some with stronger formulas that aren’t so good for regular use so make sure you read the label before using it for the first time.

Feminine Wash With Alcohol

We’re not talking about depriving you of happy hour here, this is to do with the alcohol content of feminine wash. If you can find a quality product that doesn’t use it then this will be better as over time, alcohol can dry skin and might cause irritation. You might find that the product feels a little warm when using it which shouldn’t cause an issue but for some women, it is an ingredient to avoid.

Feminine Wash For On The Go

For some people, a large, keep at home bottle of feminine wash is not the best option. It can be easier to take a travel-sized bottle in the bottom of your gym bag or purse to make sure you can apply whenever you feel the need.

If you still want the value of a larger bottle, pour some of the wash into a travel-sized bottle so you can take it wherever you go.

What About Feminine Wipes?

These are a convenient option that can be taken in your handbag or used at home. The most important part is the ingredients of course and the kinder, more natural they are the better. Another advantage of using feminine wipes is that there is no need to rinse when you use them and they have the same freshness.

Feminine Wash And Vaginal Infections

Some people ask if a feminine wash can be used to treat a vaginal infection. Although some products might help to get rid of a slight irritation and infection, it is always best to consult a Doctor as certain ingredients might cause further irritation.