Try as you might, you simply cannot achieve beautifully curled lashes without using a reliable eyelash curler. The use of a good curler is guaranteed to save you a lot of mascara long-term while helping you style your lashes any way you want.

Keep in mind that a good one will open up your eyes in a purely aesthetic fashion, giving you that wide-eyed look many women look for, raising even the smallest lashes at the corners of your eyes. This way, lashes will appear much fuller, curved upwards, and extremely pleasant to look at. That said, here are the ten best eyelash curlers the market has to offer at this point in time.

 Best Eyelash Curlers – Reviews

10Tweezerman Pro Curl Eyelash Curler

Professional in design and quality, the Tweezerman’s Pro Curl Rose Gold is designed for performance excellence. It is a great eyelash curler whose reworked angles help give a precise access to every lash, allowing you to achieve optimum curls effortlessly.

Its glossy body and larger opening offer unmatched leverage and remarkable comfort. Moreover, it features a narrow top bar for making it suitable for any eye shapes, while its rounded, thick silicone pad provides an intense, crease-free curling experience.

9Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

This awesome Eyelash curler by Laura Mercier helps you achieve a wonderful lift and curl for your lashes thanks to its ideal design and size. It has an easel-style handle that flips down to offer the exact pressure while its cushiony pad makes durable curls without pinching, grabbing. A non-metal model, Laura Mercier does not pull or cause pimping and it includes a replacement pad for good measure.

8Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler

Consider this curler from Kevyn Aucoin as the appropriate tool for those sexy eyes you’ve been looking for. This is a great eyelash curler whose sleek stainless steel frame offers a firm grip so you curl the eyelashes conveniently as you desire.

It features a red silicone pad, enabling you to see the lashes easily, and with less short pumps for dramatic eyelash curling. You can turn your look from regular to exceptional in a matter of no time if you use this lightweight, gentle curler.

7Shiseido Eyelash Curler + Refill Set

The Shiseido Eyelash Curler is among the best-selling eyelash curlers you can buy today. Its premium, high-performance features allow you to effortlessly create a beautiful and bold lash while not damaging or breaking the eyelashes.

It also includes a quality refill set for added value and durability, features one must always look for in an eyelash curler. Not only that but it is also fairly easy to look after due to its easy-cleaning design.

6Long & Luscious Eyelash Curler

With an inbuilt comb, the Long & Luscious eyelash curler is uniquely designed to separate eyelashes smoothly to create a perfect curl. It touches the lashes only, not again your skin or eye. Its quality stainless steel parts are sturdy and durable.

It features a spring-loaded hinge, allowing you to control the exact pressure needed on your lashes. Moreover, it has ergonomic handles that make it easy and safe to use.

5JAPONESQUE Power Curl Eyelash Curler

The Japonesque Power Curl is another reliable eyelash curler you can acquire for a fairly affordable price. It features an innovative design that allows you to create sweeping, eye-opening curls easily.

Precision crafted with a unique pivot design, this curler exerts consistent and straight-line pressure on your lashes to deliver perfect results always. We should point out that this curler is made of premium stainless steel for added durability and includes lash pad refill pads.

4Petunia Skincare Eyelash Curler

Featuring thick and soft silicone pads for helping you apply ideal pressure for curling intense and big, full, bold eyelashes, Petunia Skincare Curler won’t let you down no matter what. It also boasts a curved design which is suitable for any eye shape.

At the same time, the silicone rubber handles offer an easy grip and added comfort while a contoured design helps it fall perfectly on your lash line to deliver optimum curling while not touching your skin.

3Eyelash Curler by Bella and Bear

If you need a no pain no pinch eyelash curling, then the Bella and Bear might have great news for you. This quality curler is ideal for all types of eyelashes while its professional ergonomic design includes a non-slip rubberized handle for great control during the curling process.

Furthermore, the elegant silver handle, made of stainless steel, is spring-loaded to ensure a better lift with reduced pressure. As such, it lifts and curls with exceptional ease for sexy, curvy results.

2Shu Uemura Eye Eyelash Curler

This is one of the very best eyelash curlers on the market today. A model by Shu Uemura, it features an improved design that integrates advanced features for more precision and a more reliable performance.

Its silicone pad is greatly upgraded, featuring a mushroom shape to ensure an improved and protective optimum, safe curl. Not only that but this curler has an ideal size, length, and shape, along with ergonomic handles for stability and control.

1Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

An incredibly highly-rated curler, this Brilliant Beauty model helps you create the most voluminous, stylishly curled lashes fully without pulling, tugging, or damage. Its well-calibrated hinge offers even pressure as you use it while its ergonomic design and longer curl surface add to user convenience for excellent results. Interestingly enough, it also has parts made of quality stainless steel for higher performance, elegance, and durability.

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