Your baby’s health is critical that is why anything you use on him or she has to be clean. With feeding bottles, using the dishwasher or hand washing is not enough to assure you that the jars are clean. as a result, why you need bottle sterilizers and warmers.

They ensure 99.9% killing of bacteria on your child’s bottles. There are many brands of sterilizers and warmers. However, here is a review of the ten best products to consider purchasing.

Best Bottle Sterilizers and Warmers – Reviews

10Nutrihome Bottle Warmer, Bottle Sterilizer, and Formula

This is a multifunctional product. Apart from warming bottles, it heats breast milk and baby food. The product has accurate temperature control settings.104F for heating milk, 158F for heating food and 212F for sterilizing bottles. This saves you some cash as one item does three things. Besides, Nutrihome comes with a bottle cover, clip, and brush for extra hygiene.

Nutrihome is easy to use. Use a knob to turn it on, add water and choose the mode to use. Use it with bottles of any size. With the bottle warmer, it allows you heat two bottles. The material used to make the product is safe. The core is made of ceramic that is high temperature resistant. The shell, on the other hand, is made of food grade PP material.

9Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine

This is a fantastic electric steam sterilizer. It is suitable for most pacifiers, breast pump parts, glass, plastic and feeding bottles. It has a 4-in-1 functionality where you can choose to use sterilizer only, sterilizer and dryer, dryer just or storage system. These four modes make it efficient and are easily accessible through the control panel.

The sterilizer only takes 8minutes to sterilize. It keeps your baby bottles sterile for 24 hours when inside the closed sterilizer. Baby Brezza automatically switches to drying mode and auto shuts. There are 30, 45 and 60minute drying cycles. There is no need to worry about forgetting the bottles in the sterilizer. The sterilizer fits six bottles at once. The size or material is not an issue.

8The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer and Cooler

The fact that this is both a warmer and fresher makes it even more desirable to buy. It is also a good pacifier sterilizer. You will have access to a removable cooler that holds two bottles at a time. It ensures they stay cool all night. It then warms the bottle quickly when need is within minutes. The built-in night light is perfect for night use.

The warmer is suitable for warming breast milk, formula and food jars for your little one. You will love the auto shut off feature in case you are too busy, or you forget that the warmer was on. About bottles to use with this brand, most wide, narrow, angled and disposables are a match for this warmer.

7Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer

This product has a great design. The white and gray color combo looks fantastic. Using the sterilizer at any given time is easy. The removable tray enables you to place the bottles in the right position so that steam reaches them well. Deluxe can sterilize six bottles at a go. It is compatible with bottles from other manufacturers apart from Dr.Brown. There are electronic controls to help you operate the device.

The auto shutoff is an added advantage. The built-in tray holds pacifiers, nipples and bottle parts are perfectly preventing any drops whatsoever. The tongs and measuring cup make Deluxe more user-friendly as they make your work a lot easier.

6Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer

If you are looking for a warmer that you can carry on the go in your car, Munchkin should be a worthwhile purchase. Its grey color looks great. It has a handle with excellent grip to prevent slipping through your fingers when carrying. It efficiently and evenly warms breast milk and bottled formula within the shortest time possible.

The flexible heating band works well with any bottle. The warmer fits most bottles and car cup, holders. Plug it into your car adapter outlet, and you are good to go. Fixing it to the adapter is very easy. The timer display lights up thus great for use at night.

5Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

The fact that this product uses steam and not chemicals to sterilize items makes it safer and healthier for babies. Within six minutes you will have your baby’s feeding items ready. The automatic shut off offers more user safety and safety of whatever is in the sterilizer. After it shuts off, it takes 10minutes to cool before you can use it again for warming.

Ensure you have the lid on if you want the sterilization to last for 24hours. The 3-in-1 flexible mode design allows you use a variety of bottles (all wide neck and narrow neck bottles), pumps and accessories in the sterilizer. Philips 3-in-1 can hold up to six Philips Avent 11-ounce bottles.

4Kiinde Kozii Warmer

Kiinde does a great job when it comes to warming bottles and breast milk. Its water flow warms contents fast and gently. You do not need to add water each time you use the warmer. This means it is good at using water efficiently. The timer is easy to use. Simply turn the knob. It lets you know how much longer to wait before the milk or bottle is ready for use. The auto shutoff takes care of your bottles.

It prevents damage due to overheating. The other unique feature of this product is its universal warming chamber. It is excellent for some things including breast milk, formula, food jars, plastic, glass, liner bottles and storage bags. It adheres to CDC and USDA regulations thus safe for human use.

3The First Years Bottle Warmer

It comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from apart from white. It works fast saving you more time. It is great for breast milk, formula, baby food jars and pacifiers in few minutes. The auto shut-off ensures you save energy. The First Year warmer is usable for most wide neck, straight, narrow and angled bottle not forgetting disposable containers.

The warmer does not come with bottles; you will have to buy them separately. The BPA free feature ensures your baby’s food is not contaminated when in the warmer. The modern look makes this product look elegant.

2Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Philips seems to a trusted brand among users when it comes to home electronics. With its microwave steam sterilizer, expect 99.9% efficiency at killing harmful microorganisms in just two minutes. It is compatible with most microwave brands in the market. It is spacious enough to accommodate bottles, breast pump parts, and other accessories.

