Regardless of whether you’re looking for boxing gloves that can be used in the ring, or simply need a pair for sparring or bag work, then you are going to want to make sure that you buy the best ones possible. After all, inferior gloves not only run the risk of fraying and cracking, but they also fail to provide the boxer’s hands with the protection he or she needs.

It can be overwhelming to look for a pair of gloves due to a large number of gloves available. Which is why we’ve decided to find the ten best pairs available and list them in the article below. For our reader’s convenience, we’ve also listed a guide on how to buy gloves for the gym or the ring.

Best Boxing Gloves – Reviews

10Ringside Apex Muay Thai Training Gloves

Athletes who need to push their training sessions to the limits may want to take a closer look at these sparring gloves. They are made with a tapered wrap-around closure that makes them easy to slip on and off but provides the wrist support that boxers need during long training sessions. They are made with injected molded foam technology that provides the boxer’s hands with better protection and is better equipped for dealing with the rigors of training. They’re also equipped with a molded hand compartment that provides the ideal fist alignment for fist strikes. And it’s stay-dry lining helps to wick away sweat efficiently.

9Venum Elite Bag Gloves

Designed to be exclusively used for bag work, these bag gloves are ideal for boxers, self-defense students or fitness boxing advocates. They’re handmade in Thailand using a high-quality premium Skintex leather that holds up to heavy daily training. These gloves are made with a triple density foam that helps to absorb shocks and are made with long cuffs that help to protect the wrists. They also have reinforced palms which only add to their durability. Available in a variety of different colors and in sizes from 8-ounces to 16-ounces, there’s a pair of these gloves suitable for just about anyone.

8Elite Sports Sparring Gloves

Boxers and kickboxers alike need to own at least one good pair of sparring gloves to keep their skills sharp, and these gloves may be just what they need. These gloves can hold up to constant workouts, even after months and months of training. They are made with a Maya hide leather that’s not only durable but is also lightweight as well. They also have Velcro wrist closures that come with a leather wrist strap and makes putting the gloves on nice and simple. Available in numerous sizes including sizes as small as 4-ounces to sizes as large as 16-ounces, there are a pair of these gloves suitable for any child or adult.

7Trideer Pro Grade Training Gloves

These boxing gloves are designed to hold up to frequent workouts without a significant loss in performance. They’re made with a PU leather that’s resistant to moisture and sweat and is designed to hold up to heavy use. They also have a high amount of foam that provides a good amount of cushioning for the boxer’s hands and helps to absorb some of the jarring shocks that come with multiple bag strikes. Inside of the gloves is a cotton lining that helps prevent friction and allows air to reach the boxer’s hands. All of these features allow these gloves to easily take their place in just about any home or professional gym.

6Twins Special Multipurpose Training Gloves

These high-quality gloves are available in sizes as small as 8-ounces to sizes as large as 16-ounces, so there’s a pair of gloves available for just about anyone. These quality gloves are also available in one of three different colors: black, blue or pink. They’re made in Thailand using high-quality materials and have Velcro closures that allow them to be easily put on and taken off. Since the outer portion of these gloves is made from leather and the inner portion is made from a composition leather, these training gloves will hold up to even the harshest workouts without fail.

5Fairtex Breathable Thai-Style Gloves

These all-purpose training gloves are designed to be used for bag work but can also easily be used for sparring sessions as well. They have an ergonomic design and are handmade in Thailand from quality leather. These gloves are equipped with a mesh inner material that helps air circulate around the boxer’s hands and comes with Velcro straps that make them easier to slip on and off. Made with a tight-fit design, these gloves are not only comfortable to wear but stay firmly on the hands at all times. And since they’re equipped with a 3-layer foam system, they absorb and distribute bag shocks quite well, which helps protect the boxer’s hands.

4RDX EGO Professional Fighting Gloves

Manufactured using Maya-Hide leather and extra-thick shock absorbing foam, these boxing gloves are not only durable, but they protect the boxer’s hands quite well. These gloves are also equipped with the S.P.P ventilation system that allows air to circulate around the athlete’s hands and helps to decrease sweat during training sessions. Designed to be versatile gloves that can be used for either bag training or sparring, these gloves are useful in any gym. And since they help to keep the boxer’s hands properly aligned during bag strikes, these gloves will also help to keep the boxer safe from incidental training accidents.

3RDX Kid’s Boxing Gloves

Children have special needs when it comes to boxing gloves. They need a pair that will not only hold up to rough use but will also protect the child’s hands. Fortunately, these kid’s boxing gloves accomplish both of these tasks quite well. They’re designed with dense latex padding that helps to absorb shocks, and they also have a special layer of foam to protect the knuckle area. Since they’re designed for children, they also have a special wrist design that uses a special elastic that makes it easy for the child to put them on or take them off. And finally, it has a moisture wicking inner lining that helps air circulate around the child’s hands.

