There has been way too much hype about the benefits of coconut oil. And now, many people have put it on their shopping lists for one reason or another. There are coconut oil evangelists who claim that its effects on metabolism and immunity border on the miraculous.

Others claim that it can do wonders for your skin and hair. So, that this product has a long list of benefits is not in doubt. But for whatever reason you need coconut oil for, yo have to be careful that you get it from the right manufacturer.

It might be a natural product, but you cannot trust every brand to give you the right coconut oil due to issues like the manufacturing process, the amount of refining they have undergone, packaging choices, additives and so forth. As a matter of fact, here is a list of the best coconut oils in the market as we speak.

Best Coconut Oil Brands for Hair, Skin & Cooking

9Dr. Bronner’s – Fresh-Oressed Vurgin Coconut Oil

Not all coconut oils are natural these days, surprisingly. There are way too many additives in some of these products, but this particular product does not have such issues. The oil is processed through a natural process, and it has no chemicals or additives.

Neither does it undergo any bleaching or similar processes to enhance its appeal – it’s all natural. For these reasons, it can be used both in the kitchen and as a skincare product. The coconut oil is even safe for vegans.

8Anjou Organic Coconut OIl

This coconut oil is ideal for many uses. So, other than the fact that you can use it on your hair and skin to nourish and moisturize, you can also use it as part of your diet. Being rich in MCTs, the oil has plenty it can do for your cardiovascular health.

You are also welcome to use this particular coconut oil product for your cooking – it is a good way to cut down on the unhealthy fats in you diet. You should also know that the oil is 100% natural, and it is made using a safe process and without the use of GMO coconuts.

7Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This coconut oil can be used by people who want an all-natural product that is certified organic. Being unrefined, this oil has all the nutritional benefits a coconut has to offer. It is also Kosher. Otherwise, the oil is made using the meat of fresh mature coconuts.

From there, a cold-pressing process is involved whereby the oil is derived from the coconut meat. And then, the oil is filtered to remove any bits of fruit. Therefore, no chemicals, additives or questionable manufacturing procedures are involved in the use of this coconut as is the case with some brands in the market today.

6Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil 100% Organic Extra Virgin

For buyers of organic extra virgin coconut oil, this product is perfect for you. This product has been described as capable of improving cardiovascular health. This oil should also be a great source of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), which offer a wide range of health benefits including better cognition and optimal weight. The oil is also processed without the use of any solvent, which makes it great for both cooking and baking.

5Cococare Coconut Oil

Because coconut oil uses extend far beyond the kitchen, products such as this exist. This coconut oil from Cococare can be used on the skin and hair, as well as nails.

That said, it is 100% natural, despite being designed for this relatively low-risk purpose. In spite of the fact that it is not natural, you should not consume it either raw or through your cooking.

4Healthworks Coconut Oil Orgqanic Cold Pressed

Healthworks Coconut Oil Orgqanic Cold Pressed

This coconut oil is appropriate for eating and still recommended as a skincare product. It even has a medicinal role as it can help promote oral hygiene.

The cosmetic uses of this oil can be experienced when used on the skin, hair, eye, hair and so forth. You can even use it as a scrub. The oil is processed using the cold pressed process, which is safe and reliable in producing high quality products.

3Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin by COCO&CO

This oil is made mainly as a beauty product. The product quality is commendable since this is high quality organic extra virgin coconut oil which can be used on the hair and the skin and even consumed. Although many coconut oil variants exist, all designed for beauty, this particular tub stands out for its great results.

Some of the reasons include the fact that it will not leave behind a greasy texture, a foul smell, or take ages to be absorbed into the areas where it is applied. Even then, this oil can still be used for cooking and consumed orally to offer many coconut oil health benefits. The special manufacturing process used on this product ensures that it can fill this dual-role brilliantly.

2Nuriva Organic Coconut Oil

This is one of the best-selling coconut oil brands in the US, having been in the market for about a decade. This product is very pure. In fact, it has been certified as organic and non-GMO.

Additionally, this virgin coconut oil also contains no cholesterol and is non-hydrogenated. It is even safe for people who need it for Kosher uses. All these benefits are increased by the fact that the oil is made from cold pressing fresh coconuts, which gives the product a fresh and pleasant coconut aroma and taste.

1Viva Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

As the most favored coconut oil in the market, you can bet that this Viva Naturals product has plenty to offer. It can be used for both cosmetic and cooking purposes. And although there are quite a number of options that offer a similar use experience, this product stands out in many ways.

