Men’s body wash has changed a lot over the last few decades. In the past, men washed their bodies with a simple bar of lye soap. Nowadays, however, modern men want a body wash that is just as powerful but which is not so harsh and smells a whole lot better. A body cleaning product that will get them clean without having an overpowering scent.

Finding that perfect body wash for men isn’t always easy to find. There are dozens of competing brands, and they all offer different body wash varieties. And that’s why we’re presenting you with the following guide. It lists the top ten body washes and shower gels currently available. These are body washing products which deliver cleaning power and a self-reliant masculine attitude.

Best Body Washes For Men – Reviews

10Rugged & Dapper Shampoo/Body Wash

Formulated exclusively for men, this 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash cleans, deodorizes and refreshes all at the same time. It’s suitable for men of all ages and for all skin and hair types. It can be used on normal or oily skin and can be used on both thinning or color treated hair. This product is manufactured using natural ingredients such as Tea Tree oil, orange peel tincture and rosehip oil and delivers a nice rich lather. This body wash will get rid of dirt and grime and leave the user with a distinctly masculine scent. All of which makes it suitable for just about any man’s bathroom.

9Dove Men+Care Body & Face Wash

With an extra fresh scent, this body and face wash not only leaves men’s skin cleaner than some other comparable brands but also ensures that has one of the best scent profiles. This product lathers up quite well and rinses off easily, leaving nothing but its clean scent behind. It also contains moisturizers in it which helps it to keep men’s skin hydrated longer. This micro-moisture technology is almost imperceptible to the user but leaves men’s skin stronger and healthier looking. And it’s manufactured by Dove, a popular brand that’s known for its innovative men care products and is the number one dermatologist recommended product currently available.

8Pre de Provence No. 63

No. 63 hair and body wash product is designed to give men a warm and spicy masculine scent and also to deliver exceptional cleaning power. It’s exclusively designed for men and no one who smells it will doubt that fact. It doesn’t have the flowery scents that can be found in other men’s body wash products but instead has a peppery smell with notes of citrus and cedar wood on top of it. Formulated with glycerin, aloe vera, and shea oil, this product also moisturizes men’s skin and is free of parabens, sulfates, and Phthalates. And since it’s never tested on animals, this product is also cruelty-free as well.

7Old Spice Bearglove Wild Collection

Describing itself as having a fresh, confident scent that commands respect and then eats it, this product is designed to not only meet the cleaning needs of most men but also to deliver a confident masculine scent. It’s designed for the man in charge and has a nice warm scent to it that’s reminiscent of both citrus and spice. And unlike other body washes designed for men, this product is neither overly floral nor extremely peppery. This product is designed for the man who can spend all day working with his hands, and his evenings talking world politics with his friends and colleagues.

6Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil

This body wash for men is designed to help active men stay on top of their personal hygiene. This product lathers up well and is enriched with a number of essential oils and botanicals which clean and nourish a man’s skin. It contains both Tea Tree oil and other ingredients which can help defend the man against not only body odor but also against athletes foot, jock its and nail fungi. This product can also help to relieve itchy scalp and other skin irritations including ringworm and eczema. Men can use it as part of a daily wash routine or add it to their foot basin as part of a regular foot soaking regimen.

5Suave Men’s Refresh Body Wash

Designed to handle the body washing needs of men who lead active lifestyles, Suave Refresh is a product that cleans well and leaves a distinctively masculine scent. It has a thick and rich lather which can scrub away the oil and the day’s dirt, and leaves the skin feeling fresh and revitalized. It also has a moisturizing component to it that helps to keep men’s skin hydrated. The user only has to use a drop or two to get that rich lather going. It’s a great way for a man to begin or end their day and leaves a scent that has hints of cedar and spice.

4Old Spice Fresher Collection

Imbued with a distinctive citron and sandalwood scent, this product is as masculine as the men who use it. This unique blend of lime and sandalwood is designed for adventurous men who are trying to attract romantic attention. And this product doesn’t smell similar to the other top men’s body cleansing products currently available. With just a small drop of this product, a rich lather is created that not only smells great but also cleans very well, too. And while it doesn’t specifically claim to contain moisturizers, it does leave men’s skin feeling hydrated. It’s a product that’s suitable for just about any man’s shower.

3Nivea Men Shower & Shave

This 3-in-1 product can be used as a body wash, a shower gel or for shaving. It’s formulated to deliver a full-body lather and to rinse off completely without leaving a residue. This product is designed exclusively for men, so you can rest assured that it delivers exceptional cleaning power. And even though it thoroughly cleans, it does so without drying out the man’s skin. It also has a nice masculine scent that won’t fade away as the day wears on. Overall, this product is suitable for the active man who wants to stay fresh and clean all day long.

2Nivea Men’s Odor Protect

Using what it calls Smart Duo Technology, this product cleans men’s skin and leaves them with a pleasant ocean scent all day long. This product is designed for truly active men who need that extra level of clean and needs all day odor protection. It cleans away dirt, grime, and oil, and leaves the man feeling confident. With a drop of this product, men can work up a nice deep lather that washes away the day’s debris but doesn’t leave a soapy residue. This body wash is capable of producing that deep clean shower experience that men want.

1Axe Phoenix Body Wash

This product is manufactured by Axe, a company that’s known for its wide range of men cleaning products. This body wash delivers a full-bodied lather that cleans off the user’s body and doesn’t leave a chemical residue behind. It also has a fresh clean scent that contains notes of lavender, geranium, and citrus. This subtle blend of wood and fruit scents will help the man start his day off right, and keep him smelling his best all day long. It’s unique blend of long-lasting scents and powerful cleaning ingredients make it one of the best body wash products currently available.

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