Provided lid of the sterilizer is on, whatever you place inside it is sterile for the next 24hours. The other thing that will make you like this product is the fact that it is compact, easy to use, light, fast, and BPA free (safe for your child’s health). The safety clips keep the lid in place while the side grips stay cooled to protect your hands from burns.

1Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

This efficient product promises quick operation. It only takes three minutes to warm food and is safe for use. The warmer comes with both warming and defrost settings making it ideal for users. It is also suitable for heating baby food apart from sterilizing bottles.

It is easy using this item. It is a matter of plugging it and switching on. There is a light indicator to show you it is on. Philips Avent is compact and small-sized thus takes up less space. Be assured of uniformly warmed food that is great for your baby. However, it does not come with bottles.

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A Parent’s Guide To Bottle Sterilizers

There is no doubt about it—every household with a bottle-fed baby should own a bottle sterilizer. That’s because these devices help to eliminate bacteria from bottles and helps to prevent many of the food-borne illnesses that make babies sick every single day. And when choosing one of the devices, parents want to make sure that they choose one that they can depend on and one that does the job right.

Finding the best bottle sterilizer isn’t always easy, especially with so many different models on the market at any one time. Therefore, consumers need to do their research and find out which one is right for their baby. To assist parents with this goal, we’ve decided to write this guide. Inside of it, parents will find out everything they need to know about buying and using bottle sterilizers so that they can assure that their baby stays happy and healthy.

The Dangers Of Dirty Bottles

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s the fact that dirty bottles make babies sick and they can even make them so sick that it poses a risk to their life. Dirty bottles can cause food poisoning, and even Cronobacter Infection—an infection that can cause sepsis or meningitis. Therefore, parents must make sure that their baby’s bottle, nipple, and all bottle accessories are cleaned and sterilized. Although the most practical and efficient way for a parent to sterilize their bottles is to use a bottle sterilizer, even if a parent doesn’t own one of these devices, they should still go through the process of making sure their baby’s bottles are thoroughly sterilized.

A Guide To Buying Bottle Sterilizers

Since we’ve established the importance of buying the best bottle sterilizers available, we thought that we’d write this section on how to buy a bottle sterilizer and warmer. We feel that this section will make it a lot easier for parents to choose a model that works for them. This is true whether they choose one of the models on our top ten list or look for sterilizers elsewhere.

Step One: Differentiate Between Sterilizers & Warmers

The first thing that any parent should do is determine which sterilizers are also warmers and which sterilizers are not. Some bottle sterilizers only sterilize bottles, and some have a feature that allows them to warm bottles. And this means that while some warmers have sterilizing features, but not all of them do. Therefore, parents should be extremely careful when they’re choosing a model that they feel is a sterilizer, a sterilizer with a warmer or just a warmer, so they can be sure they buy exactly what they need to buy.

Step Two: Determine Sterilizer’s Capacity

The next thing that parents should figure out is the size of the bottle sterilizer that they need. The best models are capable of sterilizing anywhere from 6 to 9 bottles at a time, but not everyone wants to own a unit that takes up that much counter space. If counter space is an issue, the consumer can always purchase a model that sterilizes 1 or 2 bottles at a time, but they should be aware that they will probably spend a lot of time loading and sterilizing bottles, especially if they intend on having a full day’s worth of feedings prepared in their refrigerator.

Step Three: Different Temperature Settings

Another thing to consider is just how many different temperature settings a particular model offers. Some models only offer one heat setting, while others might offer 3 or more different settings. Having the ability to choose different heat settings allows the sterilizer to be used with a variety of different bottles.

Step Four: A Default Drying Feature

A drying feature isn’t strictly necessary for a bottle sterilizer to be useful to the consumer, but it does take away from the tediousness of drying bottles by hand. When choosing a model with an automatic drying feature, look for one that has preset drying times from 40-minutes to 99-minutes for greater flexibility.

How To Use A Bottle Sterilizer

Once the consumer has found the best bottle sterilizer for their needs, it’s time for them to figure out how to use that machine properly. Below are some tips that will help parents get their bottle sterilizer up and running quickly, so they can begin to prepare bottles for their baby straight away.

Read The Instructions

Probably the best thing any parent could do is to read and understand the instructions that came with the bottle sterilizer. Trying to use the product without fully understanding how it works or all of the features it has will result in bottles being insufficiently sterilized or can even damage the unit. Therefore, every parent should take the 5 to 10-minutes required to read their device’s manual for best results.

Clean Items Before Placing Into Sterilizer

It’s also important for parents to make sure that they’ve thoroughly washed their baby’s bottles before they attempt to place them in the sterilizer. After all, if you place a dirty bottle in a sterilizer, then all you’ll end up getting out of it is dirty bottles that are now harder to clean. So do yourself a favor, and makes sure bottles are hand-washed and rinsed before being thoroughly sterilized.

Empty & Clean The Sterilizer Between Uses

It’s a pretty good idea for parents to take the sterilizer apart once they have finished sterilizing their bottles for the day. Allowing water to remain in the sterilizer can allow mold or bacteria to start growing in the bottle of the device, or in some cases, can cause vital pieces of equipment to rust. Therefore, the consumer should make sure that they dry out their sanitizer between uses and clean it regularly. That will ensure that the appliance continues to operate to the best of its design for as long as the parent needs it to work.