One of these is that it is cold-pressed in order to preserve all the nutritional benefits of coconut oil such as the presence of MCTs and the natural aroma of a coconut. And because this oil does this better than any other brand in the market, users can expect superior quality skin and hair care benefits and a cooking oil that is truly nutritional. And as a fungus fighter, this oil is also worth a spot in your medicine cabinet.

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A Guide To Coconut Oils

Now that we’ve presented our readers with some of the best coconut oils available, it might be a good idea to provide our readers with a little more information on this product. In this guide, our readers will find out what coconut oils can be used for, their potential benefits and how to choose the best quality coconut oil that they can find.

Potential Coconut Oil Uses

Although it’s practically impossible to cover all of the potential coconut oil uses, we can cover some of our favorites. With that being said, below are some of our favorite coconut oil uses that consumers might want to consider when they buy this product.

1. Use In Place Of Other Cooking Oils

One of the primary things that the consumer can use coconut oil for is a replacement for butter or other cooking oils. Although this product does have a high amount of saturated fats, some studies have suggested that adding a small number of saturated fats to the diet can help suppress the appetite. For some people, this may result in weight loss over time. However, the consumer shouldn’t use coconut oil as a wholesale replacement of healthier oils like olive or canola oil, but it does make a good replacement for butter and saturated oils.  When used as cooking oil, this product will add a coconut zip to the recipe, too. This is especially nice if a person is making a coconut dessert of some kind.

2. Use To Help Scrapes And Cuts Heal Faster

What many people don’t realize is that coconut oil has antibacterial properties that allow it to help minor scrapes and cuts heal faster. Although this product shouldn’t be used for severe injuries, it works great for injuries such as a skinned knee and helps them to heal faster, especially when used in conjunction with a bandage.

3. Use As A Natural Deodorant

Since coconut oil has antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth and kill yeast and bacteria, it also makes a great deodorant. Yes, if a person wears coconut oil as a deodorant, they’ll probably spend all day smelling like coconut, and they’ll still have to deal with sweat because this oil isn’t an antiperspirant, it still works well for some people. For best results, the consumer should make a homemade deodorant with coconut oil (instead of using it straight on their armpits). Below is a simple recipe for a homemade coconut oil recipe that anyone can make for themselves.

Coconut & Tea Tree Oil Deodorant


  • 1/2-Cup of Aluminum-Free Baking Soda
  • 1/2-Cup of Cornstarch or Arrowroot Powder
  • 5-Tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil
  • 20-Drops of Tea Tree Oil


  • Use a stand or hand mixer to mix the cornstarch (or arrowroot powder) and baking soda.
  • Add in the coconut oil and then add the 20-drops of tea tree oil.
  • Place into an air-tight jar.
  • Use a Popsicle or tongue depressor to apply the deodorant to the underarms.

Note: In an airtight container, homemade coconut oil and tea tree deodorant should last approximately 6-months.

Use As A Moisturizer

Another thing that coconut oil can be used for is as a moisturizer, and in some instances, it’s probably healthier than some of the commercial moisturizers available on the market.

Buying The Best Coconut Oil

Now that we’ve found learned of some uses for coconut oil, it’s time to turn our attention to buying the best coconut oil possible. We’ve taken the time to find out some of the best brands, and we placed them in the above list, but if you don’t like those, then you can use the following tips to find coconut oil that will serve you well. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Choose Cold-Pressed Coconut Oils

If possible, the consumer should try to buy cold-pressed coconut oils. When manufacturers extract this oil from coconuts, they use one of two different methods: either cold-pressed or expeller-pressed extraction. Cold-pressed is a superior extraction method because it doesn’t destroy the nutrients found in natural coconut oil. Unfortunately, expeller-pressed oils are heated, and this can destroy the lauric acid and/or medium-chain fatty acids that are found in the product. We’re not saying that expeller-pressed coconut oil shouldn’t ever be purchased, we’re just saying that cold-pressed oils are superior.

Look For Virgin Or Extra Virgin Oils

It’s also a good idea to choose an oil that is marked Virgin or Extra-Virgin coconut oil. These are usually the highest quality oils available. Refined coconut oil is usually heated at high temperatures, which can result in many micronutrients being destroyed. If the consumer has to buy refined coconut oil, they should make that the label doesn’t have RBD printed on it. RBD stands for refined, bleach and deodorized. That designation means that it’s highly processed, so it should be avoided.