In the good old days, parents would often wash their babies either in the kitchen sink or in the adult bathtub that’s located in their bathroom. Although that did technically get the job done, it wasn’t an ideal way to bath a baby. That’s because the parent would have to hold on to their slippery child, all while grabbing soap and shampoo with one hand and washing them with the other hand.

Fortunately, we have a better option for washing our babies nowadays, and that better option is infant bathtubs. These bathtubs allow parents to keep their child in a safe position that’s conducive to washing them, all while freeing up the parent’s hands so they can wash them. And we’ve assembled a list of the ten best baby bathtubs below for our reader’s convenience.

Best Baby Bath Tubs – Reviews

10The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub

Designed for babies up to 25-pounds in weight and one of two exciting colors, this baby bathtub is ready to make any parent’s life a whole lot easier. This model has a one-piece design that allows it to transition from one life-stage to the next, so parents can use it for a longer period than other tubs. It also features non-slip pads that are mildew-resistant and comfortable to the child, and the whole unit can fit in most single or double sinks. And because it’s equipped with a hammock-like sling, it holds a baby comfortably and ergonomically.

9Disney Nemo Inflatable Safety Bathtub

This inflatable baby bathtub has a clever design that allows it to be used virtually anywhere. It’s made out of a puncture-resistant material and is free of many of the harmful ingredients found in other inflatable vinyl pools. It’s free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and heavy metals, so consumers can rest assured there’s nothing harmful on this tub that can harm the health of their baby. And when parents are done using this tub, they can easily clean it and deflate it for storage. Anyone who needs a portable baby tub for traveling with, or simply needs another bathing option for their child will want to take a look at this model.

8Boon Soak Three Stage Bathtub

This quality three-stage baby tub is designed with a contoured back that can be adjusted to fit the needs of the baby. For newborns, it can be set into a reclining position and for older children, it can be set so that they’re seated during bathtime. And because it contains a back wall that’s equipped with non-slip foam, it can easily hold the baby in place. Another great thing about this tub is that it fits in double sinks quite easily, so parents can use it anytime they need to. Additional features found on this tub include a BPA and PVC-free design, a color-changing temperature, and an adjustable bum for proper baby positioning.

7Baby Brielle 3-In-1 Portable Newborn Tub

This baby tub is designed to make it easy to bath a baby. It has a compact and collapsible design that allows it to be easily moved from one part of the home to another, and it has a non-slip design that keeps it stable. It’s manufactured using quality materials that are non-toxic and won’t irritate a newborn’s delicate skin. Another great feature found on this tub is a supportive cushion that keeps the baby securely in place and is ergonomically designed to support the child’s spin. It also features adjustable straps, an insulated bottom that keeps the water warm, and a drain that changes color according to the temperature of the water.

6Fisher Price Rinse N’ Grow Tub

Designed to accommodate a child’s growth through each of their 3 distinctive baby stages, this bathtub is capable of serving the baby for quite some time. It can be used for the newborn stage of development, the baby stage of development of the toddler stage of development. At stage one, it has a reclining sling that makes bathing infants easier. At stage two, it can be adjusted to accommodate children who sit upright better, and for stage three, it can handle a toddler who sits and plays. All of these features make this tub a good choice for anyone who doesn’t want to have to replace their child’s tub every time they have a growth spurt.

5Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Bath Tub

This Fisher-Price baby bathtub is designed for parents who are looking for a bathtub that grows with their child. This tub can be used for newborn babies up to the age of 6-months or 25-pounds. It’s capable of performing such a feat because it has a removable sling to accommodate newborns and a removable baby-stopper insert to accommodate infants. And because it’s nice and large, it gives older children plenty of space to sit-up and play during bathtime. And because of its whimsical design, children will enjoy every bath they get to take in it.

4Primo EuroBath For Baby

This baby bathtub is manufactured in the U.S using quality materials and is free of BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, lead, and other toxic chemicals. Instead, it’s made with a recyclable polypropylene that comes in either beautiful magenta, baby blue or traditional white. It’s designed in such a way that it supports the back, arms, and legs of the child, and also prevents them from slipping during bathtime. It can accommodate infants up to 6-months of age, or toddlers up to 24-months of age as well. And because it’s equipped with a handy drain plug, draining and cleaning the tub is quite easy.

3Skip Hop Moby Three-Stage Baby Tub

Not only does this baby bathtub has a whimsical design that both parents and children are going to love, but it comes in one of two beautiful colors: blue and grey. It’s a tub that’s designed to grow with the child, so it can be used for newborns up to toddlers 6-months or older. It has a maximum weight capacity of 25-pounds, features a smart-sling that’s comfortable for the baby to lie in, and has a drain plug for easy cleanup. It also has a swivel hook, so the tub can be stored away quite easily. Additional features found on this newborn tub include two different ergonomic positions and a non-slip interior surface.

