Most people believe that the role of a duvet cover is to protect the inner duvet in perfect condition long-term, which means that it serves a somewhat protective role. Interestingly enough, these covers are also supposed to add a certain standard of style to a room’s decor, on a more superficial level of course. While the protective layer of a duvet cover acts more as a safeguard against dirt and wear, the overall construction can also provide certain aesthetic benefits.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that most duvet covers are very easy to care for, in the sense that they are machine washable and very easy to clean. The care-free maintenance, combined with the stylish outlook, certainly recommend duvet covers not just for their practical nature but for their style as well. That said, you cannot expect all of them to be equally protective or pretty, not by a long shot. To ensure that you’re getting the real deal, we put together a list of the ten best duvet covers the market has to offer right now.

Best Duvet Covers – Reviews

10Hyprest Bohemian Queen Duvet Cover Set

The Hyprest Bohemian Queen Duvet Cover Set includes a queen size duvet cover along with two pillow shams that feature a unique bohemian sketch pattern. Made from high-quality microfibers, each duvet cover features a heavy-duty zippered closure along with corner ties that ensure the cover stays safely in place. For best results and optimum durability, this set should be machine washed in cold water with similar colored items. Light in weight, very soft, and flexible, this set duvet set comes in a variety of different beautiful designs and patterns to choose from.

9HIGHBUY Geometric Bedding King Duvet Cover Set

Made with 100% natural cotton fibers, this duvet cover is soft, comfortable and very breathable. With a large king size duvet cover, the set includes two additional pillow covers that are built for standard size pillows. Featuring an eye-catching pattern and design, it comes with dark blue geometric grids with a reversible design. To secure its position, it comes equipped with button closures along with four internal corner ties. For best results and long-lasting life, this duvet cover set should be machine washed in cold water separately.

8Dreaming Wapiti Duvet Cover Set

The Dreaming Wapiti Duvet Cover Set features 3 pieces that include a king size duvet cover with 2 pillowcases made from 100% premium quality washed microfibers. Each pillow cover comes designed in an envelope type closure with hidden zippers, while the duvet comes with a pair of robust ties that help to keep the cover in place. It is also crafted with a single solid color that is not only elegant and simple but also aims to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Thanks to its special blend of washed cotton and microfibers, it offers optimum breathability and durability.

7Dazzfond Duvet Cover King Egyptian Cotton Set

Featuring a large size duvet cover and two pillow shams, this 3-piece luxury set from Dazzfond is an ideal choice that is great for all seasons. Made with high threaded, premium grade cotton fabric, it is hypoallergenic, resistant to mites, skin-friendly and extremely breathable. Resistant to fading and wrinkling, it features a subtle solid color that can be easily matched with any style of bedding. The pillow covers are uniquely crafted with a versatile envelope design with a hidden zipper, while the corners of the duvet come with a strong pair of ties that ensure the cover stays securely in place.

6Pinzon Flannel Duvet Cover

Known for its premium quality, durability, and performance, the Pinzon 170 Gram Flannel Duvet Cover is certified and approved by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and meets all safety standards. Made with premium grade velvet flannel, it comes with a double-napped finish and is ultra-soft, providing optimum breathability by most standards. Quite accommodating in size, it comes equipped with a hidden button closure to help keep the cover secured in place. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors and beautiful patterns, it is safe to wash and dry in the machine.

5Simple & Opulence Duvet Cover Set

Certified and approved by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the Simple & Opulence Duvet Cover Set includes premium quality products made with 100% pure stonewashed linen. Including one duvet cover and two pillow covers, it features button closures for the pillows and four internal corner ties for the duvet. Thanks to the premium linen fabric, it provides an optimum standard of breathability, absorbs moisture, provides good heat dissipation, is ultra-durable, and is high performing, thus giving you that comfortable, relaxing sleep you undoubtedly crave.

4Wake In Cloud – Gray Chevron Duvet Cover Set

Featuring a modern, elegant zig zag chevron pattern on a grey background, this premium quality duvet cover set from Wake In Cloud is a unique gift for young boys and girls. Including a king size duvet cover with two matching pillowcases, it is made with 100% natural cotton. Ultra-breathable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to fading and wrinkling, this set is ultra-durable and safe to wash in the machine. Thanks to its special zippered closures, it allows quick and easy putting on and taking off, while its corner ties ensure the duvet stays firmly in place at all times.

3FACE TWO FACE Duvet Cover Set

Made from 100% washed cotton fibers, the FACE TWO FACE 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set includes a queen size duvet cover and two soft pillow covers. Compared to others of its kind, this duvet cover set is not only softer and more flexible, but it offers optimum levels of comfort and relaxation. Resistant to fading and wrinkles, it is ultra-breathable, hypoallergenic, and super stylish. Thanks to its subtle solid color, it can be easily matched with any color bedding to help accentuate whatever stylish themes you have set up inside the house. Not just that but you will also find this particular cover to be fairly easy to care for.

