Before we delve into the specifics of finding a good carpet for pets in this day and age, we should take steps to understand what these carpets are all about. Unlike regular carpets, carpets for pets have to meet very specific standards of stain resistance and durability. This is because pets can do quite a number on your regular carpets if you let them, be it by relieving themselves all over the carpet or via wear & tear. Either way, you are advised to invest in a carpet for pets preemptively just to be on the safe side.

Having said that, we should point out that not all carpets for pets are built to the same standards and that some are definitely more durable than others. Not just that but decent carpets are also easier to clean, regardless of their material build and overall design. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you should make an effort and learn as much as you can about what constitutes a good carpet for pets before settling on a purchase. In order to help you through, we put together a list of the ten best carpets for pets that the market has to offer right now for you to look at.

Best Carpets for Pets – Reviews

10Cibicon Dog and Puppies Bed Mat

Crafted specially for lining your pets’ whelping box, the Cibicon Dog and Puppies Bed Mat can be cut to any size without curling up or fraying. Made from high-quality durable fabric, this mat comes equipped with a water-resistant layer that can be easily attached to any surface without slipping or sliding. It also helps in soaking in pet pee, while protecting the surface below the carpet. Designed to keep your pet dry and warm, it features soft fibers that are cozy and comfortable to lie on. Durable, reusable, and very easy to clean, this mat should be washed with a hose or cleaned with a vacuum and line-dried.

9KOOLTAIL Dog Bed Mat Waterproof Pet Blanket

Perfect for small and medium-size dogs, the KOOLTAIL Dog Bed Mat Waterproof Pet Blanket measures 60″ by 40″ and is designed to keep your dog comfortable and warm at all times. Made from durable, non-toxic materials, it features a flannel front and a backside crafted from Sherpa. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use on account of its ingenious design, this carpet can be placed on your bed, sofa or in a dog cage as well as in your car, the lawn or garden.

8EXPAWLORER Self Heating Cat Pad

The EXPAWLORER Self Heating Cat Pad is a premium-grade pet carpet that is crafted from self-heating materials. Featuring a unique thermal structure that radiates heat from your pet back to your pet, it locks in the warm temperature, keeping your pet comfortable and cozy. Ideal for small to large cats and dogs, it measures 28″ by 20″ in size and does not require batteries or electricity. Made with durable materials, it features a soft flannel casing that is cozy and helps reduce soreness in older pets. Perfect for lining crates, pet beds and your car, this heating carpet can also be used on the floor, your sofa or bed during cold winter nights.

7SCIROKKO 2 Pack Dog Food Mat

Reasonably large in size, the SCIROKKO 2 Pack Dog Food Mat is designed to keep your pet comfortable both indoors and outdoors. Made from durable water-absorbent fabric, it doubles up as a pee pad and can also be used to keep your pet’s food and water. Featuring a slip-resistant, waterproof base, it helps protect your floor from scratches and keeps it dry at all times. Thanks to its soft surface, it provides your pets with a soft sensitive touch that not only helps while they sleep but makes them want to go back for more.

6Hamiledyi Reptile Carpet Natural Coconut Fiber Tortoise Carpet

Made from heavy-duty coconut fibers, the Hamiledyi Reptile Carpet Natural Coconut Fiber Tortoise Carpet is a healthy, safe and easy-to-use mat for various kinds of pets. Ideal for reptiles, hamsters, rabbits, lizards, snakes, turtles and more, this carpet helps reduce bad odor and is easy to clean. Durable, high-grade, and extremely portable, this mat is resistant to abrasion, highly absorbent and does not cause discomfort or irritation to the pet.

5AKC Reversible Pet Cooling Mat

The AKC Reversible Pet Cooling Mat is a double-sided pet carpet that comes in a wide range of vibrant colors and patterns. Built to be 100% safe for your pets, children and the environment, this carpet is designed to keep your pet cool and free from stress and dehydration. Especially useful for older pets, it is made from high-quality durable material that is resistant to water and outer damage. Thanks to its rechargeable function, it does not need batteries or refrigeration and recharges itself after 20 minutes of non-use. Perfect for traveling, it is light in weight, ultra-portable and easy to clean.

4Downtown Pet Supply Thermal Cat Pet Dog Warming Bed Mat

Crafted to provide your dogs and cats with the most comfortable sleep, the Downtown Pet Supply Thermal Cat Pet Dog Warming Bed Mat is a cozy and soft carpet that features stylish animal prints Self-warming, this mat does not require any electricity and automatically reflects the heat from your pet’s body. Ideal for cats, kittens, and puppies, senior pets, nursing females or animals suffering from illness or injuries, this mat offers a soothing comfort unlike any other. Light in weight, highly durable, and fairly easy to clean, this mat can be easily washed in the machine in cold water and line dried.

3Mora Pets Ultra Soft Pet Bed

Available in different sizes and patterns, the Mora Pets Ultra Soft Pet Bed is a reversible mat that is vibrant colored and crafted to accentuate your home décor. Made from high-grade fleece with a soft cotton padding, this crate bed helps in protecting your pet’s vertebra and is ideal for senior pets. Light in weight, portable and easy to use, it can be used while you travel, in your vehicles or in your home. Designed for pets weighing up to 10 lbs, it measures a comfortable 21″x21″x1.5″ in size and can be easily washed in the machine with minimal preparation.

