If you’re in the market for a coffee maker with grinder at this point in time, you should understand that there is no shortage of such devices out there but that they cannot all be expected to perform to the same functional standards. We say this because depending on the manufacturer, such an appliance will either process a limited amount of coffee or lack a reliable brewing function. Just to be safe, you should, first of all, take the time and consider everything the market has to offer before committing to a purchase.

It needs to be said that coffee makers with grinders are quite widespread nowadays and that you can purchase a good one at a fairly affordable price if you know what to look for. Considering how much these appliances can differ from one another, we should perhaps take a closer look at what best describes a decent coffee maker and what features to look for when buying one. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best coffee makers with grinders that money can buy.

Best Coffee Makers with Grinders – Reviews

10Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker, Grind and Brew

This ingenious coffee maker from Hamilton Beach allows you to prepare delicious single serve coffee either in a travel mug or cup or a full pot in the included carafe. Capable of preparing 12 cups at once, this coffee maker comes with full programmable buttons along with an automatic shut off feature. Made from premium-quality materials and components, this device includes a brew strength selector and a warming plate at the base of the carafe to keep your coffee warm.

9Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind and Brew Coffee Maker is a high-quality device that is designed to brew between 2 to 12 cups of aromatic, delicious coffee within minutes. Including a handy strength selector, it gives you the option of choose between medium, strong and mild coffee. The inbuilt coffee burr grinder automatically grinds whole beans while extracting maximum flavor to give you a freshly brewed cup of deliciousness. The bean hopper can hold up to 8 ounces of coffee beans and features a tight seal, while the brew-pause mechanism allows you to enjoy a fresh cup brew even before the process is complete.

8Breville BES870BSXL The Barista Express Coffee Machine

Equipped with a 15-bar Italian pressure pump, the Breville BES870BSXL The Barista Express Coffee Machine is designed to grind and brew delicious coffee. Featuring the latest purge mechanism, it adjusts the temperature of the water to extract maximum flavor from the beans automatically. Made from high-quality durable materials, this device comes with a conical burr grinder made of stainless steel along with a sealed bean hopper. Backed up by 1600 watts of power, it features a heavy-duty Thermo coil heating system and a 2L removable water reservoir.

7Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Equipped with the latest hotter brewing technology, the Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker features an advanced boiler that produces the richest, most aromatic cup of coffee. Featuring a 24-hour programmable delay function, you can prepare your coffee a day in advance, while its adjustable warming plate, keeps your brew fresh and warm for up to 4 hours. Made from durable, high-grade components and materials, this device comes with a 60-ounce removable water tank that is easy to fill and clean. Unlike any other, this coffee maker also features a small-batch function that allows you to brew a small batch of coffee preventing over-diluting the coffee. Thanks to its gold-tone filter, it eliminates the need for using paper filters and prevents mess. Along with the machine, you get a 12-cup carafe, a scoop spoon, a permanent filter, and a removable water tank.

6Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS Digital Coffeemaker

Featuring a durable glass carafe that can prepare up to 10 cups of delicious brew, the Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS Digital Coffeemaker grinds whole coffee beans, extracting maximum flavor and depth. Equipped with a conical burr grinder with the latest direct-feed technology, it comes with a 6-ounce bean container. Made from high-quality materials, this efficient appliance features a dishwasher safe gold tone filter that prevents the need for using paper filters. Compact in size and portable, this device includes a convenient automatic grind mechanism that grinds your coffee, keeping it ready to brew at the preferred time requested by you via the user-friendly interface.

5Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Automatic Coffeemaker

Known for its premium-quality, performance, and durability, the Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker features an inbuilt automatic grinder that is extremely convenient. Including a 1 to 4 cup setting, this device includes a programmable set of features along with a brew-pause function, an automatic shut off feature and a grind-off function for pre-ground coffee. Made from high-grade, robust materials, it comes with a durable double-walled carafe that is made from BPA-free stainless steel that ensures your coffee stays hot and fresh. The charcoal filter and gold-tone filter ensure you get the richest, purest coffee and also prevent the use of paper filters.

4Cuisinart Coffee Center Maker

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, the Cuisinart Coffee Center Maker is equipped with a durable 12-cup glass carafe with a BPA-free sturdy handle that offers optimum grip. Including a set of controls to select the strength of your brew, you can choose the ‘Bold’ option for a stronger richer cup of coffee. Thanks to its special gold-tone filter, it not only eliminates the need for using paper filters but also prepares the purest coffee. Featuring 3 single-serve sizes including 6, 8 and 10 ounces each, this device comes with an adjustable on and off function, a self-clean feature, an automatic 24-hour programmable brewing system, and a convenient ‘Ready’ notification.

3Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus Programmable Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus Programmable Coffeemaker is an efficient, ultra-durable kitchen appliance that is crafted to prepare 12 cups of coffee at once. Featuring a drip-free spout, the carafe comes with a sturdy handle and is designed with variable temperature controls that allow you to choose the preferred temperature to ensure your coffee stays warm. Equipped with an auto-on and auto-off mechanism, this coffee maker includes a self-cleaning feature and comes with a 1 to 4 cups setting. To get quick hot water for your soups, cocoa and more, it also features a separate hot water system and a 54-ounce water tank with a separate power button to give you hot water on demand, even while you prepare coffee.

