Whether you are looking for an alternative to your current shaving method, or want to find a new product that is best for you, double edge razor blades are more than fashionable right now, they are very effective. Many people will tell you they provide the closest, smoothest shave going. On top of this, they offer great value and there is a reason why they are called the safety blade.

As with many fashionable products, there are a lot of cheap imitators that you have to deal with. Because of this, it is important to know what you are looking for. Our list of the top ten double edge razor blades is as comprehensive as you could hope for, and each one is made from quality materials to give you a close, perfect shave every time.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades – Reviews

1050 KAI Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

For a lot of people., Kai won’t be as recognizable a brand as many of the others on our list, but once they have been used, the quality is undeniable. With 50 in this generous pack size, they will last months and each blade is individually wrapped, keeping them hygienic. The stainless steel used is surgical-grade so you know it is reliable and since Kai is Japan’s leading cutlery manufacturer, they know a thing or two about blades. Known for being extremely sharp and will last for ages because each blade is thicker than what you will usually get your hands on.

9Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Razor Blades

For many people, Wilkinson Sword is a name that can be trusted when it comes to a close shave. Their double edge razor blades perform well, making like work of days of stubble. The stainless steel gets very close to the skin without irritating and at the price point, they are quite the bargain. They have ceramic coating to make them more durable as well as chromium to make them less likely to corrode. Most people will find that they fit their double edged razor You can get them in a variety of pack sizes but one thing is for sure, they are great value, and offer weeks of comfortable shaving.

8Parker’s Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

A lot of men consider Parker to be the brand when it comes to double edge safety razor blades. This is because they feature high-quality materials that start with the stainless steel and keeps going in the tungsten and platinum coating for added smoothness. The blade edges go through a meticulous process of sharpening that happens several times to make them incredibly sharp, allowing them to work through stubborn hair. For a lot of people, disposing of the blades correctly can be a concern. Parker includes a slot in the back of every blade dispenser to make sure it can be stored safely.

7120 Crystal SUPER + Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

A pack of quality stainless steel platinum coated blade that lasts a long time thanks to the 120 you get in this pack. They are easy to fix into place and are compatible with most standard double edge razors. Made in Israel, you’ll find these by the barber’s chair around the world as they are an industry favorite. This is probably because they are so sharp and durable, leaving the user with a smooth face that feels comfortable throughout. They come wrapped, and with years of engineering and experience behind them with some people saying each one lasts up to a week although the full 7 days might be a bit ambitious.

6Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

A top product in the world of double edge safety razor blades, Shark has created a product that combines value with a close, comfortable shave that lasts. You get 100 blades in this pack and each one works out to be just a few cents. They are made from their super chrome combination of stainless steel, with polymer for added comfort. They fit a variety of double edge shavers so you don’t have to buy their own brand of accessories. They advise you to shake the blade after use instead of wiping it carefully as it can remove some of the coating. A great option that will last you ages.

5Gillette 7 O’clock Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

With 100 in a pack, you aren’t going to need to repurchase for some time. Not only do you get the reliable brand name of Gillette behind it, but they fit all types of double edges razors. Most people comment on their ability to get 4-5 shaves out of every blade so you get months of sharp, close shaves out of this pack. They are manufactured in Russia which is often seen as a sign of their high quality and each blade should last around a week which makes them great value. They aren’t as sharp as some of the other blades on our list but are reliable.

4MERKUR Double Edge Razor Blades

A reputable brand in the world of double edge razor blades, Merkur has ensured this product gives you a close shave without irritation. Each blade is wrapped in wax finished paper and they are fine to use with both Merkur’s own brand of double edge shaver as well as others. Manufactured in Germany, they are recyclable and they are so sharp that there is no need to add a lot of pressure. Instead, the blade does all the hard work and leaves your face feeling smooth without any pain throughout. The quality stainless steel material remains sharp for several shaves.

3Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack

This sample pack is a great idea for anyone who is still looking for the right double edge razor blade that suits their hair type and skin. This selection pack style product allows you to give some of the biggest brands a try and many of them feature on this list. You get two blades from each featured brand which includes the likes of Derby Extra, Astra, Feather, and 12 others. Each one comes individually wrapped and because of the number of blades you get, they should last you months. When you’ve used them all you can order the ones that suited you best.

2Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

With 100 in a pack, you are getting months of quality shaves from these reputable double edge razor blades. The high-quality steel ensures a close shave every time and they fit just about every type of safety razors so whatever you are currently using will suffice. To make sure the shave is comfortable, Derby has coated every blade with polymer and they are meticulous when it comes to testing and quality control. This is evident when you start using them as the ends have been strengthened to make them last longer so you get more out of every blade. Great for sensitive skin as they reduce the likelihood of razor burn.

1Feather Double Edge Blades

These high-quality double edge razor blades look the part and perform remarkably well. Coated with stainless platinum they have a good weight to them and a sharpness that provides a close shave. Made in Japan, they are extremely sharp and in this 50-pack you are getting great value that will last you a very long time. This is why so many swear by them and it takes several shaves before they dull to the level of a normal razor. Even then, they still have some use in them but because you get 50, you’ll want to rip off another paper-wrapped blade for a fresh cut.

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Double Edge Razor Blades Guide

Because your daily shave is not something you should mess around with, a quality double edge razor blade will make the world of difference. Not only will it speed up the process, but it will feel much better on your skin.

The trouble is, there are enough brands out there stealing a living from the fact that they offer dull, or flimsy blades that don’t last long enough. To make sure you get your hands on the right product for you, we have compiled our list of what you should look for in a double edge razor blade to help you get the right shave every time.

Things To Consider When Buying Double Edge Razor Blades

First Timers

The more experienced user of double edged razor blades will know what suits their hair and skin type and be able to navigate the blade over the surface using the right amount of pressure. For the newbie, it is recommended that you use something a little less sharp to reduce the likelihood of cuts until you feel more comfortable and experienced.

Variety Packs

If you are new to this type of shaver and blade, then a variety pack can be a sensible purchase. A lot of the time, they will combine a lot of different brands, including a handful of each blade type so you can find the right one for you. It allows you to get closer to the perfect shave without having to buy in bulk.


In the same way that bigger isn’t always better, a sharper blade isn’t always the first thing you should look for. Too sharp, and you find your neck and face getting nicks and grazes where other blades will be smoother. If you are new to double edge razor blades then this will be more likely as well.

The blade should still be smooth enough so you don’t have to take as many passes to get rid of stubble, especially when you have sensitive skin.


A big factor when selecting double edge razor blades is how long they will last. Of course, they are built to be replaced after a few days but you want to make sure they are going to serve you well. the coarser you hair, the faster they will dull.

Your Hair Type

You might think that one size fits all when it comes to these blades but this is not the case. Although many blades are quite universal, those with thick, coarse hair will need something a little sharper to make sure it cuts through those stubborn patches and does not pull as you go.


Most blades in the niche are compatible with the majority of double edge razor blades but it is certainly something to keep an eye out for. The bigger brands will display this proudly so make sure the blades you choose will fit your razor of choice.

Disposing of Double Edge Razor Blades

Because you can’t just throw a blade in the trash, disposing of them responsibly is something you need to consider. some brands will include a way of disposing of them in their packs but most of the time, it can be a smart idea to invest in a proper disposal product that will keep the blades safe. They will usually hold hundreds of blades so you don’t have to think about replacing it for some time.

Why Use A Double Edge Blade?


This is one of the biggest reasons to invest in a double edge razor. the savings are almost immediate and when you buy in bulk, they can last for months, even year in some cases.

As with all things, the brands will vary in price but you can all but guarantee it will be cheaper than disposable blades, and other types of shavers. Other replacement cartridges will be at least 3 times the price.


Disposal blades are generally more hygienic, but none more so than a double edge razor blade. This is because they are built to be replaced every few days, making way for a fresh blade. You should get around 3-5 days out of most blades which is great. If a blade lasts 5 days and you buy a pack of 50, you get over 8 months of blades in one go.


Because a lot of people try to stretch out their last blade for too long, putting off a trip to the shop to get more disposable blades, a double edge razor is a great idea. you get more out of every pack which saves you time. Also, the best brands are all available online so you can get them sent straight to your door.

For the closest shave at a fraction of the price, a double edge razor is a great choice for anyone.