Watching an experienced guitar player rip it up onstage can be awe-inspiring. In fact, it can be so awe-inspiring that a person will want to run out and buy themselves a guitar to learn how to play it as soon as possible. Although the enthusiasm of these aspiring guitarists is quite commendable, the truth of the matter is that if they don’t take the time to do their research, then they can end up buying a guitar that’s ill-suited for them.

Keeping that firmly in our minds, we decided that it was time to give our readers some information on buying the best beginner electric guitar that’s available, so we’ve listed ten models that really inspired us. We then paired it with a guide on how to buy a guitar for beginners, so everyone can know what to look for when buying one of these iconic guitars.

Best Beginner Electric Guitars – Reviews

10Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Not only is this acoustic-electric guitar nice looking and available in a variety of colors from black to natural or red, but it also provides a great acoustic sound. This 3/4-size guitar has a spruce top, Meranti back and sides, and is equipped with System 68 pickup electronics. It’s a well-constructed model that’s very compact and is also easy to play. Thanks to its ART-based pickup system and Yamaha’s tuner, it also has a good amount of accuracy and sensitivity as well. It’s rosewood fingerboard and bridge allow for smooth movements, and the guitar comes with a gig bag for convenience.

9Epiphone Les Paul 100 Guitar

This Epiphone Les Paul has the good fortune of not only playing well but also looking good. It’s available in either ebony or heritage cherry sunburst and has a rosewood fretboard that looks good yet provides good fingering. This guitar has a Mahogany body and a maple top and has a scale that’s 24.75-inches. When played, this guitar has a heavy and solid tone that really puts a kick into hard rock or country songs. It also features a 700T open-coil humbucker pickup and the chrome hardware to go with it. All of this comes together in a guitar that’s ready to help the guitarist find his sound.

8LyxPro Electric Guitar With Accessory Package

This quite affordable set not only comes with a full-size 39-inch electric guitar but is also comes with everything a person would need to play it. It comes with 6 strings, 2 picks, a 20-watt amplifier, a digital clip-on tuner, a tremolo bar, a shoulder strap, and a carrying bag. The guitar itself has a Canadian maple neck, a solid wood body, and a Rosewood fingerboard. It also has volume and tone controls, a one-way tremolo and a pickup switch. The amp has a 6.5-inch speaker, controls for treble and bass, controls for gain and grind, and a headphone jack. All of which makes it one of the more complete beginner guitar sets available.

7ZENY 39-Inch Full-Size Guitar Beginner Package

It’s almost unbelievable that this beginner guitar package can be offered at the price it’s offered. That’s because it would be almost impossible to buy this full-size electric guitar with all of its accessories separately at a price that’s cheaper than what it’s being offered for here. This package not only comes with guitar, but it also comes with 10-watt amp, 420D bag, guitar strap, guitar cable, a set of additional guitar strings, two picks, a pair of Allen keys and a tremolos rod. This package gives the guitar student everything they need to hit the ground running during their guitar lessons.

6Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Although this full-size guitar costs a little more than other comparable guitars in its particular class, it’s clear to see that it’s designed not only with an attention to detail but also according to very exacting standards. In other words, it’s well made and performs well. This guitar is available in one of three exciting color schemes including vintage starburst, ebony or heritage cherry starburst. It’s also made with a Mahogany body, a Rosewood fretboard and with 700T Humbucker pickups. This innovative guitar model has a 24.75-inch scale and has a Lock Tone Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece that helps to make string changing quick and easy.

5Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Set

The star of this guitar pack is the Yamaha Pacifica that can be found at the heart of it. This guitar was first introduced during the 1990s, and quickly became a popular instrument in California. Since then, musicians all over the world have discovered the character of this interesting guitar. Regardless of whether the guitarist needs heavy distortion or wants to keep their sound clean, this guitar is up to the challenge. And since it comes with a number of exciting accessories that complement it, it’s ready to help any guitar student get started. The accessories that come with this guitar include a 15-watt amp, picks, a strap, strings, a tuner, and a quickstart DVD.

4Squier By Fender Vintage Bass Guitar

Sometimes a beginner guitarist’s instrument of choice isn’t an acoustic, an acoustic-electric or an electric guitar, but instead, is a bass guitar. If that’s the case, then this beginner’s bass guitar is ready to help the music student learn the intricacies of this instrument. It has a 30-inch scale, a maple neck, and a 20-fret Rosewood fingerboard. It’s also equipped with a single-coil Jazz bass bridge pickup and a vintage style precision bass middle pickup. For ease of use by the student, it’s also equipped with a control knob for each pickup, as well as a master tone control knob.

