When choosing a bird feeder, you should always consider the type of bird you wish to attract, your environment, and whether you have enough space available for one in the first place. It may sound like an easy thing to set up, but to ensure that you’re getting the most use out of it, you’re gonna need to seriously consider what type of feeder would best suit your particular surroundings. We say this because bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes, which is reason enough to first do your homework before making any sort of purchase.

As we will find out over the next few minutes, bird feeders can take many forms, the most common being hopper feeders, hummingbird feeders, suet feeders, nyjer feeders, and ground/platform feeders, each with their own particularities. To figure out which one would best meet your requirements, you should perhaps take the time to learn as much as you possibly can about what makes a good bird feeder to begin with. To lend you a helping hand, we put together a list of the ten best bird feeders the market has to offer right now.

Best Bird Feeders – Reviews

10Stokes Select Bird Feeder

Known for its premium quality and durability, the Stokes Select Bird Feeder enjoys a heavy-duty construction with a one-touch wide opening that allows quick and easy refilling and cleaning. Equipped with 4 large feeding ports and perches, it attracts a wide range of birds. Thanks to its sleek construction with a copper finishing, it will accentuate the elements in your garden or yard, giving it a vintage look in the process. Furthermore, it also comes pre-assembled and features an easy to close lid that latches on with a single touch, sealing the feeder tight.

9Wild Wings WWCF23 Cedar Tray Bird Feeder

The Wild Wings WWCF23 Cedar Tray Bird Feeder is a durable feeder that features a unique tray design and construction, allowing you to input a wide range of different size bird seeds. Easy to feed both large and small birds, this bird feeder comes with a removable tray that prevents seed wastage, keeps seeds fresh and allows rain to easily drain out. Made with insect and rot resistant cedar wood, it comes equipped with a water-based Nature’s Shield technology that is resistant to fading, water damage, mold, and mildew.

8Pennington Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder

The Pennington Cedar Gazebo Bird Feeder is a premium feeder by all accounts, one that features an open window design allowing birds to rest and feed. Crafted with a capacity to store up to 3 lbs of seed, it comes constructed with 6 open sides for 360 viewing and optimum feeding angles. Made from Eastern red cedar wood, it is resistant to insects and weather and attracts all kinds of birds including goldfinches, cardinals, chickadees and more. Easy to fill and clean, it comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

7Belle Fleur – Bird Feeders 50147 Bird Feeder

Designed with a bright yellow color base and cap, the Belle Fleur – Bird Feeders 50147 Bird Feeder features a tube design and construction and can hold up to 2.6 lbs of seed. Including uniquely crafted ports, it attracts special birds like chickadees and cardinals. Made with a heavy-duty metal caged body with a durable cap and base, it is light in weight and can be hung in your yards, patio or garden. It also stands out for its ingenious design, one that benefits from exquisite aesthetics to go along with its superior build quality.

6Woodlink NA6262 Audubon Hopper Gazebo Wild Bird Feeder

Featuring a unique, classy whimsical gazebo design, this Wild Bird Feeder from Woodlink is pre-assembled and ready to use after purchase. Ideal for pole mounting onto a3/4th-inch pole, it is easy to clean and refill and comes with a lift-off lid. Constructed with the capacity to hold up to 10 lbs of seed, it is made with durable, heavy-duty materials. Impressive in size yet easy to set up, it weighs 1.92 lbs and can be a stylish accessory to your yard, garden, or patio.

5Audubon Bird’s Delight Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Crafted with a sturdy powder coated steel body, the Audubon Bird’s Delight Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder features a storage capacity of up to 9 lbs of seed. Thanks to its unique design and setting, the feeder automatically restricts access to squirrels if any extra weight is applied, closing the perch instantly. Easy to clean and refill, it comes pre-assembled and can be mounted either via a pole or hanged with the included hanger. The feeder also features a locking top and a baffle that saves seeds, and it also comes with a seed level indicator to let you know when it’s time for a refill.

4Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Made by the popular brand Woodlink, the Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder features a heavy-duty powder-coated steel body and comes with a weight-activated mechanism that closes ports when squirrels climb onto the perch. Equipped with dual sides, it helps attract more birds and comes with a capacity to hold up to 12 lbs. Unlike others, it also features an adjustable weight setting that allows you to choose the type and size of birds you would like to feed. Not just that but it also stands out through its impressive build quality and attractive design.

3Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Equipped with four ports, the Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder features a tube-shaped construction that can hold up to 5 lbs of birdseed. Thanks to its special inner baffle, it evenly distributes seeds to all four ports efficiently. The bird feeder also comes with perch rings with a motor that automatically spins when it gets triggered if any extra weight is applied, keeping squirrels away effectively. The base and the cap of the feeder is made with powder coated metal, while its tube is made from UV stabilized polycarbonate. Unlike others of its kind, this bird feeder is powered by the AC adapter that comes with the device or can be backed up by rechargeable batteries.

2Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Wild Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Wild Bird Feeder is a premium quality all-metal cage that features the latest weight activated technology which automatically closes ports to restrict squirrels. Including no less than six feeding ports, it comes with U-shaped perches allowing more than one bird to eat at a time. Designed with a powder coated finish, it is resistant to rust and offers optimum durability and reliability. With the capacity to hold up to 2 lbs of seed, it features a unique leaf design and pattern that is both rustic and stylish as well.