2Fisher Price 4-In-1 Sling-N-Seat Tub

A lot of the baby bathtubs on the market can accommodate one or two stages of baby development, but few of them can accommodate four distinct life stages as this one can. It’s designed in such a way that it can be used for newborns up to children who can sit up and play. This model also features a drain plug that makes cleanup a breeze, a hook that allows it to be hung up to dry, and has a soft mesh-sling that prevents newborns and infants from slipping. And it’s just the right size, so it easily fits inside most kitchen sinks or adult bathtubs.

1Munchkin Sit-N-Soak Baby Bathtub

This quality tub from Munchkin might look like a traditional baby bathtub, but its features would indicate that it’s so much more. This non-slip model is designed to easily hold the baby in an upright position, and it’s made out of a material with insulating properties that prevent the water from cooling off too quickly. Another great feature found on this tub is its pull drain, which makes it easy to drain and clean. Additional features found on this tub include a storage hook, a padded foam backrest, and a built-in support bump. All of this makes this one of the best baby bathtubs available.

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Tips To Help Parents Buy The Best Baby Bathtub

Any parent who has spent any time whatsoever looking for baby bathtubs knows what a herculean undertaking it can be. Although you would think that purchasing a new infant tub would be an easy proposition, it’s the exact opposite that’s true. It’s extremely hard to decide on one over the other because there are so many options available. And every time we turn around, new tubs are being released with new “must-have” features. It’s enough to paralyze any parent with indecision. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. There is a way to choose a new baby bathtub without getting lost in a sea of options, and we intend on showing you how.

First Step: Choose A Bathtub Style

The absolute first step in choosing a baby bathtub is to decide on a design. Although it might seem like there are 1,001 different baby tub designs, the truth is that there’s really only a handful of tub designs available. These tub designs can be broken down into 5 different categories:

  • Inflatable Tubs
  • Convertible Tubs
  • Luxury Tubs
  • Foldable Tubs
  • Standing tubs

And that’s all there is to it. Let’s examine each of these five more closely so that we can get a feel for what they offer.

Inflatable Tubs

These tubs can be inflated easily for bathtime and can just as easily be deflated so they can be put away or so they can be taken with the parent while they’re traveling. Although it can be a hassle to inflate and deflate these tubs every time a baby needs a bath, they are good for those occasional instances when you bath the baby in the living room or need to have a bathtub to take with you for vacation.

Convertible Tubs

Also known as 2-in-1, 3-in-1, or 4-in-1 tubs, these devices are designed to be useful to the parent as their baby gets older. Most of these can handle newborns through the infant stages, but some of the more advanced ones can accommodate the needs of toddlers as well.

Luxury Tubs

As you can probably guess from the name of these tubs, they’re not only equipped with more features than traditional baby tubs, but they’re usually more expensive as well. Some of the features parents can expect to find in these tubs include shower nozzles, spray hoses, bubbling jets and sometimes even warming features. Although these features are nice, the expense of the tubs and their tendency to go through a lot of batteries keeps them out of reach for many people.

Foldable Tubs

The main benefit of these tubs is that they’re small, compact and can be used in small areas. That makes them useful for efficiency apartments, studio apartments, RVs, or mobile home sinks.

Standing Tubs

These tubs are some of the most expensive tubs around, but they do elevate the baby in such a way that the parent doesn’t have to bend or stoop to give their child a bath.

Second Step: Choose The Right Features

Once you’ve decided on the style of baby bathtub that you need, it’s time to think about some of the features that you need that tub to have. The following features are some of the most common, as well as some of the most useful ones available. That’s why every parent looking for a baby tub should consider finding a tub with one or more of these features.

Drain Plug: A drain plug is a great feature to consider because it allows the water to be drained out of the tub without having to lift it and dumping it out. Some baby tub manufacturers also give the drain the ability to change temperature when the water is too hot and that can not only be a convenient feature, but it can also be a potentially lifesaving one as well.

Nonskid Surface: A nonskid tub surface makes the tub a lot safer and also makes bathtime a lot easier for parents. When choosing one with a non-skid surface, however, it’s important to choose one that’s made out of a material that’s not going to degrade over time or could be torn off by the baby.

Removable Mesh Sling: A sling not only allows the tub to be used by newborns, but it also helps to free up the parent’s hands during bathtime. When choosing a model with one of these slings, just be sure that it’s removable, so that it can be taken off when it’s no longer needed.