When it comes to drilling a hole with your drill, nothing affects performance more than your choice of drill bits. Using the wrong drill bit can put extra strain on your drill and/or prevent it from completing the job altogether. If you want to get the best performance out of your drill, you’re going to have to purchase the best drill bits available.

How do you determine which bits are the best? You can either spend the time research all of the different bits currently available, or you can refer to the rest of this guide. We’ll show you not only the best drill bits available but will also tell you what you need to know when purchasing a new set of bits to add to your tool collection.

Best Drill Bits – Reviews

10Irwin Tools 29-Piece Bit Set

This 29-piece drill bit set is designed to give professionals and DIY’ers alike the tools they need for drilling through tough metals. There are bits measuring from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch in 1/64-inch increments, and each bit is made of 8% cobalt that gives them the ability to resist abrasions and to withstand higher temperatures caused by friction. With a 135-degree split point tip, these bits are able of drilling straight into a material without skipping over the material’s surface like some bits tend to do. And since these bits come with an easy-to-use carrying case, it easy to take them to the worksite.

9CO-Z 5-Piece HSS Cobalt Step Bit Set

This 5-piece set of step drill bits is designed to replace 50 individual drill bits commonly found in most tool collections. This high-quality set comes with 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch chuck sizes and is made from a titanium coated cobalt that’s designed to drill quickly into aluminum sheeting, wood boards, or steel sheets. They are designed to hold up to frequent use and to provide the user with the drilling power they need year after year. These 5-bits are enclosed in a high-quality case that not only makes them transportable but also keeps them nice and secure. All of which makes it a useful set of bits to add to any toolbox.

8Kreg KJD Twist Step Bit

Designed to be used with corded high-RPM drills for pocket hole joinery, this twist step drill bit is ready for some serious action. It has a large diameter that creates a flat bottomed hole and has a small tip. This bit is 6-3/4-inches long and is a replacement bit for Kreg Manual Pocket Hole Jigs. This bit is made from high-quality metal and can handle frequent day-to-day use. Although it’s a little more expensive than other types of bits, it’s always good to have a replacement on hand if a bit breaks or if your old bit becomes too dull for adequate service.

7Irwin Tools 12-Piece 3/16-Inch Cobalt Jobber Bits

Manufactured with an M-35 cobalt construction and a 135-degree cutting angle, these 3/16-inch drill bits are the ideal jobber length for a variety of different applications. These bits are designed to go straight into the material without walking and are designed to be easy to drive. They have straight shanks that can be used in either keyed or key-less drill chucks and features a spiral flute design that allows for faster ejection of chips. Since they have shorter cutting lips, these bits also require less torque to be driven into high tensile materials. And since they come in a pack of 12, there’s always one of these 3.75-inch long bits in case of a breakage.

6Dewalt Black Oxide 20-Piece Bit Set

This set contains 20 high-quality bits that have a black oxide finish that allows for greater wear protection during use. Each of these bits has a 135-degree split-point design that’s suitable for drilling straight into materials without the bit walking or slipping like other bits tend to do. The bits contained in this set range in size from 1/16-inch all the way up to 1/2-inch, so it’s suitable for any number of different jobs. And since they come with a tough case that helps to keep everything organized and has a soft-grip lock, the user can rest assured there’s always a bit close at hand.

5Black & Decker Drill And Screw Bit Set

This convenient set contains 30 1-inch bit tips, 8 2-inch bit tips, 6-hex shank bits, and a magnetic drive guide. These high-quality bits are made from quality metal, so they’re designed to hold up to years of use. All of this is stored in a plastic case that keeps everything organized, safe and easy to transport. Since the case is only 3.3-inches, it’s easy to pack inside of a larger toolbox or even into a glove box of a truck. This makes it a handy set to begin a tool collection or to add to an already established one. It’s also a handy kit to use with Black & Decker cordless drills.

4Neiko 3-Piece Titanium Step Bit Set

This step drill bit set feature three bits made from high-speed steel coated with a titanium coating that gives them the ability to drill through sheet metal, aluminum, copper, plastic or even stainless steel. Each bit has a 135-degree split point tip that self-centers and prevents the bit from walking across the metal’s surface. These bits have a two flute design that allows particles to escape and allows them to chip faster than comparable bits. Each of these bits is designed to replace a number of other bits and the whole set together can replace up to 28 different size bits.

3Dewalt 3-Piece Step Bit Set

Designed with a unique dual flute spiral design that allows for better chip removal and longer bit life, this bit is ready for a number of different jobs. This set contains 3 of these bits: a 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch bit, a 3/16-inch to 1/2-inch bit and a 3/16-inch to 7/8-inch bit. Each of these bits has split point tips that increase their speed and have laser engraved bit size numbers so that they are easy to read during drilling. Although they do not come with a carrying case, they are still quite easy to add to an existing tool collection or to keep in a toolbag’s side pouch.

