There are a variety of different reasons for wearing a body shaper, and some of these reasons include encouraging compression, improving posture, for postpartum care, supporting the bustline, for emotional benefits, and for increased circulation. Of course, not every body-shaper will accomplish all of these goals, so it’s important for consumers to narrow down their search to the one that does.

To help our readers find the best body shaper for their purposes, we’ve decided to write an article on the subject. We hope that this article will shed some light on some of the most common body shaping products and how they’re used. That allows consumers to purchase several different body shaping products for different uses and get the best results from all of them. Now, let’s get this party started and take a look at some of the more common body-shaping products available. Before we do that, however, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of body shapers.

The Benefits Of Body Shapers

  • They can be discreetly worn underneath clothing.
  • They encourage perspiration and compression for weight loss.
  • They can improve a woman’s posture.
  • They can provide postpartum care.
  • They can boost a woman’s confidence in herself.
  • They provide bustline support.
  • They can increase body circulation.

The Different Types Of Body Shapers


One of the most popular pieces of body shapewear is bodysuits. These pieces of apparel might look like a swimsuit, but they’re actually quite different from one. They’re designed in such a way that they lift the woman’s breasts, smooth our her stomach, and make her rear end more pronounced. They also come in a variety of different styles—with some models featuring an underwire, and others being cupless.

Body Briefers

Body briefers—also known as corselettes—are items every woman should have in their wardrobe. These garter dresses are designed to create a sleek silhouette when they’re worn under skirts or dresses. Many of these models have stocking clips that help the woman keep them in place and these garter dresses not only help to smooth out a woman’s profile, but also allow her to look sexy for boudoir photos for her significant other.

Body Control Dresses

Another significant piece of body shaping apparel is body control dresses. This piece of apparel goes by a variety of different names, but most people will recognize it as a shaping slip. It hugs the woman’s curves—smoothing them out and making them look more toned. They lift a woman’s breasts, shapes her thighs, and give her a sleek silhouette. Most experts agree that women should get professional fitted for body control dresses whenever possible. That’s because trying to fit into one of these slips that are too small can create unsightly bulges. Wearing one that fits perfectly, however, will reduce the woman’s silhouette. She should just keep in mind that even the best body control dress isn’t going to reduce her silhouette by a full dress-size.

Waist Cinchers

Waist cinchers have more limited uses than body briefers or body control dresses, but they do perform an important job. They’re designed to fully define a woman’s waist and to give her that hourglass figure that she might be desiring. They also support the woman’s back, all while smoothing out her stomach. They come in a variety of different styles including pull-on styles, ones with hook-and-eye fasteners, and ones that fasten in the front.

Shaping Camisoles

Shaping camisoles are another popular type of body shaper. They’re very much like a body control dress, but they are as constrictive. Like a body control dress, they’re designed to flatten the woman’s stomach and to smooth out her upper body. They’re good for wearing with jeans, skirts, or with a dress that’s fitted at the top. And they’re comfortable enough to be worn every day.

Shaping Shorts

Shaping shorts are a good option for any woman who is wanting to wear skinny jeans or a tight skirt without having to worry about a lumpy appearance. These shorts help to smooth out the thighs and can actually give the woman a little bit of a butt lift. They’re also good for tummy control, cellulite control, and hide panty lines.


Bustiers and long-line bras provide a woman with the bust support and back support they need to look their best. They can help a woman shape her silhouette and also allow her to bring a little bit of spice into the bedroom—if she so desires. Long-line bras tend to be more comfortable to wear than underwire bras because the longer bands provide additional support that spans a larger section of skin.

Control Briefs

Control briefs are designed to lift a woman’s butt and to smooth outlines. They’re available in a variety of different styles and provide different levels of support. Some of them are great for providing light support and others are designed to lend a bit more support. These body shapers are offer light stomach support and some of them even slim thighs. And since they’re not as intimidating as bodysuits, they’re perfect for people who are new to body-shaping apparel.

Arm Shapers

Arm shapers are body shapers that are very specialized but still fill an important role. They’re good for women who are wearing a dress with long sleeves or for women wearing a tight top. Some of them also stretch across the woman’s back and can be used to address posture issues.

As can be clearly seen from the above list, body shapers are more diverse and complicated than people think. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re difficult to use. If a woman does her homework and finds a body shaper that suits her needs, there’s no reason why they can’t become an important apparel piece for her closet.