Drains can get really dirty, and at times, even blocked. Both of these issues can be addressed with a good drain cleaner. This substance is able to absorb the contents causing the blockage and drain them away, restoring flow to your drainage system once more. Unfortunately, some drain cleaners are not very good at this.

Others will get the job done, but then end up ruining the drain construction material with the corrosive substances contained in them. And so, here are the best drain cleaners you can buy today if you want this important cleaning job done right the first time round.

Best Drain Cleaning Products Reviews

10Earth Friendly Products Drain Opener

You can maintain your drain in a natural and yet effective way with the help of this particular drain cleaner. This product has the power to get rid of clogs in your drain, and it does so with the help of safe enzymes.

Due to its high safety rating, this product will not have any adverse effects on the drainage system, regardless of its construction material. More specifically, this drain cleaner does not have caustic, phosphate, or other toxins. This, in combination to its great drain cleaning powers, has made it a very effective drain cleaning product.

9Invade Bio Drain Gel

Invade Bio Drain gel can safely be applied directly to the drains. It has no harsh chemicals or odors that would make it harmful or even dangerous for routine drain cleaning tasks. And yet, it is very effective when used to clean drains, especially against “sugar snakes”, which are commonly the reason behind clogged drains.

Another advantage of this particular drain cleaner is that is can be used alongside other drain cleaning products including power sprayers, hose-end sprayers and mopping applications.

8Green Gobbler Dissolve Grease Clog Remover/Drain Opener

Safety tops the list of benefits this particular drain cleaner has to offer its users. That is because this product will not cause any harm to pipes or toilets. In fact, it will not even cause any harm to the skin, which means it can be used in tubs, showers, toilets and other places.

More importantly, its cleaning power is quite remarkable because this product has the capacity to dissolve fats, soap, and even hair and grease. It also features a special design that makes it able to stick to drain pipe walls for a better cleaning effect.

7Roebic K-570-Q-4 Leach and Drain Field Opener Concentrate

Although this is a concentrate, it is very safe on all kinds of drainage pipes. In fact, the Roebic K-570-Q-4 is certifiably biodegradable. Ease of use is also something you can expect out of this great product. Otherwise, users are welcome to use it in septic systems, showers, and even laundry drains that need to get cleaned.

Because this is a concentrated formula, it is able to have a much greater impact on any clogs because it produces more bacteria to break down such waste and clear the drains than most rival products.

6CLR PP4-5 Power Plumber Drain Opener

If fast results is something you want out of your drain cleaning experiences, then you might want to give this product a try. Because of its fast-acting nature, this drain opener can clear clogs in a matter of seconds, and for distances of up to 50-feet down.

But even so, the drain cleaning product is very safe as it contains no abrasive chemicals, acids, or even dyes. Therefore, you are welcome to use it on sinks, bath tubs, showers, and even toilets. With this single can, you can also expect up to 15 applications.

5Drano Drain Cleaner Professional Strength

According to the manufacturer, this drain cleaner has 35 percent more ingredients than regular drain cleaners, which makes it a lot more effective than most drain cleaning alternatives.

Its leading position among commercial drain cleaners is clear evidence that this product truly works as advertised. This powerful cleaner can get rid of clogs that cause drains to back up, it can even dissolve hair, an indication that few things will stand in its way once you decide to use it to clean your drain.

4Bio-Clean Drain Septic Bacteria

One of the benefits of this product is that it is 100 percent natural. The product consists of bacteria that can help clear drains and even assist with septic tank back ups. In fact, this product is safe even for litter boxes.

A unique aspect of this drain cleaner is that it consumes the waste in the drainage pipes from all directions. Some products tend to work their way in a downward direction, and any waste they leave behind remains uncleaned.

3Pure Lye Drain Opener

Many people cannot get enough of this product; and that it because it works like a charm when it comes to clearing drains of any waste and blockages. The compound is very strong and yet biodegradable, non-acidic, and even odorless.

It can also be used on grease traps, septic systems and roots. Another upside to using this particular drain cleaner is that it is safe on all kind of drain construction materials, including plastic and chrome.

2RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment Powder

Its name aside, this product has proven itself quite reliable at helping clean drains. So, once you use it on a drainage system that is facing some waste flow issues, you can expect them gone as well.

Its application involves pouring the product down the toilet and then flushing it, and the advanced enzymes in the product begin to breakdown the waste immediately, which unclogs the drains. Another big plus to using this particular drain cleaner is that is is safe for all pipes and septic tanks.

1Thrift Marketing Gidds Drain Cleaner

Drains, grease traps, and septic systems are some of the places where this product has demonstrated its cleaning might. And like its name suggests, this cleaner works very fast. It can clear out drains in just 60 seconds.

