Just because it has the word cheap in it doesn’t mean that a cheap gaming mouse is made from inferior parts or doesn’t have as much value as brand name mice do. No, it only means that the price has been artificially inflated because it has a particular trademarked name or a rather large advertising budget. And that’s why inexpensive mice are an invaluable tool for the budget gamer looking to improve their gameplay.

However, I’m not saying that there aren’t mice which aren’t worth buying because clearly there are such models on the market. They can be easily avoided with just a little bit of research. And that’s precisely what we did with this article. We’ve listed the ten best models currently available so you can buy a model that will elevate your gaming to the next level.

Best Cheap Gaming Mice – Reviews

10Enhance PC Gaming Mouse

This mouse has three adjustable DPI settings that allow the user to choose between 1200, 2400 and 3500 DPI with just the click of a button. This model also has a high-precision optical sensor that provides accurate tracking for improved gaming performance.

It’s also equipped with a braided USB cable that’s durable and is designed to withstand daily use. Other features which can be found on this mouse include dynamic LED lighting that can cycle through seven different colors and vented sides that promote enhanced airflow within the mouse. And it has a stylish design easy-to-use and is beautiful as well.

9Zelotes Wired Gaming Mouse

This 7-button 5500 DPI gaming mouse is designed to help the user take their gameplay to the next level. It’s ergonomically designed, so it’s less likely to cause hand fatigue than comparable models, and it has an optical tracking system that works quite well. It’s made out durable components and has a switch life of 5 million cycles.

Gamers can adjust its resolution from 1,000 DPI all the way to 5,500 DPI, and it has a very precise scroll wheel. This high-quality mouse also has a modern design that makes it as pleasant to look at as it is to use.

8Pictek 6-Button Optical USB Mouse

This unique gaming mouse is versatile enough for office and gaming use. It has four adjustable DPI settings which range from 800 DPI all the way to 2,400 DPI. And these DPI settings can be easily changed with just a click of a button located on top of the mouse.

This mouse also has six breathing LED light modes that can cycle through all of the different colors. This mouse supports PCs using Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista and Windows 10, and also Linux and MAC operating systems. With a lifespan of over five million clicks, this mouse can provide the user with a lot of gaming enjoyment.

7Hiraliy RGB Backlit Mouse

With a rubber painted surface and a sleek right-handed design, this 9-button programmable mouse is very easy to use and is ergonomically designed. It can be used on most Windows OS machines and can be programmed using one of five different profiles for storing different button configurations.

It’s equipped with a PMW3325 gaming chip which gives it 20G acceleration and accurate control. With 5 adjustable DPI settings from 500 to 5,000 DPI, this mouse can be quickly adapted to just about any gaming scenario. It comes with a 6-foot braided-fiber cable that gives the user the room they need to play and is very durable.

6Jin Sun Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

This cheap gaming mouse can be used as either a wired mouse or a wireless one, depending on the needs of the user. When it’s used as an inexpensive wireless mouse, it uses 2.4 GHz technology to ensure that it can communicate with the PC from up to 10-meters away.

It also has a quick-connect design that allows the user to switch quickly and easily from a wireless to a wired connection when the mouse runs out of battery charge. It also has an ergonomic design that helps prevent hand fatigue and is made from high-quality components so it’s designed to last a long time.

5YockTec Programmable Gaming Mouse

This inexpensive gaming mouse allows users to customize the RGB tunable lights to one of approximately a dozen different variations. It also has wide compatibility with a number of operating systems include Windows, MAC and Linux machines. This budget mouse has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use, has 4,000 DPI resolution and features 8 different buttons for gaming.

And it also has an automatic sleep mode that turns it off when the computer is turned off. Since it uses the ADNS-3050 gaming sensor, it also delivers incredibly precise control. This makes it an ideal mouse for just about any PC game.

4Uhuru PC Gaming Mouse

Some of the main features a gamer could want out of a gaming mouse can be found in this model. It has four adjustable DPI levels from 1,200 DPI up to 4,800 FPI and is easily set using its specialized software. This mouse also features six programmable buttons that support macro editing.

With seven color changing breathing LED lights, this mouse is also as beautiful as it is easy to use. It can be used with just about any Windows operating system and has a plug-and-play capability. This mouse features an ergonomic design, a 59-inch braided cable and is built to last the user a long time.

3Havit HV-MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse

This cheap gaming mouse is designed to be used in complex gaming environments such as MMO or MMORPG games. It has 19 fully programmable buttons, an ergonomic right-handed design and a smooth rubber painted surface that can be gripped tightly during intense games.

This unit also has a 1.8-meter braided cable with a gold-plated USB connector to ensure unsurpassed data transmission. And since it is designed to be universally compatible, it can be used on Windows and MAC OS machines. Although it uses too much power to be used with older USB ports, it works nicely on most modern machines.

2VersionTech 2400 DPI Game Mouse

Although this gaming mouse isn’t designed with many of the bells and whistles that comparable gaming mice have, it does have some of the features which matter most. It has four adjustable DPI settings which allow the user to set its DPI from 800 to 2,400 DPI.

It also has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to hold and use, and can be used on a variety of different operating systems. And to top it all off, it also has a unique cracking design that features LED light in seven exciting colors, which really brings a nice ambiance to most games. The best thing about this mouse, however, is its low price.

1Lenrue Wired Gaming Mouse

This inexpensive gaming mouse is designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand and to give them the gaming experience they need. It has four different DPI setting which allows the user to set its resolution from 1,200 DPI all the way to 3,200 DPI. It also features six buttons and has an ultra-precise scroll wheel.

This unit comes with four different LED light colors which change during use and its compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems. This wired mouse has a 1.6-meter USB cord, and foot pads for smooth operation and movement. All of which combine to make this one of the best cheap gaming mice currently available.

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