Statistics show that a majority of all road accidents are a result of human error, with faulty car parts being a close second. No matter how good you may be as a driver, you have to make sure that your car is in perfect driving condition at all times. In this respect, you might want to check the parts that are more prone to damage, like brake pads, transmission fluid, sparks, or any other seemingly small yet highly impactful piece that might end up saving your life under the right circumstances. Speaking of brake pads, we thought it would be wise to put up a list of the ten best brake pads out there for you to look at, a good enough place as any for you to start.

Best Brake Pads – Reviews

10Wagner ThermoQuiet QC787

Wagner is among the biggest brake pads manufacturers on the planet and their ThermoQuiet QC787 brake pads are a perfect example of why that is. These pads significantly enhance the braking ability of your car and keep you safe on any road condition – dry or wet.

They are also universally designed to fit any vehicle without professional assistance. Not only that but they are constructed out of high-quality ceramic and deliver durability like no others.

9Toyota Genuine Parts 04466-06090

There is no denying that Toyota is a world-renowned car brand, one that produces high quality and premium performing accessories and parts. The Toyota Genuine Parts 04466-06090 brake pads are a perfect example of their excellence, pads that enjoy a universal and durable design that can be fitted onto any car.

Every pad delivers an exceptional and smooth braking performance. They are also quite affordable and offer great value for their price.

8ACDelco 14D1159CH Advantage

With ACDelco’s 14D1159CH Advantage brake pads in your car, you get an impressive performance at all times. These pads will stop your vehicle almost instantly, even at high speeds. They also work exceptionally well on wet and dry roads equally and give you a noise-free and dust-free experience.

At the same time, they benefit from a universal design that can be fitted easily onto any car and wheel without any professional help. It also has to be said that these pads are made from ceramic and ensure a quick and efficient stopping time.

7Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium

Coming from a reputable company, the Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium brake pads are a remarkable set of pads that truly improve your vehicle’s performance. They are extremely durable and don’t break apart easily, even under extreme conditions.

With them, you get to enjoy a smooth and quiet drive every time you go for a ride. Using both pressure and heat technologies to mold these brake pads, unmatched durability is what you get, the type few brake pads can match.

6Akebono ACT537 ProACT

For those of you looking for affordable brake pads that deliver top performance along with durability, the Akebono ACT537 ProACT might just be the perfect choice. These pads are definitely better than metallic and semi-metallic brake pads and give your vehicle a longer life as compared to other pads.

They are not only easy to install without any professional assistance but are very quiet as well. Made from high-quality ceramic, these brake pads enhance the performance of your car significantly.

5ACDelco 17D785CH Professional

These truly certified ACDelco 17D785CH Professional pads deliver an unmatched performance every time you drive. They are extremely durable and degrade much slower than regular brake pads, at least as far as sturdiness is concerned. These pads have passed the SAE J2784 tests that are essential for testing their braking effectiveness.

Even though these brake pads are quite affordable, their performance can be far better than the pricier models out there. Furthermore, they are made from ceramic and help your car perform excellently on both dry and wet surfaces.

4Akebono ACT905 ProACT

Combining a stellar performance along with a premium design, the Akebono ACT905 ProACT brake pads stand out for all the right reasons. They not only enhance the performance of your car but also give it an extended life too. The brake pads do not collect dust in a hurry and keep your wheels clean for longer.

We should also point out that these pads are made from ceramic which makes them impressively durable and they also help in stopping the car quicker. Interestingly enough, these pads have a high melting and low freezing point which makes them excessively quiet, even after months of use.

3Akebono ACT914 ProACT

Made by one of the biggest names in automobile accessories the Akebono ACT914 ProACT brake pads are compatible with practically every car which makes them universally recognized. They are also extremely reliable which means they perform extremely well under any circumstances.

With a durability that is hard to match, you can use these brake pads for months at a time without the fear of having to change them. They are also made from ceramic and deliver almost instant stoppage at any speed. More so, they are extremely quiet and easy to install.

2Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465A

With the finely designed Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465A brake pads, you get not only safety but reliability as well. Made from premium quality ceramic, these brake pads are extremely durable and improves the vehicle’s stopping power by a whopping 15% or more.

The biggest advantage these pads hold is that they can be fitted onto any car, domestic or foreign, and can be done without professional help. Because of its ceramic construction, these brake pads are extremely quiet and leave you with a smooth and noise-free drive every time.

1Akebono ACT787 ProACT

The Akebono ACT787 ProACT brake pads are remarkable by most standards, which is reflected by the tremendous popularity they enjoy. These pads come with a premium design and are created to fit any vehicle from sedans to SUVs. Made from high-quality ceramic, the gripping power of these brake pads are exceptional.

Even at high speeds and wet roads, these pads will bring your vehicle to a full stop within just a few seconds. They are also extremely quiet and do not squeak when in use. Last but not least, you can rest assured that these brake pads will perform well in virtually any condition.

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