3Yamaha FGX800C Acoustic-Electric Guitar

First introduced in the mid-1960s, the Yamaha FG series proved to consumers that an acoustic guitar could meet exacting standards but didn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. And this Yamaha FGC800C series guitar appears to be continuing the tradition. It’s made with a Sitka spruce top, a Rosewood bridge and fingerboard, Nato back and sides, and diecast tuners. It also features an under-saddle piezo pickup with a 3-band equalizer and a precision chromatic tuner. This guitar also has a very nice look to it and is available either in a ruby-red or in a more natural color.

2Squier By Fender Affinity Bass Guitar

The Squier Affinity by Fender is another bass guitar that was designed with the beginner in mind. It has all of the features that you would expect out of a high-quality bass guitar, but it’s very easy to play. This product features a C-neck that makes it comfortable for just about anyone to play. It also has dual single-coil bass pickups, a 20-fret Rosewood fingerboard and it doesn’t weigh a whole lot either. When played, this bass is capable of producing clear, punchy lows on its lower end but still maintain an organic and warm tone at the same time.

1Fender FA-125CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle

Equipped with a dreadnought body that is capable of producing a full and bold sound, and with a C-shaped neck that’s easy to hold, it’s no wonder that this acoustic-electric guitar is not only well suited for beginners but is also suitable for beginning guitarists. This guitar is manufactured with a laminate spruce top, basswood back and hardwood fingerboards that are extremely easy to finger. It has a Viking bridge that provides tonal support and is visually impressive at the same time. And this guitar also comes with a number of exciting accessories including a bag, a strap, a tuner, and picks.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

How To Buy An Electric Guitar For Beginners

There are a ton of different guitar models in music stores and especially online, so it can be easy to buy one that’s not right for you to start off playing. With that in mind, we’ve created this guide which will hopefully help the beginning guitar player how to choose the right guitar for them. This guide also serves as a good guide for anyone looking to buy a guitar for a guitar student in their life.

Choose The Right Guitar Type

When it comes to electric guitars, there are really only two types. There are full-on electric guitars, and there are acoustic-electric guitars. If the student wants to sound like Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Brian May or Joe Perry, then they are going to want to buy an electric guitar. If they want a sound more like John Fahey or Bert Jansch, then they’re probably going to want to play an acoustic-electric guitar.

Choose The Right Size Guitar

It’s important to make sure that you choose the right size of guitar for the aspiring guitarist, especially if he or she is a child. Electric guitars can be a bit heavy for children under the age of 12-years old, so it’s important to keep that in mind. Below are some common guitar sizes according to age and height. Since acoustic-electric guitars have a different profile size than electric models, we’ve split them into two separate groups for convenience.

Electric Guitars

Age 5 to 8-years old: 31-inches to 39-inches tall—1/2 Size Guitars

Age 8 to 12-years old: 39-inches to 49-inches tall—3/4 Size Guitars

Age 12-years+: Over 49-inches tall—Full-Size Guitars

Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Age 5 to 12-years old: 39-inches to 47-inches tall—3/4 Size Guitars

Age 12 to 16-years old: 47-inches to 64-inches tall—Small Body Guitars

Age 16-years+: 65-inches and taller—Full-Size Guitars

Avoid Guitars That Are Difficult To Play

If you want a guitar that’s easy for beginners to play, then you are going to want to get a model that has an easy to play string action. String action is the measurement of the gap from the bottom of the string and all the way to the top of the fret. Most easy-to-play electric guitars have string action of anywhere from 0.078-inch to 0.090-inch, and most acoustic-electric models have a string action of 0.078-inch to 0.106-inch. If you’re still not sure, then choose one of the guitar models we’ve listed above—all of them have the correct string action for beginning players.

Buy A Guitar With Proper Support Materials

Although it’s not necessary to purchase a beginner’s guitar that has support materials, it sure does help. Support materials are items that make it easier to learn how to play the guitar. These can include things like instruction manuals and instructional DVDs, but it can also include additional accessories such as straps, picks, tuners, etc. We’ve listed both guitars that have these extras as well as ones that don’t, so our readers can decide for themselves which suits them better.

Brand Name Doesn’t Necessarily Mean The Best Guitar

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for a new guitar is to not put too much stock into a brand name. That’s because many of the famous guitar brands out there produce low-budget models that are cheap and are of a lesser quality than their top-of-the-line models. A guitar should be judged on its designs and its features alone. Sure, if a guitar has a good design and decent features AND has a brand name, then good. Just make sure its name is not your only consideration and you’ll be fine.

Don’t Forget Any Extras You May Need

If your guitar didn’t come with supplemental supplies, then you are going to have to purchase one in order to play the guitar properly. Below are some of the things that you may need to buy when purchasing your new guitar. Although not everyone will need all of the items on the following list, it is a good start for discovering things that you may need.

  • Extra guitar strings
  • Capo
  • Guitar picks
  • Guitar tuner
  • Guitar stand
  • Gig Bag

And that’s is everything that you need to know in order to buy the best beginner electric guitar available. Now, all that’s left to be done is to choose a model from our top ten list and begin your journey to playing guitar.