2Dewalt 14-Piece Titanium Bit Set

This drill bit set features bits that are coated with Titanium, so they have approximately twice the service life of bits that only have a black oxide coated. This set contains 14-pieces in sizes from 1/16-inch to 9/64-inch and from 5/32-inch up to 1/2-inch. These bits have a tapered web that helps to increase their durability, all while reducing rates at which they break. And since each one is equipped with a patented pilot point that reduces walking, they are perfect for metal or wood drilling projects. These bits also come with a durable carrying case that makes the set easy to carry and keeps everything organized.

1Norseman 29-Piece Split-Point Jobber Set

This 29-piece bit set is designed by Norseman, a company known for producing high-quality tools. These drill bits have 135-degree split points and are made from high-speed steel that really gets the job done efficiently. The bits in this set range from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch and are designed for accuracy and durability. They are also designed to deliver exceptional performance no matter the project. And all of these bits are packed in a cylindrical case that keeps everything extremely organized and is easy to carry from job to job. All of which makes this set ideal for any professional, DIY’er or anyone else who needs high-quality bits.

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A Basic Drill Bit Buying Guide

When most people begin a project they think about the materials and the tools they may need to get the job done. Although people often consider the type of drill they may want to use for a job, they too often give little thought to the drill bits they’re going to use for their project. They simply grab whatever bits are around and throw them in their tool bag. Unfortunately, that’s a mistake.

If you want to get the best performance out of your drill and what to ensure that the job you’re doing is done correctly, then you are going to want to give a little bit of thought to the drill bits that you’re going to use. To help you out, we’ve included some of the basics that people need to know about this tool accessory.

  • Common Drill Bit Angles

One of the first things a person is going to consider when choosing a drill bit for a particular job is the angle of the bit. Although the tool owner can determine for themselves which angle is right for the job they’re doing, there are some guidelines to consider. Below are some of the more common drill bit chisel angles and their uses:

  • 118-Degree Angles: Drilling Softer Materials
  • 135-Degree Angles: Drilling Tougher Materials

Common Drill Bit Sizes

If a particular project doesn’t call for a specific bit size, then the DIY’er may wonder which bit size to use for a job. For most applications around the home, 1/16-inch to 1/4-inch is a suitable size. However, every tool kit, even amateur kits should have a few larger size bits as well. Adding 1/2-inch, 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, and 7/16-inch can greatly increase the number of jobs they tool operator can use.

The Drill Bit Chuck

Another thing to consider is the chuck of the bit. This is the other end of the bit that attaches to the drill. Most home projects require a drill bit chuck of 3/8-inch, but larger drill may use up to a 1/2-inch chuck. If the bit is going to be used in a drill press, then most presses use a size of about 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch, which is slightly larger than a standard chuck. Although this may seem a bit confusing, the most important thing to remember is that the bit chuck can’t exceed the bit chuck size of the drill or it won’t fit.

Types Of Drill Bits

Bits come in almost an endless variety of different sizes and shapes, and each type is suitable for a specific job or jobs. There are so many types of bits available it’s almost beyond the scope of this guide to fully list them all. Which is why we’ve decided to list some of the more common ones that homeowners will need for most jobs below.

  • Twist Drill Bit: This is one of the most common bits available and is used for general purpose drilling into wood, plastic or thin metals.
  • Step Drill Bit: This bit is used for drilling into thin metals. Usually, it’s used on metals up to a 1/4-inch thick, but it can also be used on wood projects in some instances.
  • Brad Point Drill Bit: This bit is specifically designed for drilling into wood and has a center brad that aids in positioning the bit for accurate drills. It’s fluted edge groove help to clear away dust as the bit drills into the material, too.
  • Installer Bit: As the name suggests, this bit is designed for people who have to install wiring or cable. These bits are anywhere from 12-inches to 18-inches long and are designed to drill through plaster, masonry or wood. It has a tiny hole in it that allows the tool operator to reverse the drill to pull the wire inserted into it out through the freshly drilled hole.
  • Masonry Bits: These bits are designed to drill through a variety of tough materials, specifically brick, masonry, and concrete.

Common Drill Bit Composition

The final thing to consider is the bit’s composition. Below are a few things to consider:

  • Cobalt Bits: These bits are designed for drilling through tougher metals such as stainless steel or aluminum
  • Carbide Tipped Bits: These are designed for drilling through masonry or tile
  • Black Oxide: These bits are designed to drill through wood, fiberglass, PVC and various metals
  • Titanium Coated: These bits are extremely tough and designed for wood, PVC, fiberglass and metal projects