Many people can’t stand the inside of their car, either because the air is not breathable or it’s stuffy. It becomes even worse during the cold season when it’s almost impossible to drive with your windows down. Sometimes the air in the car gets congested with exhaust fumes, dust particles as well as bacteria. In other cases, the air can smell so bad that it becomes uncomfortable for you and your passengers enjoy your ride. Since the space inside is so limited, things can get bad real quick.

Luckily, with a small car air purifier, you can get rid of bad odors and clean the air inside your car. An air purifier does what an air freshener can’t, and that is to get rid of the undesired particles and odors. Below is a quick run through 10 of the best car purifiers in the market that we thought you would love.

Best Car Air Purifiers – Reviews

10Tsumbay Car Air Purifier

This purifier will work on any type of vehicle as long as it has the 12-volt cigarette-lighter slot. Its design is quite simple in nature but very functional and inserting into the cigarette-lighter is also easy.

Once you plug it in, the device goes to work instantly, and you can start feeling the difference in as little as 3 minutes. It’s very effective in clearing many odors from your car including smoke, sweat, pet dander and cigarette. Its minimalistic design also saves space while improving practicality.

9OSCOO Car Air Purifier

OSCOO purifier has been a leader in the Car Air Purifier category in the market for a while now. It has very impressive performance for its simple design and small size. The unpleasant odor will disappear in a very short time after installing it.

The purifier removes smoke, dust, bacteria, odors, pollen and a whole lot of other impurities. Additionally, its advanced formulation makes the nice fresh smell lasts for a long time. The device itself is small, lightweight and can fit in many places inside your car.

8JFA Car Air Purifier

The JFA Car Air Purifier combines a number of technologies to help improve the quality of air inside your car. It’s relatively large in size meaning that it can comfortably handle larger air volumes while improving efficiency compared to regular purifiers.

The purifier is powered by 12 volts and can absorb up to 99.4% of all small particles and smells. The device pulls in contaminated air through the middle segment and emits fresh air through

7Greatic Car Air Purifier

This is perhaps the purest Car Air Purifier you will find in the market. It instantly cleans the air in your car without introducing harmful compounds. It works well with many types of cars and its best at clearing food smell, sweat, and other unpleasant odors.

Its mode of action doesn’t involve just covering up the smell; it instead completely eliminates the unpleasant smell and makes the environment fresh once again. In addition to that, the purifier releases a nice fresh scent that leaves your car smelling awesome all day long.

6Homdox Car Air Purifier

If you want something that can handle all the small particles, bad odors, and allergens and still look stylish, then homdox Car Air Purifier is your kind of device. The multiple technologies used in this purifier enable it to collect over 99.9% of all the air allergens and contaminants in your car.

This makes it very effective and it comes at a very competitive price. The device itself has small openings surrounding the top side that provides the fresh clean air. The air to be cleaned is pulled in at the bottom to be taken through various layers of filtration.

5Vatru Mini Car Air Purifier

The Vatru Mini is compact and offers impressive performance for its size. It’s designed to be plugged directly into the cigarette slot and uses 12 volts. The basic designs mean it’s easy to use and comes at friendly price despite its commendable performance. The device can reduce bad odors in addition to smoke, mold, bacteria, and pollen. Additionally, the device has a sensor that enables it to determine when to turn on and off.

The design is quite sturdy with blue LED indicators on the top side. For those who take the interior design of their cars very seriously, the device comes in various colors so you can choose your preferred color. The small compact design also means that it can fit pretty much anywhere in your car.

4ProtoAir Car Air Purifier

The ProtoAir is capable of using different technologies at the same time to improve the quality of air in your car. It can work as an ozone generator, ionizer, and air purifier. A combination of all these functionalities can eliminate almost all the air impurities in your car.

The impressive performance and low price tag have made it such a popular device. As you would expect, an ionizer increases negatively charged oxygen atoms in the air. The purification function will help to clear the bad odors and particles.

3EXTRA-O Car Air Purifier

The design looks more or less like regular purifiers, but the performance is far much beyond regular. What makes this a favorite to many people is the fact that it does the job really well and comes at a modest price. The device fits in a regular cigarette lighter socket and removes bad odors and most particles.

The casing of the device is made of metal with a small outlet at the top for capturing particles and releasing negatively charged oxygen ions. It also comes with an adapter so you can use it at home as well.

2FRiEQ Car Air Purifier

This car air purifier looks quite similar to most of the regular purifiers on this list which are powered by the cigarette lighter slot. The design is compact and sturdy with a metal casing and blue LED indicators to let you know when the device is running. The device doesn’t require any maintenance as it doesn’t use filters.

If you are a smoker or have pets, you can be sure that the FRiEQ Car Air Purifier will keep the inside of your car refreshed. Apart from clearing odors and particles, the purifier also acts as an ionizer


You might not be familiar with the Earth-Air brand, but it’s actually quite popular and performs decently in its price range. If you have a limited budget, this compact purifier will offer great air purification without compromising quality.

Additionally, the purifier doesn’t need any maintenance. Like other car air purifiers, this device removes particles, odors and other air contaminants in addition to acting as an ionizer.

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