Currently, there are a number of different types of water filtration systems available for people to buy. There are pitchers, under sink systems and of course, faucet water filters available. The last category of filtration systems that I listed is probably one of the most powerful ways for a person to filter their own tap water. It gives people in both homes and apartments the ability to have fresh, clean tap water at their disposal all of the time.

While all of the faucet-based systems will clean water, not all of them are the same. There is a pretty big difference in quality between the top models currently available and some of the lesser models. Differences in quality are why we’ve decided to take a few moments to list the top ten models below. Now everyone has the opportunity to own one of these easy-to-use filtration systems.

Best Faucet Water Filters – Reviews

10Culligan FM-25 Advanced Water Filtration

Designed to not only filter out bad taste and odor but also to remove chlorine, lead, Lindane and Atrazine, as well as items which fall into the Nominal Particulate Class I category. It’s easy for most users to attach to their faucets and doesn’t require any tools for mounting. It’s been tested to conform to ANSI Standard 42 & 53 and has a life of 200-gallons or 2-months of use. This filter is equipped with a diverter tab that allows the user to switch from filtered water to tap water at will. And this system is designed to accommodate normal faucets with a pressure of up to a 100 PSI and a temperature range of 40 to 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

9Culligan FM-100-C Filter With Life Indicator

This water filtration system is equipped with a life indicator which allows the user to see when it’s time to change the filter. No more guesswork is needed, and the user doesn’t have to keep track of when their 2-months or 200-gallons of water filtration has ended. Another thing that makes this system good for just about any home is that it’s easy-to-mount. It also does a pretty good job of improving the taste of water by removing some common contaminants from tap water. This includes sediment, chlorine, Lindane, Atrazine, and even lead. And since it’s equipped with a diverter switch, it’s also easy to switch from filtered to tap water in only a few moments.

8iSpring DFW1 Little Well Filter

This filter mounts to faucets via a male to a male metal adapter and is designed with several different layers that help make your tap water as clean as possible. Its first layer is made of a 1/8-inch thick ceramic shell that removes dust, particles, giardia, and germs rated at 0.1-micron. Its second level is made from carbon and removes bad tastes, odors, colors, and cloudiness. Layer three removes fluoride and layer four removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Its fifth and final layer uses a media that removes all kinds of nasty elements including iron, Atrazine, Arsenic, and Beryllium.

7InstaPure F8CU-1ES Faucet Mount

With a design that eliminates over 50-different contaminants and removing up to 99.99% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, microbial cysts, lead and chlorine, this product will help just about anyone achieve access to cleaner water. This product is easy to mount to a faucet and not only removes contaminants but also helps to make ordinary tap water taste cleaner. This product conforms to ANSI 42 and 53 standards, as tested by the NSF, and tools aren’t required to install it. And since this filter has a sleek chrome look to it, it will fit into the decor of just about any kitchen.

6Brita On Tap Filter System

This faucet water filter fits easily to most faucets and does so without the user having to use tools to install it. It contains a filter that can be easily clicked into it and taken out when it has been used up. This filter also has a compact design that uses up to 40% less space than previous water filter models. It has a switch which allows users to choose between regular tap water and filtered tap water. One of the filters this system uses is capable of filtering enough water to replace up to 750 16.9-ounce bottles of bottled water. This means it not only produces great tasting water that’s cleaner, but it also helps the environment by helping the user replace water bottles with filtered tap water.

5DuPont Premier Drinking Filter

It doesn’t matter if the user is looking for better tasting water or if they want to filter contaminants out of their drinking water. This model not only removes some of the more common sediment found in tap water but it also removes other particles such as chlorine, Linden, Benzene, mercury and even leads. Removing containments are only part of the story, however. This product will also improve the taste and odor of the water, not to mention the water clarity. All of which makes it an ideal filter for anyone who wants to provide their family with high-quality drinking water.

4Instapure F2 Filter System

While this filter isn’t perfect, it does have a few features which make it an attractive option for some people. For example, it can quickly be installed on most faucets and usually only takes about 5-minutes until it’s up and ready to filter water. It also has a granular carbon filtration system that removes some contaminants and makes the water taste great. And it has a nice chrome design that makes it very attractive and able to fit in with the decor of most homes. All things considered, this is a product which doesn’t cost a whole lot but is capable of transforming tap water into some pretty tasty filtered water.

3iSpring DFW2 Little Well

This filter is designed so individuals can not only get great tasting tap water out of their faucet but ensure that the water that does come out is safe to drink. It does this by using a multi-layer filtration system that filters out some of the more common contaminants found in tap water. This product is capable of removing various types of germs, fluoride, cysts, lead, and Atrazine. It can also remove some of the more common VOCs found in tap water. This cartridge will filter approximately 300-gallons of tap water–which is enough to replace 2,150 16.9-ounce plastic bottles of water. Which means that this filter not only filters water but when it’s used to replace water bottles, it saves money.

2Waterdrop 320-Gallon Water Filtration System

This filter is one of the longest lasting water filters for faucets in its class and has a service life of approximately 6-months. This means that this product can filter about 320-gallons of tap water, which is approximately three times longer than comparable faucet models. This product uses an innovative 5-stage filtration system which reduces a variety of different contaminants. Its stainless steel mesh removes larger particles from tap water, its pre-sediment PP cotton removes sand and rust, it activated carbon filter removes chlorine taste and organic compounds, and its post filter PP cotton removes any remaining particles. All of which makes this a pretty effective faucet-mount water filter.

1Yimaler 7-Stage Water Filtration System

This product is capable of lasting up to 6-months and has 7-different layers that allow it to remove a variety of contaminants. Its layers include a layer featuring antibacterial balls, mineral balls, medical stone, PP cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, and a stainless steel layer. As the water filters past these layers, more and more contaminants are removed from the source. This product can be fitted to all standard faucets and can filter 0.5 gallons-per-minute. The faucet also has a switch that allows the user to switch between filtered water and plain tap water to preserve the life of the filter.

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