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Cars are dear to many of us; and not only because they help us get around, but also because of their enviable aesthetics. Therefore, if you are proud of your car, you should ensure that it gets the very best care and maintenance. A good car wash soap is a pretty good start in this regard. For one thing, a bad soap may ruin the car’s paint and have its looks falling apart a lot sooner than expected.

The problem is that some manufacturers are willing to cut corners when making these soaps, and this results in these cleaning products having compounds that should never have any contact with a car’s paint. Consequently, only the best car wash soaps will help keep your car’s appearance in pristine condition.

Best Car Wash Soaps & Shampoos – Reviews

10Griot’s Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish Car Wash

This car wash soap is a high-viscosity solution that is biodegradable, safe, and beautifully scented for a special car cleaning experience. The soap is designed to provide more suds for greater lubrication. This ensures that the paintwork on the car can be preserved during the cleaning process. Some soaps are notorious at corroding a car’s paint.

9Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo

Cleaning cars is peculiar in that you have you have to use a soap that is gentle to the car’s surface and yet strong enough to get rid of even the most challenging stains.

The good thing is that this particular car wash soap is capable of this and even more. In particular, although this soap is strong enough to get rid of tough stains, it is also pH neutral to ensure that your car’s paintwork is not ruined during the cleaning process.

8Armor All 10346 Ultra Shine Wash and Wax

There are quite a number of car wash soaps that will deliver impressive cleaning results. But Armor All goes well beyond this by having other great features as well. For instance, it will even ensure that water beads on your car’s paint after making it dirt-free and giving it a mirror-like shine. Beyond that, the wash is also capable of restoring the deeply radiant paint color that makes people stand and take notice of your car.

7TriNova Car Wash Concentrate – Soap and Conditioner

In addition to serving the dual role of being a soap and a shampoo, this cleaning product also works well with both bucket washes and foam gun washes. But besides these strong selling points, the soap/conditioner is also very safe and offers incredible value for money.

Its effectiveness against dirt and grime, as well as things like grease and grit should easily makes this TriNova car washing solution a truly amazing thing to have in your car cleaning and maintenance arsenal. That makes it an easy and well-considered purchase for those who need to have a professional looking cleaning job without having to pay someone else to do the job. Also, as an added bonus, you get a chenille microfiber glove.

6Chemical GuysMaxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap

The makers of this cleaning product have labeled it as state-of-the-art because it is not only very reliable as a car cleaning agent, but also is also very safe. And that is quite a huge plus – the soap is made of natural products. Beyond this, this cleaner is able to work both indoors and outdoors in the sun.

There are some car cleaning options that will not deliver their best results when it is  too hot outside, but this particular soap does not have such issues. In fact, because it is made using water softeners, this Chemical Guys car wash soap will reduce streaking and water spots that appear after you have rinsed your car clean.

5Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

Even if washing your car is your ultimate goal, you don’t have to wait until you own a premium car wash soap before thinking of other car care products. At least not with this kit from Meguiars. The 12-piece package consists of several quality products and accessories that should help you clean your car and make it shiny and well protected as well.

This car care kit consists of a rich and luxurious Gold Class Car Wash for a sparkling clean car, Gold Class Carnauba Plus liquid wax for better reflection and finish protection, as well as an Endurance Tire Gel for better-looking and longer-lasting tires.

4Mothers California Gold Car Wash

This suggestively car wash soap lives up to its name by providing your car with wall the care it needs even while ridding it of dirt. That is because the wash has a unique blend of cleaning power and the ability to care for your car’s looks. You will also not have to worry about the formula removing the waxing on your car, or dealing with water spots after each cleaning job.

3Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine

This washing solution is perfect for people who want quick and evident results while cleaning up their cars. In addition to having the power to release dirt and grime fast and effectively, this soap will also give your car a brilliant shiny finish.

This Optimum wash and shine product is meant to work on many kinds of surfaces, which should quell the concerns of those who think that its application range might be limited in this regard.

2Aero Waterless Car Wash Kit

Because of this waterless cleaning solution, you can clean your car without any water. The water-based cleaning solution can be gentle on your car while also getting rid of all sorts of stains for truly satisfying results.

You only need to spray the product on your car and wipe if dry, leaving it sparkling clean. For those concerned about the product and what damage it might do for the environment, it is worth remembering that this cleaning solution is biodegradable. It does not even irritate the skin or the eyes.

1Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

This car wash soap will do a lot more than get your car clean – it will also condition the paintwork. But to be honest, its impressive cleaning ability is where its greatest strengths lie. Meguiar’s G7164 can remove even the toughest forms of dirt, including road grime.

But even when so effective against all kinds of dirt, this car wash soap will still ensure that your car’s wax remains in place. The cleaning solution can also make the car’s paint a little more radiant than it was previously. All this should help explain why this car wash soap has so easily won the hearts of many car owners.

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