2Leadtimes Duvet Cover Set

Available in a variety of designs and patterns, the Leadtimes Duvet Cover Set features 100% soft microfibers that are soft, comfortable, and resistant to wrinkles and fading. Thanks to its unique double-sided pattern, it can be used on both sides, allowing you to change up and accentuate your room’s decor. The 3-piece set includes a queen size duvet cover and 2 matching pillow covers. Easy to care for long-term, this duvet cover set should be machine washed in cold water. Resistant to shrinking, dust mites, and entirely hypoallergenic, this set is breathable, antimicrobial, and extremely stylish overall.

1AmazonBasics Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

Made from 100% premium quality polyester, the AmazonBasics Microfiber Duvet Cover set features a lightweight, soft and luxurious fabric that is both timeless and durable. The set includes a full queen size duvet that impressively accommodating considering its exquisite design. Resistant to wrinkles, it comes equipped with a button closure along with easy to use internal ties for securing the duvet. Easy to clean and maintain, this duvet cover and pillowcase set can be washed in the machine with warm water and tumble-dried for optimum durability. Not just that but it is also one of the most flexible duvet covers in this price range.

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What To Look For In A Duvet Cover

Before delving into what the market has to offer, one has to first understand what makes a good duvet cover and what characteristics to look for when buying one. For starters, you need to understand that duvet covers serve a practical role along with their aesthetic outlook. Not just that but they also come in many different styles to choose from, both in regards to design and construction. They also differ in terms of closure types as they either have buttons or zippers to secure the cover once you have set them up. With that in mind, let’s find out more about what makes a good duvet cover in the first place.


Duvet covers are available in quite a rich selection of materials, from traditional cotton to synthetic polyester, each with its own particularities. Before committing to a purchase, you should first take into account the specific characteristics of the most common materials used in the making of duvet covers.

  • Linen – This is one of the most practical materials for a duvet cover, a material that possesses a more coarse feel but also exhibits greater durability. At the same time, linen covers are also quite breathable, despite their increased thickness and weight.
  • Cotton – These covers are quite soft and smooth by most standards, which is why they usually boast a more flexible weave. With cotton covers, your main point of focus should be the smoothness and comfort they deliver, but keep in mind that most of them have characteristic moisture retention problems.
  • Flannel – Most of the flannel covers out there stand out through their lofty, fuzzy texture. This grants them the capacity to deliver warmth at a very high level without sacrificing too much comfort or breathability in the process. It should be said, however, that these covers are usually rather thick and perhaps best used during the winter.
  • Polyester – A main attribute of polyester covers is flexibility, the type you cannot find with traditionally crafted covers. For the most part, these covers are sleek, stretchy, and very breathable on account of the microfibers used in the making process.
  • Bamboo Rayon – Rather similar to polyester in the sense that it features certain synthetic elements, bamboo rayon is renowned for its smoothness and durability. Commonly made with bamboo fibers, this type of materials can also be blended with cotton or polyester for added softness and breathability.
  • Blends – Sometimes duvet covers are made of blended fabrics in order to get the best of each. As such, a blended cover can combine the properties of multiple fabrics with the purpose of balancing the pros and cons of either linen, cotton, or polyester for a perfect mix.
  • Organic Materials – For the most part, the wide majority of all natural fibers come in an organic form. While organic covers are widespread due to their eco-friendliness, they also boast undeniable characteristics in regards to comfort, smoothness, and breathability.


The weave of a duvet cover refers to the way a fabric is woven when making any piece of bedding. Try to remember that although materials play an important role, it is equally important for the materials to be woven in a practical fashion.

  • Percale – This is a rather simplistic weave in the sense that it features a vertical yarn in a vertical position that goes around a horizontal one. This ensures that the cover is somewhat smoother to the touch, although not to an impressive or outstanding standard.
  • Sateen – With sateen weaves (not to be confused with Satin), you get an equal number of vertical and horizontal yarns. This makes the cover feel a lot smoother while also providing it with a much sleeker outlook in regards to its aesthetics.
  • Twill – This weave involves a diagonal pattern for a more robust and somewhat rougher feel. Most commonly, these weaves use cotton or equally soft materials but in a way that doesn’t affect their properties. In fact, sometimes the materials are specially treated to increase softness to a considerable standard.
  • Satin – Satin weaves are commonly made of silk, thus giving the cover a slippery yet beautiful outlook. Despite their great smoothness and stylish design, these weaves are by far the least durable of all weaves, a small price to pay for their impressive smoothness.
  • Jersey – These weaves are more or less knitted, in the sense that they do not involve traditional weaving methods. For the most part, these weaves are thin and somewhat prone to pilling, yet highly comfortable by most accounts.

The Closure

With the weave and the material construction out of the way, you only have to worry about the closure and inner fasteners. It is common for duvet covers to have an opening on the side, an opening that enables you to place the cover over the duvet. With the duvet safely inside, you then have to proceed with closing the cover, sealing it for a perfect fit. The most common closures involve clasps, buttons, and zippers. Although buttons and zippers are the most common by far, there aren’t any real differences between them in terms of practicality or efficiency.