We cannot always park our cars the way we feel most comfortable, every driver in the world knows that. Sometimes, you absolutely have to park it at an awkward angle, which needless to say, makes the car very difficult to pull out. Even though luxury and high-end cars have backup cameras for this exact purpose, most other cars don’t. This is precisely why you should invest in such a camera yourself if you have the means because this is one of those items that end up paying for themselves in the long run.

These cameras are designed to provide you with a clear, accurate image of what happens behind your car at all times. Although most people use them to pull the car out of tight places, you can still use it while you drive for added visibility. While you shouldn’t expect such a camera to completely replace your rearview mirror, it can certainly help you long-term in more ways than one.

Now, we should point out that not all backup cameras enjoy the same features, nor are they all capable of capturing the same image quality. In this respect, you really have to take your time when choosing one, not just for the technical characteristics but also for how it fits on your car. To give you a better idea of what’s out there, we put together a list of the ten best backup cameras money can buy.

Best Backup Cameras – Reviews

10Yada BT53328M-1 Wireless Backup Camera

Very simple to install over your vehicle’s license plate, Yada BT53328M-1 is a functional backup camera that is 100% waterproof. Integrating night vision features, it comes with a 4.3-inch LED monitor that shows clear live images from the behind of your car. It also comes with a suitable suction cup mount to help with easy placement. Designed to significantly reduce any blind spots, it transmits the image wirelessly to the inside monitor, making it a lot convenient to use since it requires no cables to speak of.

9HDE N92 Waterproof Backup Camera

The HDE N92 is an easy plate mount installation backup camera that you can surely count on. This high-resolution CMOS 480 TV line camera offers a wide 110-degree view angle with precise distance scale lines. It is waterproof and also fog resistant, which makes it ideal for use in any weather conditions, be it at night or during the day. At the same time, 7 integrated LED lights offer a decent illumination for clear visibility at night.

8Pyle PLCM7200 Car Backup Camera

The Pyle’s PLCM7200 car rear view backup camera features a user-friendly design that you can mount precisely where you want it. It is small, durable and designed to give you another set of eyes while you drive. With it, you experience a safer driving experience and reversing as you park the car or make tight turns. The rearview mirror is simple to install and integrates a 7-inch LCD screen that displays a clear color image from the camera. This vehicle backup camera system comes complete with all the needed cables and items for full connection.

7AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Thanks to its wireless camera-to-screen image transmission, the AUTO-VOX M1W is an even easier to use vehicle backup camera that is quite simple to install. Being waterproof, it can be installed near the hind lights, and it works for most vehicle types. The wireless transmitter does not interfere with other wireless gadgets you use in the car and it conveys clear images for safe reverse driving. At the same time, 6 integrated high-brightness LED lights turn on or off automatically depending on the area’s light intensity for a better view even in dimly lit spaces.

6Esky EC180-19 Car Backup Camera

With a 180-degree view angle and a 45-degree adjustable lens, 2 LED lights for night vision, and high definition color screen, the Esky EC10-19 might be the exact backup camera you need to install on your car to ensure safe and easy reversing, even in dark spaces. This rear view camera system is built with an IP67 weatherproof casing that is waterproof, thus works well in various weather conditions. It is also quite simple to install since it is designed to use on already existing license plate holes for that matter.

5eRapta ERT01 2nd Generation Car Backup Camera

The eRapta ERT01 second-generation car backup camera delivers a reliability like no other, especially if you are looking for something reliable in helping you with safe and stress-free reversing. With an adjustable lens angle and a 149-degree viewing angle, you are sure to see everything behind you, no matter how tight the space may be. It also switches on automatically when the reverse function is engaged and has auto LED lights for an enhanced night visibility. Furthermore, we should also point out that it is built with a waterproof rubber ring to prevent it against the elements.

4Esky EC170-09 Car Backup Camera

Also by Esky, the EC170-09 is a license plate back up camera with a metal chrome finished frame that makes it an ideal fit on any car. Made using top-quality materials, it a high-performance model with weatherproofing capabilities. It also integrates infrared LED lights for enhancing vision even during the night for safe backing almost anywhere. Its 170-degree view angle lens can also be tilted up or down to provide a large viewing field, eliminating any blind spots.

3Pyle PLCM18BC Car Backup Camera

Considered one of the most popular choices out there, this reliable vehicle backup camera from Pyle easily mounts above the license plate. The camera system works with a vast range of display monitors and screens to let you view everything behind your car in video form. As such, it helps you reverse into tight spots or dim areas, providing great parking assistance. Other features include night vision LEDs for illuminating the area at the tail of your vehicle and an easy to install design that makes its installation process rather easy. The camera system is also quite durable what with it featuring a weatherproof housing for use in any weather condition.