2LittleTiger Cat Litter Mat

The LittleTiger Cat Litter Mat is a large size pet carpet that stands out through its impressive construction, providing your pet with ample space to play and rest. Made from high-grade eco-friendly PVC, this mat is slip-resistant and waterproof and stays in place at all times. Tested and approved by experts, it is non-toxic, free from phthalates and safe for you and your pet. Easy to clean and maintain, this mat can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner and can also be washed and line-dried.

1Easyology Premium Large Cat Litter Mat

Available in four subtle colors to choose from, the Easyology Premium Large Cat Litter Mat is another high-quality pet carpet designed to eliminate mess. Unlike most of its kind, this cat carpet features deep grooves that easily hold litter, preventing you from sweeping around the box. Made from durable PVC, it is extra thick and large in size and can trap 37% more litter than other carpets of its kind. Featuring slip-proof material on the base, it ensures the mat stays in place and does not spread the litter across the floor. Light in weight, portable, and very easy to clean, this mat can be vacuumed, soaked and washed without damaging the fabric.

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What To Look For In A Carpet For Pets

When choosing a carpet for your home, you will undoubtedly choose the one that seems most comfortable and pretty to look at. If choosing for your pets, however, there are a few more attributes you need to consider before making a purchase. This is because you simply cannot ask your pets nicely to mind the carpet as they go about their day. You have to make sure that whatever carpet you choose is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes along with having animals inside the house. To ensure that you make the right choice, you should first take the time and educate yourself on what exactly makes a decent carpet for pets and what to take into consideration when buying one.


The material construction of a pet carpet is essential in determining its overall quality, mainly if it’s comprised of long-lasting, durable materials. For the most part, carpets are made from wool, natural fibers, and synthetic fibers like olefin, polyester, and nylon. While wool carpets are by far the softest and most luxurious, they are usually a lot more expensive than carpets made from synthetic materials. Instead, you will find that carpets made from nylon fibers are a lot more widespread on account of their durable, stain-resistant construction. Not just that but both polyester and olefin are cheaper to manufacture and thus, render the carpets somewhat inexpensive.


It should be said that carpets for pets are usually thinner than your average carpet due to their intended purpose. As such, they commonly incorporate materials that are easier to produce at reduced costs, which make the carpets more affordable and easier to come by. We already pointed out that carpets for pets are made mostly from synthetic materials, which needless to say, aren’t all that prominent or bulky by design. Considering their intended use, even thin carpets for pets can be expected to provide better durability than your average carpet.


When we talk about VOC we refer to the Volatile Organic Compounds used in the making of a carpet. With carpets for pets, you need to avoid synthetic compounds that might cause harm to your pets, because unlike humans who rarely lay down on the carpet, your furry little friends will most likely spend hours in direct contact with the carpet. If you can, check out the carpet’s packaging or manufacturer manifest to find out how dangerous the carpet is according to VOC standards.

Stain Protection

You need to understand that a carpet for pets is designed to handle stains of a wide variety. No matter how good of a pet owner you may be, you will never fully safeguard your things from the stains that pets occasionally cause by their very nature. So instead, you have to make sure that you can easily clean up after them when the unavoidable happens, which is where a decent carpet for pets comes into play. These carpets are constructed using fibers like nylon or polyester that render them very easy to clean.


You will also notice that some carpets feature a moisture barrier padding of sorts that is supposed to make the carpets easy to maintain. Depending on the nature of this padding, the carpet may keep out unwanted moisture or at the very least make the carpet easy to clean. In this regard, moisture barrier padding is supposed to prevent the liquid from reaching the floorboard, and thus make the liquid easier to dispose of. You should bear in mind that no matter how good the padding may be, you cannot expect it to work wonders past a reasonable threshold, so try your best to clean up after your pet as soon as you notice anything wrong.


While some carpets for pets are intended for dogs and cats, you will also find the occasional carpet that deals with the needs of peculiar animals. When it comes to most carpets, it is best to look for a nylon-based construction as this is the best design in regards to animal hair and vomit. You will also find that some carpets incorporate a polypropylene or olefin setup, a design that is extremely stain-resistant by most standards. Most versatile carpets tend to be synthetic in nature, thin, and rather flexible by design, which is exactly what you want from a carpet of any kind.

Big Animals VS Small Animals

Some people seem to think that carpets for pets are universal in nature and that they meet the same structural parameters. In reality, some carpets are designed for small animals like cats, guinea pigs, or small dogs, while others are intended for larger dog breeds or any other large animal. Believe it or not but the carpets intended for smaller animals are actually more pleasant to look at albeit a little more expensive than the ones designed for large animals.

  • Big Animals Carpets – When choosing a carpet for large pets, bear in mind that these carpets are prone to taking a lot of damage over time. Regardless of how well you may take care of the carpet, it will eventually succumb to wear and tear, especially if you have an energetic pet. So in this regard, you may want to invest in a cheaper carpet as long as you find a suitable version in the low-end part of the price spectrum, but try your best not to compromise on quality.
  • Small Animals Carpets – With small animals, you get a little more freedom in the selection process, mainly because smaller animals have a lesser impact on the structural integrity of the carpet. The only thing you have to worry about is the timely cleanup of whatever mess the pets may have made because even carpets for pets can get permanently stained if the mess isn’t cleaned in a timely fashion. Whatever the case, you should know that some people prefer to buy a cheaper carpet for their pets, one that they can replace with ease and without spending too much money in the process.