1Perky-Pet 325C 2-Tier Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

There is perhaps no better bird feeder than the 325C 2-Tier Copper Panorama Bird Feeder, an exquisite piece equipped with a special Evenseed technology which it utilizes two separate sections to ensure each port stays active for longer periods of time. Including a sure-lock lid that seals the feeder tight, it makes sure squirrels are kept out effectively at all times. Thanks to its circular perch and durable seed tray, it provides 360 degrees feeding on both sections. Crafted with the total capacity to hold 4.5 lbs of seed, peanuts, mixed seeds or a blend of fruits and nuts, this feeder meets the highest possible standards without commanding that big of a price tag.

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What To Look For In A Bird Feeder

Seeing how many people aren’t really versed in the art of crafting bird feeders, your best choice is to buy one instead. While quite straightforward in their intended purpose, bird feeders can differ quite a lot in terms of build quality, design, size, and aesthetics. Provided you take the time and learn about the particularities of good bird feeders, you shouldn’t have too many issues finding a decent one in this day and age. Given their popularity, bird feeders are quite easy to come by, a widespread availability that unfortunately opened the market for some pretty bad models as well. That said, we should start off by understanding that there are many different types of bird feeders and that they each come with their own particularities.

Types Of Bird Feeders

  • Platform Feeders – Also referred to as ‘ground’ feeders, these models are designed to be placed on the ground, or at least on a relatively level surface close to it. Due to their ingenious design, they prevent the seeds and bird droppings from getting mixed. At the same time, these feeders provide the necessary segments that prevent rodents or large birds from stealing food intended for whatever birds you’re hoping to attract. Ideally, these bird feeders should be placed about ten feet from trees or shrubs so that they’re easy to spot and easy to get to.
  • Hopper Feeders – These bird feeders are a bit on the larger size, meaning that they can hold several pounds of seed at any given time. The way a bird can activate the feeding mechanism is to hop on the feeder trigger, which is a fairly simplistic and practical way for a bird feeder to work. On average, these feeders are usually hanged from tree branches about five feet from the ground on account of their peculiar design.
  • Hummingbird Feeders – People who employ these feeders do so to attract hummingbirds, which means that the feeders are specifically designed to meet a hummingbird’s needs. Most of these feeders are intended to be placed in the shade in order to prevent any food spoilage. This, of course, means that you should place the feeder somewhere within reach. This way you can refill the feeder without too much effort.
  • Nyjer Feeders – For those of you who don’t know, Nyjer is a special type of seed that comes from Thistle. This seed is among the favorite foods of many small-beaked birds. As such, the feeder should be placed on a pole of sorts or hanged from a tree. This is done in order to prevent the feeder from squirrels and other rodents that might otherwise get the seeds first. It needs to be said that these feeders usually possess small openings that only birds can exploit in order to get to the seeds within.
  • Suet Feeders – These particular feeders involve the use of suet chunks and can be placed pretty much anywhere. Seen as quite the delicacy by woodpeckers, warblers, wrens, creepers, and the like, suet can provide quite the meal for a hungry or traveling bird. Most of the time, these feeders are placed on poles or hanged at a relatively short height from low-hanging tree branches so that they provide good visibility and accessibility.

Types Of Bird Food

Bird feeders only work if there is delicious bird food contained inside, which raises the question – what bird food should someone use when setting up a bird feeder? Well, the real question is what type of birds do you want to attract? As you may know, different birds have different diets, which is why you won’t find larger birds putting too much effort into getting some millet seeds. Instead, they prefer to focus on suet or similar food that they find more to their liking. In terms of sheer popularity, the most widespread bird foods for bird feeders are:

  • Millet – Millet is the preferred food of many small-beaked birds, especially the ones that collect most of their food on the ground. Red millet, in particular, appears to be very widespread and thus very easy to come by. You will find that it isn’t just sparrows that prefer millet but cowbirds, doves, juncos, quail, and towhees to name a few. Not just that but millet is also quite inexpensive as far as bird food goes.
  • Cracked Corn – This type of bird feed is intended for slightly larger birds like crows, doves, and pheasants, but also for common birds like sparrows. For the most part, cracked corn can be eaten by most birds provided that it is small enough, which explains its widespread availability. Bear in mind, however, that cracked corn tends to soak up moisture like nobody’s business, which is why you have to make sure that the bird feeder is reasonably waterproof and that it doesn’t allow any moisture to get to the corn inside.
  • Nyjer – These seeds come from the Thistle plant and are commonly eaten by house finches, goldfinches, and common redpolls among others. Although quite delicious, we should point out that these type of seeds are quite expensive by most standards. If you do have the opportunity to get your hands on some Nyjer seeds at an affordable price, then, by all means, you should get it as birds of all sizes seem to absolutely love it.
  • Peanuts – Peanuts are best contained in bird feeders with reasonable protection against squirrels or other rodents. Although some people use them whole, you can also crush them down to a grind if you want to or if the feeder demands it. It also seems that most feeders can accommodate peanuts, especially when they’ve been ground considerably. Needless to say, peanuts are also a bit more expensive than your average wheat or oats food and it explains why they’re not as widespread.