Another compelling upside to having this particular drain cleaner over many other alternatives is that it can be used even in the kitchen. Price is also a huge selling point for this drain cleaner, as is its durability. All this should help explain why it ranks so highly in the drain cleaners market.

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Drain cleaners are one of the most powerful tools a person can use in their fight against slow drains and drain clogs. They are relatively inexpensive as compared to other drain cleaning methods and are usually pretty effective in getting the job done.

However, it’s important that they’re used properly not just for safety reasons but also so they can do the job they were designed to do. With that in mind, we’ve put together a little guide which will help you to safely, and effectively, use drain cleaners to your benefit. So let’s go ahead and get started.

Using Drain Cleaners Safely & Effectively

Step One: Buy the Best Drain Cleaner

Before you can start remedying your slow drains and minor clogs, you need to purchase the best drain cleaner possible. While we’ve assembled a list of what we feel are the top ten products above, not everyone should buy the number one listed product on the list. Some people may need the product at the number one position, but other people may need a drain cleaner at the number six position. What I’m trying to say is that everyone’s needs are different, so you should choose the best product for you and your particular plumbing.

You should choose your drain cleaner according to what you need it to do. If you’re looking to remove buildup in a drain that contributes to it draining slowly, then you may want to purchase a foaming cleaner. However, while foaming cleaners are great for slow drain buildup, they absolutely should never be used in a drain that’s completely blocked.

Heavy-duty formulas are designed to battle extremely tough clogs, but these products should only be used by trained professionals because they contain extremely powerful acids such as lye or sulfuric acid. Cleaners made with enzymes are useful for breaking proteins down in a drain and are safe to use in toilets, but they can be slow and less effective than other cleaner formulations. Most of the cleaners available to the general public are either a gel or are granulated crystals. Both of these are suitable for general household use.

Step Two: Learn What Not to Use It On

A common problem that people have with cleaners is that they try to use it in situations that it’s not appropriate to use it in. For example, these cleaners should never be used in toilets, tubs, garbage disposals or on other drains that the powerful acids contained in these products can damage.

And if you have a septic system, then you shouldn’t use these products at all. That’s because drain cleaners can kill the important bacteria that’s been breaking down your waste in your septic tank.

Step Three: Using the Product Safely

The first thing you do before you use any form of drain cleaner is to thoroughly read all of its instructions and safety precautions. These safety warnings and instructions must be followed above all else, even above anything that might be mentioned in this guide. Just following this piece of advice will greatly improve the safety and effectiveness of your cleaner.

Make sure that you assemble the proper equipment before you begin clearing your drain. Some of the things you’re going to need while using drain cleaner include the following items:

  • Safety Goggles
  • Thick Rubber Gloves
  • Face Mask or Respirator

You are now ready to attack the slow or clogged drain according to the type of drain cleaner your purchased.

Step Four: Clean the Drain

Using Liquid Cleaner:

While holding the bottle firmly with one hand, open it with your opposite handle. Make sure that you don’t squeeze the bottle or tip it. Now, pour the amount indicated on the product’s label down the drain. When you’ve done that, you’ll need to wait anywhere from 30-minutes to 60-minutes, depending on what your product’s label indicates.

Normally, when this has been completed, all you have to do is flush the drain with hot water. In some instances, if the drain still isn’t clear, you’re allowed to use the product a second time, but only do this if your product indicates it.

Using a Granulated Crystal Cleaner:

When using most granulated drain cleaners, the steps are a little bit different. As is the case with other cleaners, always follow the directions specific to your cleaner. Usually, when using this type of cleaner, you would remove all standing water from on the drain, or as much as you could, and then you would add approximately 2 to 3-tablespoons of cleaner crystals into it.

This is then usually followed by one cup of cold water. You should then wait for approximately 30 to 45-minutes for the clog to be removed. You would then flush the drain with cold water.

Preventing Clogged Drains

Now that you’ve cleared your drain, you might want to think about preventing your drains from getting clogged in the first place. Below are some tips which will help you keep your drains free of annoying clogs. That way, you can spend less time clearing them and more time doing the things you enjoy.

Don’t Pour Oil or Grease Down the Drain: It’s important that you stop pouring bacon grease, oil or other fats down your drain. These can build up inside the drain and cause clogs. Instead, pour them into an old coffee can, secure the lid and place the can in the trash. Or better yet, recycle your old oils.

Make Sure Drains Have Strainers: Another thing you can do is to make sure that all of your drains have strainers in them and that they are frequently cleaned out. If a drain doesn’t have a strainer, then consider buying one for it. There are some great new sink strainers on the market these days including the Tub Shroom, the Sink Shroom, as well as some nifty basket-type strainers.

Run Water Down the Drain: While you’re using the garbage disposal, make sure that you leave the water running until the food has been ground up. Also make sure that at least once a week you pour hot water down your drains to help dissolve soap solids, grease and other things that may be building up in your drain.