2Hayabusa T3 Multipurpose Gloves

Boxers work hard to stay in shape, so they need a pair of training gloves that will work as hard as they do. And fortunately, these gloves are designed to hold up to some pretty tough workouts. They are made with a quality synthetic microfiber leather that is resistant to cracking, tearing and surface abrasions. Inside of the PU leather is an odor-resistant fabric that inhibits bacterial growth and keeps the gloves odor-free longer than conventional bag gloves. Additional features found on these gloves include a four splint wrist alignment system, a dual strap closure system and multi-layers of foam to absorb bag impacts.

1Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Available in black, red or pink, and in sizes from small to extra-large, there’s a pair of these gloves that are suitable for just about any boxer. These gloves are designed to hold up to the rigors of the gym and do it while protecting the boxer’s hands. They’re made with an all-leather outer that holds up well to surface abrasions and doesn’t crack or tear like lesser glove materials have a tendency of doing. For the comfort and to ensure a snug fit, these gloves also have a wraparound wrist strap that’s user adjustable. Inside of these gloves, there’s also a gel-enforced lining that absorbs shocks and helps to prevent them from reaching the boxer’s hands.

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How To Buy Boxing Gloves

There are a lot of boxing gloves available nowadays. There are sparring gloves, bag gloves, competition gloves, and all-purpose training gloves. Lump those in with the mixed martial art gloves, and you’ll end up with a market that’s completely saturated. And that can make it extremely difficult for anyone to find the pair of gloves that they need for boxing.

We’ve decided to fix that problem, however. We have decided to write this guide which will go over some of the basics that both aspiring and professional boxers need to consider before buying a new pair of gloves. Although we won’t go over every single aspect that needs to be examined, we will give you a basic overview that will enable you to purchase your next pair of gloves with confidence.

The Types of Boxing Gloves Available

The first thing that you need to consider before you buy a new pair of boxing gloves is what type of gloves that you are going to need. There are several different varieties of gloves available, and each of them has its own pros and cons. Below we’ve listed some of the more common types available with a short description of what they can be used for, so you can choose a pair that fits your needs.

If you go over the following list, you’ll likely notice that mixed martial art or MMA gloves are blatantly missing from the listing of glove types. That’s because although we consider them to be a type of boxing gloves, we also believe that they deserve their own category separate from boxing gloves.

  • Bag Gloves: Bag gloves are obviously made to be used in the gym, and are made with stiff layers of foam that protect the boxer’s hands during training sessions. They are also designed to give the boxer the wrist support they need to throw one punch after another. Bag gloves should never be worn against an opponent because the foam is stiffer than other types of gloves.
  • Sparring Gloves: Sparring gloves are made with just enough padding to protect the opposing boxer in the training ring but don’t have as much padding as a pair of competitive boxing gloves. They are designed to be lightweight so boxers can strike and guard quickly. The heavier the sparring gloves, the higher the shock absorbency provided by them.
  • All-Purpose Training Gloves: These gloves are designed to be used for both sparring and bag work. They are firm enough to be used on punching bags but are light absorb enough shock to be used as a sparring glove. Although these gloves are a good option for beginners, advanced boxers will want to get separate pairs of gloves for sparring and bag work. That’s because gloves tend to break down after long bag sessions, which reduces their effectiveness in the sparring ring.

Choosing A Boxing Glove Size

We could’ve written a whole guide on choosing the correct size of boxing gloves because there are so many variables that need to be considered. There’s the size of the fighter, the type of boxing they’re doing and what type of competition they’re engaged in. As a result, we simply can’t go over all of these variables in this limited amount of space, so we’ll give you a basic overview of how to choose a glove size.

For most novices, the following guide is more than good enough for them to choose a good pair of gloves. Professional boxers, on the other hand, may have to consider other factors besides the following to get the best glove size for their sport. It should be noted that boxing glove sizes are determined by their weight. The smallest gloves are 10-ounces and the largest gloves are 20-ounces or higher.

Sparring Gloves Weight Considerations

  • Adults or children under 120-pounds: 12 to 14-ounces
  • Adults 120 to 150-pounds: 14 to 16-ounces
  • Adults 150 to 180-pounds: 16 to 18-ounces
  • Adults over 180-pounds: 18 to 20-ounces

All-Purpose Training Gloves Weight Considerations

  • Adults or children under 120-pounds: 10-ounces
  • Adults 120 to 150-pounds: 12 to 14-ounces
  • Adults 150 to 180-pounds: 14 to 16-ounces
  • Adults over 180-pounds: 16 to 18-ounces

Lace-Up Or Wrap Around Closures

The last thing a boxer is going to want to consider is whether they want lace-up gloves or ones that have a wrap-around enclosure. Although lace up gloves provide a more secure and custom fits, wrap around closures certainly have their place in the conversation. Most professionals will want to use lace up gloves during competitive bouts, but some boxers may like the convenience of lace up gloves in the gym. That’s because gloves with wrap-around enclosures are easy to put on and just as easy to take off.