2Cuisinart DGB-550BK Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart DGB-550BK Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker is engineered to produce rich and delicious coffee from whole coffee beans. Featuring advanced 24-hour programmability, a brewing-pause function, a grind-off function for pre-ground beans, and an automatic shut off feature, it includes a 1 to 4 cup setting that allows you to choose the desired amount of coffee to be prepared. Equipped with a-12 cup heavy duty carafe with a drip-free spout and a knuckle guard, it comes with a durable gold-tone filter and a charcoal filter to remove impurities. Thanks to its unique design and construction with its individual grind chamber and filter, it allows quick and easy cleanup and maintenance.

1KRUPS KM785D50 Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker

This particular coffee maker is a 10-cup, heavy-duty kitchen appliance that is designed to prepare café style brew at home. Featuring an inbuilt conical burr grinder, it grinds whole coffee beans instantly to give you rich, full-bodied brew in minutes. Easy to operate, the device comes equipped with a 2-10 cup setting to help you choose the intensity level of your brew and also features a brew strength selector with 3 flavors including mild, medium and strong. Made from high-quality durable materials, it comes with an LCD screen and a variety of functions including a brew-pause feature, an automatic start function, a warm feature, and other handy functions.

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What To Look For In A Coffee Maker with Grinder

Given how complex some coffee makers with grinders can get, you should definitely take the time to learn as much as you possibly can about what constitutes a decent such machine before committing to a purchase. As a starting point, you should begin by looking into the actual grinding function and see just how effective it is. With that out of the way, you can proceed with judging each individual machine on its ability and capacity to brew a consistent set of coffee using any type of coffee ground you personally enjoy. Having said that, let us find out what best describes a good coffee maker with grinder.


This is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a coffee maker with a grinding function. While some machines focus on the grinding part, a good one will also boast plenty of coffee-brewing functions for good measure, which is the case with top-shelf models towards the high-end part of the price spectrum. Now, it should be said that while some machines employ a heated plate underneath a glass carafe, others are equipped with double-walled thermal options for a more practical outlook. We should point out that the true value of a good coffee machine isn’t given by the price tag but rather by the coffee-brewing components such a machine incorporates.


A decent coffee maker should above all be sturdy and durable, which is the case with a majority of all the good ones. What you want in this regard is a machine made from stainless steel or at least one that’s guaranteed to withstand a lot of abuse before showing any signs of damage. Not just that but considering how hot the brewing process can sometimes get, you need to understand that plastic coffee makers can change shape ever so slightly and lose color over time. To avoid this, check out the machine’s temperature settings and see if it’s compatible with the overall construction of the machine to gain more insight into the matter.


Along with the grinding function, a modern coffee machine should pack a whole host of functions to help you brew the perfect coffee. Not only do they focus on the grinding & brewing part but they should also provide you with the capacity to fully customize your brewing options. For instance, some such machines allow you to choose both the brew settings and the grind size, which is bound to open your horizon when preparing new types of brews. At the same time, a modern coffee machine with grinder should also determine the exact density of different roasts, a much-needed feature in this day and age.


No matter what household appliance you purchase nowadays, it should absolutely possess a user-friendly interface to make access easier. This is extraordinarily useful in the age of digital interfaces as many such appliances are equipped with touchscreens or similar controls. Not to say that you should only consider futuristic coffee machines, but it is definitely something you want to remember when shopping for a coffee machine. On a related note, pay attention to any connectors and input options such a machine offers because they may prove highly practical when using the machine for extended periods of time.


A good coffee maker must last you at least a few years or so under normal circumstances, even more so if you provide regular maintenance and you show a reasonable understanding of how to care for such a machine. Not just that but some manufacturers (especially the reputable brands) will offer extended warranty for the products they are most proud of. As such, you can get a reasonable coffee machine for a reasonable price along with an extended 3-year or 4-year warranty from the manufacturer. Realistically, however, you can expect a mid-range coffee machine to last anywhere between two to five years or even more.


Good coffee machines need to be versatile in this day and age, and we’re not just talking about those that are equipped with grinders. Just by looking around for a while, you will notice that top-shelf machines can offer up to 12 brewing options depending on the coffee grounds. As a matter of fact, some are even equipped with functions that enable them to brew certain brews according to the density and type of whatever coffee grind they pack. In all fairness, it is mostly the high-end models that possess these features but you can also find a few inexpensive models with similar functions if you know what to look for.

Ease Of Use

No matter what coffee machine you’ve got or how much you spent on it, grinding some coffee shouldn’t require special training, not if the machine is easy to use. In this respect, some of the most reputable brands have already equipped their machines with intuitive controls and features that can be easily accessed. This is something you can expect to some degree from virtually any modern coffee machine, even more so from a coffee machine equipped with an incorporated grinder.


Although coffee makers aren’t exactly art pieces, they should still possess attractive features that can be used to enrich your kitchen decor to some extent. Such is the case with top-shelf machines which are all designed to be as sleek and compact as possible, yet to still showcase a certain personality when placed in a strategic place on a counter or tabletop. Then again, a decent coffee machine should also be easy to store away, yet another attribute of a high-quality coffee machine.