Babies love being in the water, and that is why you should get a good baby pool float if you will be taking them to the swimming pool. A baby float is very different from the regular floaters used by adults and grown-up kids.

You should look for an ideal baby pool float that will fit your baby perfectly without any possible risk, of making them sink. Here is a look at some of the top baby pool floats you should consider buying.

Best Baby Pool Floats – Reviews

10Swimschool Aqua Leisure Fish Baby Float

Swimschool is well known to deliver high-quality baby floats. This model comes with different color options for you to choose according to your preference. It is also made with high-quality material to stay strong even on the hot sunny days.

One amusing feature of the float is the fish design, which looks quite attractive. Your baby would enjoy sitting in this float, and it is ideal for children between 6 and 18 months. The float is easy to set up and inflate, which gives you an easy time when handling it.

9Intex Recreation 5684EP Froggy Friend Baby Float

You can use this float on a daily basis, and it will remain strong and reliable enough. It measures 47×31 inches, which makes it large enough to let your child play around while in the pool. The design lets you use it in any pool without any limitations. All you need is an air pump when you want to set up this baby float.

However, you can also blow it up with your mouth if you don’t have the air pump. It can support a maximum of 25 pounds – so you can use it for kids between 5 and 16 months. It is made of premium vinyl fabric that is safe for the baby skin and durable enough. The sunshade is an added feature that will be useful when the sun is too hot for the baby.

8Edress Baby Swimming Rings Fish Float Boat

If you have a baby boy that love cars and waters, this is the perfect float for him. It comes in the shape of a car, and the design is super attractive. You will be sure of your baby enjoying playing in the swimming pool and also be protected.

It has a steering wheel that the baby can hold for support, along with a sunshade to protect him from the sun rays. He can also rest on the back support as he floats in the pool.

7SwimWays Baby Swim Float

This is another baby pool float that has a unique design and a detachable ring for the adults. Typically, the float can be used by the parents, grown-up kids, and the baby as well. It also features a soft mesh seat that is comfortable enough for the baby.

There’s a play zone that can be used to keep the baby’s toys. Even though it is somewhat pricier than most baby floats, it is worth every dollar. It also comes with a sunshade to protect the baby from the sun.

6Aqua Leisure Bouncing Butterfly Baby Pool Float

The elegant butterfly design of this baby float is what makes it a great choice for your baby. It has a 3-ply seat that is safe and extra comfortable for your baby. A sunshade is also included to keep your baby safe from the harsh sun rays.

Luckily, you can detach the sunshade and have fun with your baby if you are swimming at night or in the evening. The 3D design lets you view the baby from the clear top.

5Swimschool Lil’ Skipper Baby Boat

A good-quality baby float lets you enjoy time with your baby in the pool. You won’t have to worry about your baby drowning if you have a float like this Lil’ Skipper Baby Boat from Swimschool. It comes with a blue theme, along with some 3D graphics that will appeal to the baby. The float also has a sturdy fabric that is kid-safe and durable enough.

It has a diameter of 28 inches, which gives it enough room for the baby to play with his toys. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have a sunshade, which might be an issue if you need one.

4Intex 32-Inch Kiddie Float

This baby pool float comes with a solid design that is ideal for toddlers from as young as one month old. It also has a frame that is strong enough and rip-resistant.

The float is made of a sturdy and flexible plastic to enhance the comfort of the baby and also make it extra durable. The seat is well-cushioned to make it cozy enough for the baby.

3Intex My Baby Float

This Intex baby float comes with a double ring design for extra safety and reliability. Even if one of the rings pops accidentally, the other one will remain intact to support the baby. With the unique design of this baby pool float, you can use it either on choppy and calm water bodies.

It is made of a 10-gauge vinyl fabric that is durable and kid-safe as well. The float won’t rip under pressure, and will not cause any skin irritation to the baby. It has a deep saddle-style seat, along with leg holes that offer more support to the baby. It doesn’t have a sun canopy, but it is still reliable enough.

2Swimways Seahorse Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy

This float comes with a soft mesh design, along with a sun canopy that makes it a great choice for the hot summer months. It has several safety features including dual air chambers. A low center of gravity, as well as safety valves.

The safety valves let it float securely in the pool without swaying. The sun canopy is detachable, which is useful if you are swimming in the evening. The vibrant colors and soft, breathable material are some of the things that make you want to get this incredible baby float.

1Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center

This is supposedly the best baby pool float you can get out there. It comes with several features, including a playing station. If your baby likes to play on the water, this float will suit him perfectly. It is suitable for babies between 9 and 24 months old.

The float is sturdy enough to last for long even in the hot sun. It is easy to set it up, and it will offer enough support to your baby without any chances of drowning.

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A Guide To Baby Pool Floats

When it comes to pool safety, there’s probably no piece of equipment that’s more important than the baby pool float. These devices allow babies to be introduced to the pool—underneath the watchful eye of their parents, of course—while keeping them safe at the same time. As a result, parents often spend a considerable amount of time agonizing over which brand or model is the best. A task that isn’t made any easier by the enormous number of new infant pool float being introduced almost daily. And that can make it a bit overwhelming to many parents.

To ease some of the pressure that parents often feel when trying to choose the best baby pool floats, we decided to go ahead and list some of the features that we think parents should think about before buying one of these floats. After we give our recommendations on how to buy one of these floats, we’ll then follow that up with a section on baby float safety. Now, let’s jump into the deep side of the proverbial pool and find out which features parents should consider before buying one of these flotation devices.

Buying The Best Baby Pool Float

Anyone looking to buy the best infant pool float is going to want to think about the three most important features of these devices. And these three features are Size, Safety, and Sun Protection. Let’s take a look at each feature individually so that parents can use them as a guide toward buying the best infant pool float for their child.

The Size Of The Float

Size is the first thing that parents should think about when they’re buying a new baby float. At the very least, buying a pool float that’s too small for the child means that it probably isn’t going to be able to use it. Even worse, if the parent buys a pool float that’s too big for the baby, then they could possibly slip out of it. Therefore, it’s vitally important to choose the appropriate size one for your child. Most baby pool floats are available for children from Birth to 24-months old, but some other ones are designed to expand with the size of the child as they grow.

Baby Pool Float Safety

Another thing to consider is the safety of the pool float. When choosing one of these floats, parents should ensure that the model is equipped with some safety features that will help make it safer for the child to use. What are some of these features? Some of these features include safety valves, seat straps and features that are designed to resist tipping over. However, no matter how many safety features are equipped on a pool float, the parent should always remain within sight and arm’s reach of their child at all times.

We also would like to address in this section baby neck floats. These are inflatable doughnut floats that fit around the baby’s neck and keeps their head afloat while the rest of the baby’s body is underwater. Although we don’t know of any safety concerns associated with these floats, at least at the time of this writing, we still think that there’s not enough reliable safety information available about them, so we would recommend parents avoid them for now.

Baby Pool Float Sun Protection

Since most pediatricians recommend that babies under the age of 6-months old be kept out of direct sunlight, it’s probably a good idea for the parent to buy a baby float that provides some sort of basic sun protection. Although buying a pool float with sun protection doesn’t mean that the parents should also use an appropriate sunscreen product, it does add another layer of protection for the child. Because the sun can be so damaging to anyone’s skin, but especially the skin of an infant, the parent may want to keep using a float with sun protection long after the child has passed the age of 6-months.

Baby Pool Float Safety Tips

Before we conclude this guide, we feel that we must present some of the baby and toddler safety tips that we know of. According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death for babies and toddlers between the ages of one and four years old. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep the following safety tips in mind when using the pool with your child. Although the following list might not be an exhaustive list of all of the preventative measures a parent should start using, it is a way for most parents to start enacting basic safety measures while their child is using a pool.

Never Leave A Child Unattended

This is the most basic rule that any parent should implement without exceptions. Whenever the baby is in a pool, the parent should be in the pool with him or her. And not only should they be in the pool with them, but they should keep their eyes on them at all times and never be farther away from them than arm’s reach. An unsupervised child can drown extremely quickly, so the parent should never leave them alone, not even for a second.

Don’t Depend  Solely On Baby Floats

Yes, baby pool floats are extremely safe for babies to use, and they work well, but parents should never depend on them. If the parent keeps the attitude that the pool float is going to fail in some way, then they’ll always be ready to step in. Even though this might be an unlikely scenario, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Keep The Pool Fenced In

The last piece of advice we have for parents is for them to make sure that their pool is properly fenced in. A proper fence that’s equipped with a lock that the child can’t open and an alarm system that goes off if the gate is opened, will help prevent the child from heading out to the pool while their parents aren’t looking. It’s also a good idea for the door that leads out to the pool area to have a lock and an alarm system as well. This will also help to prevent many accidents.