Cat lovers everywhere know just how much their furry little friends enjoy running and bouncing around whenever they have too much energy to spend, which is why you should consider getting your cat a couple of cat toys if you haven’t already.

Ask any veterinarian and they’ll tell you all about the importance of exercising for any house cat, not only for their muscles but also for their appetite, blood flow, and mental health. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best cat toys the market has to offer at this point in time.

 Best Cat Toys – Reviews

10Easyology Kitty Stick

A feathered toss toy, the Easyology Kitty Stick is an ideal pick for fun and exercise with your kitty. By simply flicking the wrist, you send a brilliant feathered lure soaring across the room, which captures your cat’s attention and activates their natural drive to chase it.

The cat then chases to capture the “prey”, which is a fairly entertaining moment not just for the cat but anyone present. And in case you are not dept enough to draw it back to initiate a new toss, worry not because the toy can be easily pulled back through the stick.

9Amazing Cat Roller by Easyology

Also by Easyology, the Amazing Cat Roller is a cat toy that provides a three-level track-ball toy for keeping even the most vibrant kitten engaged and entertained. They never get bored as they pry the available three bright-colored balls.

The toy works for virtually any cat breeds and Contrary to other models, this toy doesn’t include yarn, strings, feathers, ribbons or any other ornament which might choke your feline. At its bottom, we also find non-skid pads for staying firmly in place while the cat plays with it.

8Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy

Inspire the fierce hunter in your kitty with the interesting 12-pack Kitty Frenzy, featuring colorful mice with proper size and lightweight. The fact that it also features catnip for keeping the cat hunting for long recommends this toy long-term for any energetic cat.

This cat toy helps the cat to exercise their natural instincts to adventure and succeed where they live thanks to toys which excite all their natural play desires.

7Fashion’s Talk-022 Variety Pack

You can provide your lovely feline an interactive way to have fun and exercise with the Fashion’s Talk-022 combo of assorted toys. This toy features a ball, catnip, mice, feathers, and much more, making it one of the best play toys for your cat.

It is a highly versatile model that offers unlimited possibilities for keeping the cats engages for many hours. Not only that but this particular toy has also been tested to survive a fair amount of wear and tear long-term.

6SmartyKat Catnip Mice

The SmartyKat Catnip Mice is a cat toy your favorite feline can surely find fun and exercise by. It features three adorable mice that are spiked with potent catnip for drawing the cat’s interest, leading to a burst of vibrant activity they truly enjoy for long hours.

The catnip is made of chemical-free materials, while the fiberfill is of 100 percent recycled plastic, making the unit both safe for the cat and eco-friendly.

5Petstages Tower of Tracks

The Tower of Tracks from Petstages is a wonderful cat toy with a three-level track design for extra fun. Each level has its ball, making this toy an ideal choice for a group play with even more than one cat.

It also works great for solo fun-time and the fact that it features a sturdy construction and anti-skid bottom pads for remaining stable with rough players recommends it for cats that like to bite and scratch while playing.

4Go Cat Teaser Cat Catcher Wand

Created by Go Cat, the Cat Catcher is a great cat toy, one that acts as a teaser wand that features an attention-drawing mouse attached to its flexible, braided wire, and then connected to the 12-inch glitter wand. This featured mouse is about two inches long while its tail is about three inches long, which makes it quite realistic.

This cat toy provides a great way for you to interact with your kitten as you exercise and/or play. Made of high-quality and safe materials, this toy comes in various color patterns for you to choose from.

3Catit Original Design Senses

Another highly appreciated cat toy, the Catit Original Senses Play Circuit integrates sound, touch and sight aspects, featuring a unique design for enticing, engaging and entertaining your cat as it appeals to their hunting instincts.

Its peek-a-boo track design lets the cat see, chase, and also swat a ball. The unique color combinations of the swirl patterned ball attract and stir the cat’s attention and senses. It allows multiple layout possibilities, and also extra tracks that you can buy separately to further grow the setup.

2Bergan Turbo Scratcher

The Bergan’s popular Turbo Scratcher is another great cat toy, one that offers hours of fun for your cat. It features a channel track with a small fun ball that your furry friend can nudge by the nose or shove with the paws.

At its center, we find a replaceable and very durable, well-textured scratch pad. Interestingly enough, this toy has a stable base for keeping it stable and safe. As such, it keeps your feline entertained so they won’t scratch your furniture anytime soon.

1Cat Dancer – Cat Charmer 301 Wand

Ranked as among, if not the most, popular models of cat toys on the market today, the Cat Charmer 301 by Cat Dancer is a very interactive cat toy crafted to charm, not harm. It features a quite colorful fabric & polycarbonate wand and is designed to provide an exciting aerobic experience for your feline.

It is a safe interactive toy for any cats, kittens, and also kids. Given the fact that it comes in a bright candy-colored choice of colors, you are sure to find the one that is the most likely to entertain your cat.

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