2LeeKooLuu LKL-080 Backup Camera

LeeKooLuu LKL-080 is a highly functional and versatile vehicle backup camera since it works well for trucks, SUVs, MPVs, family cars, and any other types of vehicles. A simple to install model, it is designed to allow the installation of extra cameras to monitor the car all around. The camera itself is waterproof and integrates 7 LED lights to improve its night visibility. Furthermore, it also includes an HD color monitor and can be set to turn on only when you engage the reverse gear. It can also be wired for non-stop operation should you need it to.

1Esky EC135-05 Rear-View Camera

The Esky EC135-05 is another popular vehicle backup camera, one that stands out for all the right reasons. For instance, it has a 135-degree view angle which is ideal for tackling most car reversing challenges. Seven integrated infrared LEDs offer great visibility in dark areas for safe reversing, while high image quality and transmission capabilities ensure that you see everything at the back clearly at all times. The camera also features an IP67 waterproof casing that prevents damage by the elements, offering a longer value overall. All in all, it is perhaps one of the best backup cameras on the market today.

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Backup Camera Guide

A backup camera gives you an extra pair of eyes when reversing is otherwise difficult. Anyone who has to arch their whole body when backing up will know what a pain it can be but thankfully there are quality products on the market that make life a lot simpler.

Not all of these gadgets are worth your time so finding the right one is a matter of improving your knowledge on the good and bad of a backup camera. The following guide will help you make a wise choice.

What To Consider When Buying A Backup Camera


This is one of the most important factors when purchasing a backup camera. Simply put, without a quality sensor, you risk bumping into whatever you are backing towards. You can get a couple of different types of camera sensors and the CCD versions are often thought of as higher quality. They help you to see clearer in low light conditions although they usually cost more.

CMOS sensors are the alternative and despite the fact that they might not offer the same quality, they are good value and will be fine for most people’s needs.

Viewing Angle

Your vision is only as good as the amount you get to see in the display so the viewing angle is important. If you can find a quality backup camera for a good price that gives you 170 degrees of viewing then you are onto something. Otherwise, 150 degrees should suffice.

Parking Guides

To make life even easier, a lot of backup cameras have parking lines to help you get into a tight space or just make backing up more accurate. They are found on the monitor and help you to maneuver without the risk of hitting an object. They also help to keep the vehicle straight.


You need your backup camera to be able to cope with different lighting conditions so when light is scarce, it will still work. The better quality products will feature low lighting mode to help guide you via infrared light to increase clarity or other technology.


Do not buy a backup camera that isn’t able to cope with all weather conditions. Because part of the device will be attached to the exterior of the vehicle, it needs to operate in the rain. A rating of IP68 is what you need to look for as it protects the device from the elements.


When backing up, you need to know the LCD display isn’t going anywhere. Sudden movements shouldn’t move it out of place or cause it to jolt. It also covers the parts on the outside. However it is mounted to the license plate, the camera should be easy to install and stay in place no matter what.

Different Types of Backup Cameras

Depending on your vehicle or preference, there is a backup camera for different needs and tastes. The following are the most common types.


Probably the most discreet type of backup camera but does require a bit more skill to install than those that need clips to fix the camera. The owner will drill a hole in the license plate that fits the camera device to blend in well.

Surface Mounted

One of the most common types of backup camera for bigger vehicles because it gives a better scope from up high. A surface mounted camera is easy to mount and placed a little higher which is why you see it in the likes of RVs and larger vehicles.

License Mounted

Another common type of backup camera and probably the easiest to install. It is often placed on the rear license plate which does affect depth perception so other people mount it a little higher where possible.

Does A Backup Camera Stay On When Driving?

For most brands, a backup camera should switch off automatically when the car is not in the reverse gear. This saves yoy from distractions and allows you to concentrate on the road ahead. Expect the camera to switch on automatically when you change gear to reverse. If you don’t want to use it at any time, you can switch it off on the monitor.

Do Backup Cameras Work On Any Vehicle?

They are designed to work with older models rather than anything you can buy pre-2015. This is because most models now come with built-in backup cameras as standard. Cars with a reverse light will be compatible and you should have no problem installing the technology to modernize your vehicle.

Why Use A Backup Camera?

For most people, the answer is quite simple – a backup camera just makes life a little easier. However, there are a few reasons on top of this. Take into account the fact that a backup camera increases the viewing angle from what you can normally see and reduces the blind spot area.

Not only does this make backing up safer, it gives the driver the confidence to reverse into any space. When there isn’t a lot of margin for error, a backup camera can help you get into a narrow space that you might otherwise just drive past and look for another.