Seeing how most modern phones are pretty large, it does sometimes prove difficult to take your smartphone with you when you’re out riding your bike. What’s surprising is how few people know about bike phone mounts, not just that they exist but also when it comes to how accommodating they are.

Unless you have an unusually shaped phone, chances are that most bike phone mounts will suit your needs quite well. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best bike phone mounts the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Bike Phone Mounts – Reviews

10Wsky Bicycle Mount

Although popular for its repute as a simple to use bike mount, what Wsky offers you with respect to phone protection is nothing near basic. It is a plastic-made unit that boasts 4 silicone pads (anti-slip) which guarantee both a slip-free and firm surface with its corner mounts safeguarding your phone against knocks, vibrations and bumps as well.

It is designed to suit Samsung, iPhone among other phone brands and comes with a thickened rubber to prevent the slipping off and scratching of your phone. Moreover, it allows 360-degree rotation for effective turning or adjusting of your phone for a good visual angle. And finally, this phone mount is not only easy but also quick to assemble and operate.

9Mengo Lumi Mount

Forget the basic functions of safeguarding your device and easing its accessibility, Mengo (Lumi) bike mount comprises a luminous glow-in-the-dark material that makes it quite elegant. It is made using ultra strong material (silicone) that ensures solid mounting not to mention and is mainly suitable for phones with screen sizes of between 4 and 6 inches.

It easily fits on virtually all handlebars and eases the installation of a phone into it since it only requires you to stretch its silicone and slide in your device. After just between 15 and 30 minutes of absorbing light, its silicone band subsequently glows in darkness for an approximate 2 hours, which adds to its security provision aspect.

8Joshnah Motorcycle and Bike Phone Mount

With a simple design that comprises side mounts, a typically adjustable clamp, and silicone cushions, Joshnah mount is well able to secure your device firmly. It is ideal for numerous phone models but only those less than 3.5 inches in width.

While it only fits well on handlebars that don’t exceed a 1.3 inch (35 mm) circumference, its flexible silicon-made band strips (which comes in blue, green, red and black colors) and sturdy plastic minimizes both shocks and vibrations.

7Nite Ize Phone Handlebar

Undoubtedly among the simplest to use devices, this phone mount accommodates diverse phones without or with cover cases. It has an uncomplicated elastic unit that can easily be installed on virtually every bike either horizontally or vertically not to forget its sturdy aluminum base.

You insert your phone by simply sliding it down its stretchy and contrastingly remove it through a simple pull out. Finally, aside from doubling as a standard bottle opener, its simple design allows its convenient use protecting your phone even you are riding on uneven terrains.

6iKross Mount Holder

Ensure your phone remains well safeguarded on the stem or handlebars of your bike with this iKross mount. It is a universal mount that perfectly fits screens with widths stretching to 5.5” besides comprising an exclusive adjustable joint that can rotate an entire 360 degrees. What’s more, it is accompanied by an all-weather pouch to safeguard your phone from dust, rain, mud or snow.

5CAW.CAR Accessories, Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount

Suitable for both motorcycles and bikes alike with handlebars of diameters between 0.2 and 1.6 inches, this adjustable mount accommodates phones with screen width-sizes not exceeding 3.9 inches.

What’s more, you need not worry about installation tools since it only requires clamping on a handlebar and tightening its bracelet with your hands. Finally, it allows a complete 360-degree rotation to allow you view your device conveniently from different angles.

4CAW CAR Accessories Motorcycle & Bike Mount Large

Designed to suit motorcycles, bicycles, and ATVs, it can accommodate any mobile device or GPS with a width extending to 3.7”. Moreover, besides having a rotational grip (360 degrees) that offers you an ideal viewing angle, it also fits any handlebar with a 0.6–1.4-inch diameter. It also features silicon-made belt grips and rubberized clips that offer firm support and shock absorption.

3TaoTronics Phone Mount

With TaoTronics mount, carrying your phone to a cycling expedition gets quite easier. Besides its underlying strong material, it comes with non-slip rubber cradles to ensure your cell phone is effectively protects on your bike’s handlebars while also safeguarding it against ensuing vibrations.

It boasts rotatable (360 degrees) handlebars for easy phone access from diverse angles and suits phone screens with a width ranging from 1.97 to 3.94 inches.

2Universal Premium Roam Phone Mount

Roam presents a universal premium mount that is not only adjustable but also flexible to accommodate different phones especially those with screens with a maximum of 3.5 inches. This mount fit handlebars with a circumference of between 7/8 to 1-1/4 inches but excluding super spot types of bikes.

Aside from a firm mount, its hard premium plastic is also resistant to road vibrations. Not only that but you will find this mount to be much more accommodating when it comes to the variety of smartphones it can hold.

1Universal Bike Vibrelli Mount

Made using a hard casing (plastic) characterized by 2 side points and a firm silicone band which grips your phone from diverse angles, Vibrelli mount works well with handlebars of diameter 0.9 -1.3 inches not to forget phone screens with a maximum of 3.7-inch width.

In addition to its adjustable clamp, its flexible design that is well adjustable to suit your preferred device angle affords you convenient access to your mobile device. It is available in 3 silicone band colors: red, black and gray.

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